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The changing role of editors — An interview with Lane Ashfeldt

Lane Ashfeldt Editor Author

“We tend to associate independent publishing with early-career writers getting their first break, since this is the kind of story that has tended to grab the headlines. But another significant group of authors choosing to self-publish are mid-career writers whose contracts for certain titles have expired.” We say on our homepage that our Reedsy professionals ... read more »

“The distance between me and my readers is the internet” -- An interview with Bob Mayer

Bob Mayer interview

How can indie authors use eBooks to their full advantage, creatively exploiting their potential to be adapted over time and linked to an author’s whole output? Bob Mayer is a New York Times Bestselling Author who is not afraid to explore the incredible new opportunities available to authors. With 60 books published - both traditionally ... read more »

"The importance of hiring a cover design professional": An interview with Rachel Lawston

February 23, 2015 - Book Design - 2 Comments

Rachel Lawston Designs

The range of freelancer talent available for independent authors today is astonishing. Designer Rachel Lawston, who we interview today, is a perfect example of that. After working in-house for Penguin Random House, she is now freelance and works both for big publishers (HarperCollins) and indie authors. But is it really worth it, for an independent ... read more »

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