May 11, 2021

Adventure Fantasy Thriller





“Hey Wanda do you see this?” John asked 

“Yeah, I saw one of those signs at the store earlier.” Wanda replied 

“Well, do you want to go?” John asked 

“I don’t know. Carnival's kind of scare me. You know, clowns everywhere. Fire jumping out of places. You never know what’s going to happen.” Wanda replied 

“Exactly, that’s the excitement!” John said 

“If you hold on to me the whole time maybe I’ll go.” Wanda replied 

“Well, duh of course I will.” John replied back 

“OK, fine I’ll go.” Wanda said 

“Great I’ll pick you up around seven.” John replied 

We went to the carnival and everything was glowing because of all the lights. The lights were just flickering everywhere. We went to the carousel and we looked like we were in a photo shoot because of the lights in there. Then we went to the spinning bears and could have vomited from the lights flashing at us.  

“Come one, come all.” We heard from someone down the street, with fire blowing out of his assistant's mouth. 

“Hey let’s go down there and see what that is.” said John 

“I don’t know there is fire down there. What if they want us to do something with it.” Wanda said 

“I’m sure they won’t it’s just a show not join in and help.” said John 

“Ok well they better not because I don’t like fire and you know that.” Wanda said 

Once we got down there a girl was squishing her body into a chest until he was able to close the lid. Everyone started clapping. Next, the dude with all the fire came out and showed all the many talents he had and ended by swallowing the fire. After that the host called upon someone from the crowd to come up on the stage to help him perform his next act. Nobody held their hands up.  

“I’m going to volunteer.” John said 

“No, why?” Wanda asked 

“Because I always wanted to see what goes on behind the curtains and this is my one chance to get to do that.” John replied 

“You better be careful.” Wanda said 

“Duh!” John said as he raised his hand 

“Ah yes, you sir. Come forward.” said the Magician 

John went up to the stage and everyone clapped for him. 

“Now good sir. What is your name?” The magician said 

“My name is John.” replied John 

“Well, John have you ever been to a carnival before?” the magician said 

“A long time ago when I was a child, but it was during the day time and I think it was more of a fair than a carnival because of all the animals.” said John 

“Yes, if anyone doesn’t know that is what is more of the difference is, is that a fair has animals and a carnival is more rides.” said the magician “At least that’s my thoughts 

“Well, what we are going to do here is you are going to walk behind this screen and disappear and then later on I’m going to bring the screen back and you’re going to walk back out of the screen. The only bad part if you wish to do this, is that you would miss out on the rest of the tricks. What say you?” asks the magician 

“Hey, I don’t care. I get to be part of the show. Bring on the trick.” replies John 

“Okay, then Maria please bring the screen.” the magician asks 

Maria brings up this huge clear mirror looking screen and the magician asked John to step through it. 

“What do you mean step through it?” John asked 

“The screen is split in half as you see here.” the magician puts his hand in the screen and shows you can go into it and asks John to go ahead and please step inside. “So please if you would please step inside” 

“Okay sure will.” John says as he takes a step into the screen and tells everyone he would see him in a little while. 

Everyone laughed and awed in amazement as he disappeared as he went into the screen and Maria twirled it around showing John was nowhere in sight. Wanda was in fear because she had to stand there alone the whole time waiting until it was time for the magician to call for the screen to come back out. 

As Maria took the screen away and brought back a box that looked like a coffin Wanda kept wishing that John would pop out of any of these devices Maria and the magician were using, but he never did. Finally, it was time for the screen again, but something just didn’t feel right Wanda was worried because Maria, the magician, and his other assistants were chatting and she didn’t know what was going on. 

“It is now time for the finale. Maria please bring the screen forward.” The magician said 

As Maria brought the screen forward things started to just feel weird.  

“Now as I snap my fingers John will come through the screen and surprise you all.” the magician said 

Wanda was thinking yeah right. I’m so afraid of what’s going on that I don’t really know what’s going to go on. 

“Okay are you ready. One, two, three.” The magician snapped his fingers and out popped what people might have thought was John, but he wasn’t to Wanda. Wanda knew what John looked like for real and how John acted and that was not John. 

“Ta-da.” said the magician 

Everyone cheered and clapped, but I knew something was wrong. This was not John. 

The guy that said he was John came walking up to me like he was my best friend and gave me a big hug. I pushed him away and he asked what I was doing. 

“I know you’re not John so you need to go back through that screen and bring back my friend.” said Wanda “Now I’m going home leave me alone!” 

 Wanda went straight home crying along the way. 

The next day was Saturday and Wanda got a knock on the door. Wanda looked outside and of all people it was fake John. 

“I said go away until you get my friend back!” Wanda replied 

“I am your friend remember I went into the screen and then came back out.” fake John said 

“I know my friend went in, but you are not my friend that came out.” Wanda replied 

“I’m glad that’s what you think, but I am your friend I mean it.” the fake John said 

“Whatever you think now leave.” Wanda replied 

The fake John left wondering what he had done wrong even though Wanda had already said he wasn’t who he said he was. He knew he was John, but she said he wasn’t so how is he supposed to find out who he is if he isn’t who he knew he was.  

“Hey Polly did you see that sign in the store?” Simon asked 

“Which one are you talking about?” Polly asked back 

“The newest one silly, the one about the carnival that we missed yesterday but, it’s going on again tonight and tomorrow so do you want to go with me tonight?” Simon asked 

“Sure, I haven’t been to a carnival in a while I’m due for some fun.” Polly said 

“Cool when do you want to head out?” Simon asked 

“Whenever you want. I don’t have anything to do this afternoon.” Polly said 

“Sounds great to me. How’s about after your dinner we meet at the store at eight?” Simon asked 

“Sounds like a date to me?” Polly replied 

Simon looked at Polly with shock in his eyes as she walked towards her house. He knew he liked her, but he didn’t think she felt the same way.  

Simon and Polly headed to the carnival and everyone was just starting to get there.  

“I guess the party doesn’t start until later, huh?” Simon asked 

“Oh, I’m sure there is a party somewhere around here. At a carnival a party is always going on.” Polly says 

As Polly and Simon start walking around one of the guys that blow fire out of his mouth walks by and asks what we're doing out and about today. 

“Oh, we’re just out looking to see what’s going on at the carnival here.” said Simon 

“Ditto” said Polly. She really isn’t a talker when it comes to strangers especially ones like that. 

The fire starter looked at us strangely as if he was wanting to tell us a secret, he’s been holding onto for some time now.  

“Well, it just so happens we have our own party going on while we wait for all you lovely people to head to the carnival. “The fire starter replied “Follow me!” 

Polly and Simon followed the fire starter to the so-called party that was going on here at the carnival while they were waiting for it to start. They got closer and noticed the surroundings seemed to change. All the air seemed to close in on them as if enveloping them. It was strong, but also this nice light vanilla, peony, and lavender scent that just melted with you. We weren’t fighting it at all, it’s more like it was inviting us in further to come closer and see what’s inside. We went inside to look around and that’s where we should have left because then the gray smoke started to come and I ran to open all the windows. By the time that was done Poly and I was lying on our backs with nothing on. Now how did that happen? Did we actually do something or was it something we thought of while we were sleeping? Can this seriously happen? Did going to this place make this? How many people saw us like this? Has Polly seen us? Should I wake her? Should I stay asleep? 

“Polly, wake up something happened.” Simon whispered 

“Oh, my gosh what’s going on?” Polly asked 

“Quiet!” Simon demanded “I don’t know what’s going on. I just woke up like this.” 

“What do you think we should do?” Polly asked 

“I’m not sure.” Simon asked “I guess we should look around and go for there.” 

“Ok. Let's get started the sooner we start the sooner we can get out of here.” Polly said 

Polly and Blake looked all around and found no way out. It’s like they were stuck in this house forever. 

A few years had passed and the carnival had come back to town once again. 





Wanda saw the poster and snickered to herself thinking yeah right, fun for the whole family. Only if you want your family to disappear forever. Ever since John had disappeared her sister, Joyce, and her family come to stay with her. She was worried they would want to go, but as long as she was there nothing bad should happen.  

That night came and yes, they did want to go. Wanda had to work, but she got someone to cover her shift and she would work theirs. Wanda met Joyce and her family at the entrance to the carnival at the gate. They parked where they could get out easy when the carnival ended and hopefully not be stuck in traffic.  

Well, as soon as the vehicle stopped the lights pulled Jessica in and she was gone before anyone could say anything. Wanda was so worried. How is she going to protect them if they are going to be roaming separately all over the carnival? She told Joyce she would go look for Jessica that way her and the rest of the kiddos could have fun. Joyce said she appreciated it and of they all went. Once, Wanda got to where, Jessica was she breathed a deep sigh of relief and walked up to her putting a hand on her shoulder telling her not to go anywhere until your momma shows up.   

The magician got to his part in the show where he asked for assistance from the audience and that’s why Jessica was so far up front because she wanted to be seen to be a participant, but this time Joyce is going to get revenge!! Joyce raised her hand up high and they called on her. Of all the things they could do for the carnival tricks it was the screen one and Joyce got her revenge as she stepped into the screen! 

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