From Reedsy, this is Bestseller, a podcast for aspiring authors, demystifying the process of writing and self-publishing a book, one chapter at a time.

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Trailer: Bestseller

Trailer: Bestseller by Reedsy

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Prologue: What is a Prologue?

Meet Shaz Kahng — working mother, sportswear CEO, indie author.

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Chapter 1: The Writing Process

Besides a room of one’s own, what does it really take to write a book?

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Chapter 2: Acquiring an Editor

What better way to celebrate finishing a novel than by throwing out half of it?

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Chapter 3: Deal or No Deal

The classic writer’s dilemma: traditional or self-publishing?

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Chapter 4: The Design Stage

How do you design the cover your book will inevitably be judged by?

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Chapter 5: Going to Market

In an oversaturated market, how do you make your product stand out? Be it running shoes or books — the answer is the same.

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Epilogue: What is an Epilogue?

How do you end a novel, a story, or a podcast? Perhaps, with an epilogue.