Trick or Treating Gone Wrong

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May 13, 2021

Crime Holiday Sad

It was Halloween, and everyone was excited in Mayontown. The adults would take their kids to each house hoping for the best for each of the child so they aren’t sad that their child came home crying because they got suckers instead of chocolate. No one wanted their child to come home with less than any other child because they would have to hear it at the annual Mayontown Halloween party every year and everyone knows that the Stevenson family gets their children the most candy. Everyone thinks that they put extra in there, but no one can really tell. That was until they tried this year. 

“Okay everyone ready?” The Stevenson’s mom said to the group 

“We are.” said the Smith’s mom 

“We are.” said the Mason’s mom 

“We are.” said the Orlando’s mom 

“Wait where’s the Clover’s family?” said the Smith’s mom “Oh, wait I see their van coming now, never mind.” 

“Always late to the show.” said the Stevenson’s mom 

“Hush, Lisa.” said Sandra (the Mason’s Mom) 

“Well, can you blame me?” Lisa asked 

“You’ve been late before also to things and we haven’t said anything?” Sandra replied 

“Oh, whatever I’m sure you said a thing or two behind my back now let’s all hush and have some fun.” Lisa responded as Rhonda Clover and her family came walking up 

“Hey Rhonda how you doing?” Sandra said 

“Oh, you know the kids want to wear this and that so they can get their candy. This one lost that so had to go find it and then get it placed right and I told them if they don’t get going then they won’t even get candy so that go them motivated and here we are.” Rhonda replied  

“I’m glad I only have two.” Sandra replied 

They all giggled and said they better get going before everything is over before they get started. 

“Now before we get started remember the rules. No putting extra in the bags. No going back to the same houses after a while. Once, you have went to all the houses you feel you can you come back here and wait for the rest of us to get back here.” Lisa said 

“Yeah Lisa, no putting candy in the bags. We know that’s how you been winning every year. We’ve been honest and there’s no way your kids can have double what we have.” Wanda the Orlando’s mom said 

“Oh, sure whatever Wanda look in my vehicle right now and see if you see any extra candy in there. Go ahead all of you.” Lisa said 

As all the women finally gave in and looked in his van, they gave in that she didn’t have any candy in her van, but somehow, she has some hiding somewhere. The women didn’t say anything, but they knew something was up when her kids' bags were always twice as big as their kids and everyone went to the same houses at least they thought.  

You would never think these women could be so jealous over something so jealous, but these women's kids meant everything to them that competition is part of the jealousy issue. 

Each of the families headed in a direction where they thought they could get the most candy for their kids. Sandra and Rhonda headed to the houses on the left while Wanda and Rachel headed to the houses on the right. Lisa said that she was going further down to the end of the road and coming back this way. That way when we go to the end of the road she will be at the beginning of the road. 

The kids scrambled like crazy to get the best candy possible. They ran from one house to another as fast as possible trying to be the first one there hoping if they were there first, they would get the best candy. 

Wanda and Rachel got back to the beginning of the road first and then it was Lisa believe it or not, I guess, she wanted to make sure that we didn’t blame her for cheating again with the candy and then Rhonda and Sandra came following in a few minutes later.  

Once every one was at their vehicles they got to their vans and agreed to meet at the town hall to weigh their bags. They warned their kids that they better not munch on any candy or it could be a chance of not winning.  

The families met at the town hall and weighed the candy to see who the big winner is for this year. All the other families are hoping that it isn’t the Stevenson’s like every year. Each family went up one at a time.  

The announcer called each family up to the stage. 

The announcer said, “First, the returning champion for three years in a row the Stevenson’s family that has two children with 20 lbs. 5oz.” 

 “Next is the Mason’s family that also had two children and has, oh, 23lbs. 2 oz. “the announcer gasped, “Now just wait there are three more families.” 

“The third family is the Clover’s family now this family has four children so watch out! The total is, wow, only 18lbs 5oz. Well, they are small children, but still give them a round of applause. Great try, kids!” the announcer said 

“The fourth family is the Orlando’s family they have three kids in the family so they can fight for this too. They have 21lbs. 7oz. Not bad at all so close to being in the lead.” the announcer said 

“Well, we have one last family, but either way we will have a new winner it will be either the Mason’s family or the Smith’s family that’s up next. The Smith’s family has two kids and they are not too small so this should be a close call. Okay, is it all on there? Alright, here goes nothing the total is 25lbs. 8oz. The Smith’s family wins the Halloween candy collection trophy for the year!!” the announcer said 

We all clapped, but Mrs. Stevenson was not happy at all! Her face could rip you in half! Everyone was congratulating the Smith’s family flipping out the they actually beat the other family. They were saying how they would have to work twice as hard next year.  

The moms took their kids to the house to get their costumes off and get to bed for the night because now it was the parents party time. After all the kids were in bed at each house all the parents met at the town hall for the adult version of the Halloween party. The men were in the left corner smoking their cigars and drinking their whiskey and brandy while talking about football and the current scores of the super bowl with what team was sure to win. The ladies lingered over in the right corner drinking their vodka and tequila complementing Mrs. Smith getting the trophy this year. All they heard over the complementing was Mrs. Stevenson complaining that they needed to check Mrs. Smith’s vehicle for bags of empty candy since they accused her all these years. 

“Okay, Lisa I apologize for blaming you for cheating. I don’t know how you did it all these years, but you and your kids must have done some hard work because I made mine. We went to every house on the block and they told them they were in a contest and got a couple more pieces not much. Is that how you did it?” Rachel asked 

“We did work our butts off you’re right. I’m not sure if they said they were in a contest or not, but we all worked our butts off so congratulations Rachel, I will beat you next year!” Lisa replied 

“Well, Lisa, I look forward to it, but are you forgetting we have some other families here that might beat the both of us?” Rachel asked 

As everyone laughed at the statement Lisa knew that she would be the winner no matter what!! 

Everyone had their fun, said their goodbyes and went their way home.  

Lisa couldn’t stand being a loser !! She hated losing!!! All the way home she thought about that trophy!!! 

As Lisa turned left, she saw Rachel’s house. She wanted that trophy so bad. She should have been the star at the party not Rachel. Rachel hasn’t been in the group long enough to win, she thought. All she had to do was crawl in one of the living room windows, grab the trophy, and get out before anyone noticed.  

Lisa quietly pulled up to the house and sneaked up to the house. She looked in the window to make sure no one was up and she saw the trophy sitting on the living room table. Easier than she thought, now all she has to do is open this window, grab it, and go.  

Lisa lifted up the window and climbed inside she stopped because she thought she heard something. Lisa continued on because nothing seemed to happen. There she was holding the trophy and reveling in the moment when out of nowhere Mrs. Smith’s husband came running down the stairs with a gun. Before she could say anything as she turned around, he shot her right in the chest and she fell.  

Bill, Mrs. Smith’s husband ran down to see who broke into the house. He turned on the light and to his surprise it was one of his wife’s friends. He sat there in disbelief as Mrs. Smith came running down wondering what was going on.  

As Mrs. Smith came running down, she got halfway down the stairs and started screaming because she saw what had happened.  

“Bill what did you do?” Rachel said 

“I heard someone breaking in and when I saw them, I just shot before I did anything else. I didn’t know who it was.” Bill replied 

When Rachel came all the way down the stairs Bill was calling the cops and Rachel looked over and couldn’t believe what she saw Lisa had died because she wanted that stupid trophy. If she knew she wanted it that bad she would have just given it to her she didn’t have to die for it. 

I can’t believe what greed can make you do sometimes even die for it! WOW!! 

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