Day Love

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Jun 05, 2021

Coming of Age Romance Sad

My long brown hung behind me as I put my purple backpack on the nightstand in the guest room.

I knew I was in trouble when I arrived. I had never travelled so far from home without my Mama and Papa, but the baby birds coming out of the nest.

I'm at my Aunt Luna's house, in a small town away from the city's busy streets.

I feel a tear crawl down my cheek as I sit on the blue blanket on the bed.

"What am I doing?" I ask myself, I feel so alone.

I don't get it, why did I go here. There is nothing here for me.

Standing up I decide to explore downtown.

I quickly get my shoes on and walk outside.

Outside the air whips, my face, and the rain punches my skin.

I run down the walkway of Aunt Luna's small yellow house.

Aunt Luna lives five minutes away from the town.

The shops are empty and the sidewalk is lonely.

The rain comes down harder and I start to run down the street rain hitting me as my tears create a waterfall.

I notice as I run I see more and more people. This must be the busy part of town.

I keep on running with tears running down my cheeks, I think about my Grandma. I always went on walks with her. She died last week, and my heart hurt thinking about it.

I close my eyes for a second and in that very second, someone just happens to step in my way.

I ran straight into a man wearing a grey hoodie.

I quickly step back, "I'm so sorry," I say tears falling faster.

"Woah, whoa, it's fine. No need to cry, sugar." His arms on my arms.

I look into his big brown eyes and for the first time in a long time, I smile.

He smiles as he looks into my eyes, "What's your name?" he says slowly.

"Phoenix," I say, my voice is clear and still.

"Nice to meet ya, my name Coy." He greets, “You from around here?”

“No, I’m just visiting,” I say gathering myself.

“Well, Ms. Phoenix can I offer you a free tour?” He grinned and thought if I said yes I might never forget this day, his eyes dare me to agree.

“Yes,” I say, accepting his dare.

Coy holds out his hand and I take it and we do what everyone would do when on a tour.

We run. We laugh. We talk.

When we slow down we stop in front of an old coffee shop.

Coy holds open the door, “Welcome to Miss. Peter’s Hot Chocolate!” Coy's laugh is full of joy and booms in my ears.

I giggle as I walk in.

The tables in the coffee shop are small, round and rusted. There is 60s music playing.

The lady at the counter is short, her white hair is tied back into a loose bun. She smiles when she sees Coy.

“Hello, darling! What can I get you?” The woman smiled at us as though this was the happiest thing she had ever seen.

“Can we get a Vanilla Latte and” Coy turned to me so I could order?

“I’ll get the same, thank you.” I smiled at the lady.

I and Coy sat at a table and waited till the woman brought us our drinks.

“Is it possible to fall in love at first sight?” Coy asked.

“I think I just did,” I replied.

I slurped the hot drink and looked into Coy's beautiful eyes and he looked into my eyes.

"I never thought I would ever find love," I whispered.

"I am always going to love you," Coy replied and placed his hand on mine.

We laughed together and talked for hours.

"We should get going," I said rising from my seat.

Coy followed me out the door as if I knew where we were going next.

We decided to walk around the town.

I was filled with joy when Coy held my hand in his.

I had always believed that no one would ever love me, but Coy seemed to have changed my mind.

Rain tapped on my skin as we walked, my hair flowed in the wind.

We walked until we reached a park.

We sat on a wet wooden bench beside the playground.

The children were playing together despite the rain pouring on them.

Coy's hand brushed against my skin as I sighed.

"I think I am going to move here." I decided aloud.

"Really! You are!" Coy sounded excited.

I was excited.

"It may take some time to pack though," I said.

"I can help," Coy relied on a big smile on his handsome face.

I nodded then leaned my head on his shoulder.

We sat there in silence, knowing we both loved each other more than the other knew.

A young girl ran up to us.

The girl looked about five years old, she looked like she was from Africa.

Her hair was in beautiful braids and her brown eyes glimmered.

"Hi, do you want to play with us," Her cute voice asked?

"No thank you" Coy replied.

The girl ran off to continue playing.

"That was cute" I stated, smiling.

"Yeah, she was a very cute kid." Coy agreed

Coy and I continued to sit in silence and then Coy did the unexpected.

He leaned in and kissed me.

His soft lips touched mine. It felt like the world was exploding.

I brushed my hand through his hair.

The moment was perfect.

We pulled away both smiling, with joy.

"I love you," I said, he replied the same.

Five years later.

It is my wedding day.

I am getting married to Coy.

Coy and I fell in love in a day, yet it took five years for us to get married. Crazy right!?

I can't wait to walk down the aisle wearing my beautiful white gown.

I can't wait, to marry the person I love so much.

I feel myself blush as I think about it.

Wow! This is finally happening.

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