Lesson 10

How other people can help you write

Gaiman quote — Finish What You Start

Everyone knows that the best way to make progress on a project is to buckle down and write. But before you retreat to your isolated writing garret, it's worth knowing that creativity and sociability often go hand in hand. In fact, research tells us that going public is vital in holding us to account – and keeping us going with our writing.

So, while it’s important to get down to the business of writing, social networks and public accountability can be an important part of your creative life.

The trick is to make the most of them and know how to use them.

ACTION: Try these 5 communal methods to get the writing flowing

  1. Just tell someone
    Psychologist Dr. Gail Matthews found that telling other people about your goals can improve your chances of achieving them by 70%. So tell your family, tell a friend – just tell someone about your writing ambitions so they can help you stay on track.

  2. Join a writing group
    The benefits of joining a writing group are significant, including getting feedback, learning from others, having regular deadlines, being accountable to others, and the chance for writing solidarity (otherwise known as gossip).

  3. Take a shared challenge
    There’s nothing like a collaborative project to keep you on your toes. Form a small group with writing friends and commit to developing a piece of writing every month. The pressure of meeting a collective deadline will keep you motivated and moving forward.

  4. Use a writers’ contract
    Fiction writer Aimee Bender established a regular writing routine by getting a friend to act as a mentor. She formalized the agreement in a contract, signed by both parties. The contract enforced the accountability, but what made it work was the daily email confirming she’d kept her side of the bargain, i.e., writing a certain amount each day.

  5. Form a critiquing partnership
    Teaming up with another person who wants your help to read their work can be an excellent way to form a bond with another writer – and gain feedback. Why not try an online matching website or put a shout out on Twitter, on a writing forum or magazine.

That’s it — way to go!

You’ve reached the end of our course. Thanks so much for reading. We hope you found it interesting and enjoyed our tips and advice. 🙂

You are now fully armed and prepared to kill your procrastination gremlins and build a rock solid writing habit that will last!

So go for it!

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In the meantime, the best of luck with your writing project! We really hope you will succeed and stick with it.

Bye for now,

Bec and Chris

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