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How to Write a Suspense Novel

How to Write a Suspense Novel

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Do you enjoy a good, twisty, suspenseful novel? Ever dreamed of writing one of your very own? Suspense novels are incredibly popular in both the traditional publishing and self-publishing markets, and since Gone Girl debuted in 2012, the genre of suspense (and all its subgenres) has increased in popularity and often outsells all other genres. 

In this course, you'll learn how to write a perfectly crafted, twisty suspense novel with the help of award-winning suspense novelist, book editor, and author coach, Christina Kaye. In 10 short, easily digestible lessons, she will walk you through all the steps you must take, from beginning to end, to write a suspense novel you can be proud of and that readers will rush to purchase!

What you'll learn in this course:

  • The different subgenres of suspense
  • How to create the perfect characters for suspense
  • The right suspense elements to use in your story
  • How to handle the main conflict and climactic scene
  • Nailing the twist/surprise reveal

Brought to you by Christina Kaye

Christina Kaye, Suspense novelistChristina Kaye is an award-winning suspense novelist, book editor, and author coach. For learn more from her, check out her premium course on How to Write a Great Book.


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