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Blog > Understanding Publishing – Posted on March 22, 2015

Interview with the DIY Author Podcast

Our co-founder Ricardo was interviewed by Chris Well from the fantastic DIY Author Podcast on the benefits of Reedsy to find freelance help and our upcoming features. Here are some cool highlights!

Chris: How did the idea for Reedsy come about?

Ricardo: The idea for Reedsy comes mainly from my co-founder Emmanuel and I because we’ve been following the industry for a while and from the reader perspective mainly we’ve really enjoyed the digital disruption brought by Amazon, with being one of the first adopters of Kindle in France, and we started thinking about this disruption from an author’s perspective and we’ve learned about self-publishing, and our first thought was, “Self-publishing’s great but how can you ensure the same quality in the books that are published by self-publishing authors?” And that quality was mainly assured by the editorial work and the design work and the work from all the people involved in an international publishing company, and we thought let’s create a marketplace that brings this quality to self-publishing.

Chris: You said there are other features that are being rolled out in the future, and in addition to imprint what else is going on at Reedsy?

Ricardo: Well what’s coming very soon and it’s very, very exciting is brand new author profiles. Because all our freelancers have been enchanted by the design and the fact that they get all their information in a one-pager through their Reedsy profile. And lots of authors have asked us for something similar so we are currently building a one-pager for them where they can aggregate all their information from Amazon – so the books they have on Amazon – all their information from Goodreads – so we’ll have an integration with Goodreads – and also with all the traditional blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, so you can have your latest blog post also on your profile.

Chris: For an author listening, what would you say is the number one reason that an author should come to Reedsy?

Ricardo: I think the number one reason is because of how easy it is to use, and because of the assurance that you’re going to get quality, basically. So if you’re looking for any kind of service, you know that you’re going to find the ideal person on Reedsy because we have created a process that allows you to find the ideal person from the very first time, and not having to go through four collaborations with four different editors who don’t really work out exactly as you wanted.

Listen to the podcast, or read the full transcript here!