Jun 03, 2021

Christian Drama Fiction

Angels of Hospitality

When Steven, my husband, lost his job, we were living from paycheck to paycheck, taking one day at a time while having faith tomorrow will be our breakthrough. Steven has been on this road several times before but, we always bounced back from those set-backs.

As each day came and went as I reflected back, what caused us to get into this place for the past few years. Steven had a temper and when others at work would push his buttons, he would fly off the handle and quit each job. Maybe, this time he would be more patient at the next job.

While Steven was researching for another job, the electric bill came in. Then, the rent was due with no job in sight. Was this a lesson to be learned? I pondered in my heart, what could have I’ve done to speak into Steven’s heart, to be patient and learn, “This too shall pass”. Tomorrow will be a better day in the sun. Every job has it’s problems but, we can’t let it cause us to make rash decisions.

Soon, the bills were piling up with no financial relief in sight. I proceeded to contact places where we could get help in paying some of these bills. There were agencies available to step in and pay the electric bill but, the rent was past due with no one to step up and help us.

One morning, after checking the mail, I received an eviction notice! What will we do now. Steven grabbed the paper out of my hand with a look on his face that expressed frustration and discouragement. Steven threw the paper down with an angry tone, “Now what!”

As my husband, Steven continued filling out resumes and job applications, he had to list all the short-term places he had worked. I believe reality kicked in that he had a problem with anger issues. Steven stopped typing on his computer as he was filling out the application and said with a soften choked up tone, “Why did I let these things get to me, why did I quit those jobs when I knew I needed to take care of my family!”

The road of life is paved with regrets. My husband, finally came to the end of his road as he faced the reality of consequences in life. At that moment, he bowed his head and repented to God of his foolishness and asked him for mercy. 

After Steven’s prayer, the phone rang. There on the other line was a couple who we haven’t heard about but knew us, spoke with much compassion and sympathy, “Hi, you’ve been on our mind and we’d like for you to come over for supper tonight”, She said. I was relieved because the groceries were getting scarce in the food pantry. That would be one less meal we’d need.

After Steven and I finished eating dinner at the couple’s house, Mr. Jones reached in his pocket and pulled out an envelope. He handed Steven the envelope with a sincere smile on his face and said kindly, “I was coming home from work today and felt impressed to give you this.” I know it isn’t much, he said, “but, maybe this will help pay some bills.” Steven had a look of surprise as if he saw a miracle. His mouth dropped open in complete surprise as he reached out to accept the envelope.

When the visit was over and Steven and I got in the car, we anxiously anticipated to how much was in the envelope. Nervously, Steven opened the envelope with a surprise on both our faces! There was enough money to pay the rent and enough to buy food to hold us over for a while.

This act of kindness through hospitality helped Steven and I to believe in the kindness and love of others. There are still a few good people out there who show love in a practical way. I call these kind of people, “Angels of hospitality”.

The next few weeks, Steven received another call. This time, it was from one of the jobs he filled out online to come in for an interview! Lessons are to be learned in life if we will just be still enough to hear our hearts with that still small voice called God.

When this affliction first took place, I was devastated, not knowing what to do. As life happens, we sometimes are placed in a situation of evaluation of our selves and our lives. Steven had to go through the journey in order to face the cross road of growth that only comes from going through the fire of life.

My husband is a different person now, who learned from experience and grew into a place of patience and common sense. Now, this new adventure on our journey together, unfolds with wisdom and an understanding heart.

We often at times, wonder why things happen in life. All I know is our story of hardship and suffering which when humbled, captures the art of longsuffering, knowing all things work together for good to those who have a purpose in the pain. God wastes nothing if we will just seen the sign posts that say, "Don't go this way, go the way of peace", because God sees the bigger picture.

Our family has grown to three instead of two. Steven is now a man who has passion for the hurting and one who is broken down by life's lesson. Baby Boo can walk with these lessons as his Daddy, Steven walks with God from the birthing place of wisdom.

I too have learned to have more of an understanding heart through this experience, to give mercy while God works in the heart of a person instead of judging them for their shortcomings.

We both face many other trials in life but now, we demonstrate the love of God in a whole different way. There are others out there who have gone the wayward path and have lost their way. We both pay attention to those opportunities in life to reach out a hand and help our fellow man find their way to the light from a dark path.

God makes the crooked paths straight when we learn to humble ourselves and look for the lessons in life. We always have choices in life but with the assistance of Angels in disguise, we can find our way back.

Someone answered the call to come my way after I have prayed. Someone reached out to someone's broken heart, to answer the call. God is using people around the world as he watches us with a loving heart.

Steven says now, "I want to be a holy example for my child's innocent eyes to see, because he wants to be like me.

Written by,

Debra Young-Waller

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