How to Turn Up the Heat in Your Romance

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Many writers are curious to try turning up the heat in their romance, but hold themselves back for fear of awkwardness. It's hard to know how far to go, how many details to include, or when a sex scene is warranted. Trust us, you would not be the first writer to squirm away from the task of naming body parts! Erotic writing is a craft to hone. Creating sexual tension or sexual scenes that are natural, convincing, and serve a purpose in terms of your book's plot is no small feat.

And that's why we're here! This free course takes you through the essentials of hot writing: planning and framing sex scenes, as well as actually writing the sexual act itself.

NOTE: This course is for adults only

What you'll learn in this course:

  • How to create sexual tension
  • The best ways to write conflict with erotic potential
  • How to develop lovable characters whose personalities add to the sexual tension
  • What the conventions in erotic writing are
  • How to write realistic sex scenes, and establish a cringe-free vocabulary for body parts

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Kelly Palmer is a bestselling romance, erotica and suspense author who began her career writing for romance giant Harlequin. She is a sought-after ghostwriter and creative writing tutor. Visit Kelly's Reedsy profile to learn more.

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