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HarperCollins India

Biographies & Memoirs, History, Cookbook, Religion & Spirituality, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery & Crime, Business, Self-Help, Picture Book, Nonfiction, Fiction, Poetry, Short Story, Novella, Children's

Location - New Delhi, IN

Size - Small press

Formats - Physical Books, Ebooks, Audiobooks

Website -

💥 Hit titles

The Namesake

Jhumpa Lahiri

A Mirror Made of Rain

Naheed Phiroze Patel


Nirupama Subramanian

Quarto Publishing Group

Cookbook, Art, Travel, Biographies & Memoirs, Sports & Outdoors, Architecture, DIY, Math & Science, Picture Book, Nonfiction, Children's

Location - London, GB

Size - Mid size

Formats - Physical Books, Ebooks, Audiobooks

Submission format - Book proposals - Submit here

Website -

☑️ Accepts submissions

💥 Hit titles

Emmeline Pankhurst: Little People, Big Dreams

Lisbeth Kaiser

The Complete Grimoire

Lidia Pradas

Quick Keto

Martina Slajerova

Feldheim Publishers

Jewish Literature, Religion & Spirituality, Education & Reference, Cookbook, Health & Wellbeing, Historical Fiction, Nonfiction, Fiction, Children's, Short Story

Location - New York City, US

Size - Mid size

Formats - Physical Books

Submission format - Manuscript entries - Submit here

Website -

☑️ Indie publisher

☑️ Accepts submissions

💥 Hit titles

Kosher Laughs & Lessons for Life

Yehoshua Kurland

Crossing the Dateline

Mordechai Kuber


Daniel Yaakov Travis

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