Season four takes a detour into the exciting world of nonfiction. Joining host Casimir Stone is Tim Cigelske, a creativity professor who listened to his own advice and self-published his bestselling book, The Creative Journey.

Season Four –  via soundcloud

Chapter 1: Framing Your Mind

As the Hero's Journey starts up again, Tim has to put his own creativity advice to the test.

Season Four –  via soundcloud

Prologue: The Hero's Journey

What do the Greek Gods, Walt Disney, and indie author/creativity professor Tim Cigelske all have common? Apparently, everything.

Season Four –  via soundcloud

Chapter 2: Facts & Fiction

The Hero's Journey is an excellent metaphor for any creative process. But when it comes to self publishing a nonfiction book, the line between fact and fiction is anything but metaphorical.

Season Four –  via soundcloud

Chapter 3: Reading The Write Way

How do you learn to see your creative work from other's perspectives? The answer is the same thing it's been for centuries: pick up a book.

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