Chiaroscuro (Pt. 5): Exes, Old Nicknames, and Tears

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May 10, 2021

Fantasy Friendship Romance

People Featured:

Me As Kennaย 

Sapphire As Saylin

L.W As Tania

Amethyst As Finnย 

Adoree As Clariceย ย 

Abigail Cross As Fawnย 

Abigail Cross As Flintย 

Celeste As Celesteย 

L.W Skybelle As Amareย 

Danny as Dannyย ย 

Aerin as Aerinย 

Litlover as Lukeย 

*Can we have a round of applause for Saphie? I wouldn't have been able to have written these, without her. Thank you so frigging much Kween. And Cherilee? I'm watching you... (inside joke) ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

*Beaters are these sort of animals who can emit loud volume from their speaker like ears, and are hard to catch, often used at parties and as pets, to promote eco friendliness*

"I'm so sorry." Was all she could say.ย 

"Ugh. Thanks." I said.

"Come on, the others must be waiting." I said.

We asked into the hall. I was glad to see that everyone was having a great time. Aerin was beatboxing with Finn, while Celeste and Danny were grooving near the speakers.ย 

It was time for the elemental show. Mine and Flint's gift to Fawn, it was because mine and Flint's elements couldn't produce a heart necklace with Fawn's initials on it like Amare, or get her a secret, forbidden animal from the human realm.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! It'sย time for the grand finale! Theโ€ฆ.. drumroll please-" Saylis started as the Beaters drumrolled.

"Theโ€ฆ Elemental Show!" Saylis announced.

Me and Flint walked from different sides, both of us cool and nonchalant. I raised my arms calling out to the ocean, the mist, and waterfalls. He did the same with hot things. We raised our arms and I made a waterfall, as he made his fireball or whatever. We lifted them up, and combined them as the Yin And Yang symbol.ย Since they were core opposites, they wouldn't mix, so they stayed like that the whole night as a remembrance.

Claps emerged from the audience.

Then they started dancing. Of course.ย 

Good for them. Ugh, Clarice, now I have to pretend I'm super happy.

"Hi, dear! How are you?! Enjoying?" I asked grinning, totally not me, by the way.ย 

"Oh- pure lovely! You haven't seen Amare, have you?" She asked.

"Uh, no, why? You both...uh- have something going on- huh?" I winked, all 'girly-like' but- hey! When you gotta get some info out, you gotta change personality!

"Uh- sort of, haha, what about you- and uh- Flinny?" She asked

"Uh- I'm not with Finn- we're just friends." I said, confused.

"Oh! I'm so sorry, I forgot to switch back, Flinny was my nickname for Flint, back when we were dating, haha."ย 

That b-

Before I could finish my curse, Saylin screamed in my head.ย 


Gosh fine.ย 

โ€œOh really! Well thatโ€™s pretty amature- I mean cute. Have fun watching us fall in love!โ€

But I seriously doubt that now.

Then I tossed my hair in her face and sashayed outta there.ย 

Wow, okay that was-

Amazing? Beautiful? Talented?

'Interesting. Clarice looks like she wants to kill you. Plus-' Saylin squealed.ย 

Plus? Saylin you there?

I looked around the room for her and found her blushing at Finn. I smirked.ย 

Fawn stood in the center of the party with a microphone, โ€œI just wanted to say thank you to Kenna, Flint and all of you for organising this party. I love you guys so much! Thank you!!!โ€ย 

"But nowโ€ฆ. It'sย time forโ€ฆ. Movie night! Me and Celeste remembered an old horror movie we all could watch! So, join our connection, and say 'Hey!' When you can hear us, okay?" Luke announced.

"Sure." Amare said not interested.ย 

We joined the connection. We all lay down on the huge couch. Flint, again coincidentally, ended up next to me. Then I had to pretend everything was fine so I had to lay my head on his shoulder. Perfect- huh? Thank god, Saylis was next to me, and Finn on her lap. They were cute together. Nice. Clarice emerged from the kitchen, carrying popcorn. She lay down, her head resting on Amare's shoulder. Danny and Luke were next to each other; while Aerin winced at Clarice and Amare.ย 

It was lame. A horror movie about a boyfriend killing his girlfriend, only to be haunted by her and her best friend's ghost, two years later, in the middle of a date, with the girl's sister.ย 

Soโ€ฆ no boyfriend then?

Aerin jumped at every jumpscare. Finn too. But the cutest thing was, his blush when he looked at Lis, after getting scared. Celeste and I were totally bored at the movie, Luke was happy. Looks like it was his choice.ย 

The movie was over. Clarice's popcorn tasted horrible. Everyone applauded and started filing out of the room, leaving me, Saylin, and Finn alone to clean up.ย 

โ€œWell.โ€ said Saylin through a sigh. โ€œI guess we should get started then.โ€

She gestured to the mess left over after the party and gave us a weak smile, that looked more like a wince.ย 

Finn, Saylin and I worked for an hour. A great party meant a great cleanup.ย 

Soon there were four garbage bags filled with trash and the room looked squeaky clean.ย 

โ€œHow did you clean your area so fast Lis?โ€ asked Finn, glancing at the pristine white floor.

Saylin smiled. โ€œLetโ€™s just say Iโ€™m pretty experienced in the Clean-Up-And-Remove-Any-Traces-Of-A-Party-Before-Your-Parents-Come-Home department.โ€ย 

We laughed then stopped when we noticed a figure standing at the doorway.ย 


Finn and Saylin backed away and looked like they were mentally arguing with each other.ย 

โ€œLook Kenna I can tell youโ€™re mad at me, I just donโ€™t get why.โ€ mumbled Flint, taking a cautious step closer to me.ย 

When I didnโ€™t back away, he continued.ย 

โ€œIโ€™m sorry for whatever I did. Just- please, donโ€™t be mad at me.โ€

I couldnโ€™t believe it.

He doesnโ€™t know what he did?

"HOW COULD HE?" yelled Saylin in my head.

ย It was slightly unsettling whenever she shadow-whispered, because she would use darkness and shadows to carry her consciousness over to the person she was talking to. I had gotten used to the darkness and chill in her voice, but the darkness in her voice as she spoke in my head right now was almost overwhelmingly cold.ย 

โ€œSo let me get this straight.โ€

It took me a while to realise that Finn was the one who spoke. His voice was stern. I wasnโ€™t used to seeing him and Saylin like this. He looked- protective.ย 

Finn continued talking. โ€œYou came all the way here to apologise...and you donโ€™t know what youโ€™re apologising for? You hurt her, Flint.โ€

Flintโ€™s eyes widened. โ€œI- wha-?โ€

โ€œOh- so.. when you dropped me in the library, and left me on the floor to stare at the words written on the library wall with Luke? How long have you even known him? Three days? How long have I known you? YOUR WHOLE LIFE?! When you completely forgot I existed? Do I not mean anything to you? When Clarice, your ex, as I know now. She flirts with you and you grin that stupid, cute, stupid, grin of yours? As Iโ€™m standing right there? Not everyone is like you, Flint! NOT EVERYONE IS STONE COLD!โ€ I ranted, tears strolling down my eyes.

"Oh. I- I'm so, so sorry, Kennie. And, Saylin, please don't look at me like that, you're really scary when you do that.โ€

I looked over at Lis to see what he was talking about. Her eyes- that were once silver- were now swirling with black shadows. She narrowed her eyes at Flint and shook her head. โ€œWe need to have a talk with you about how to treat a girl right. You mess with my friend? You mess with me.โ€ย 

Flint sighed and tore and hand through his hair. โ€œLook Iโ€™m sorry okay. I- I get youโ€™re angry at me right now-โ€

"You- you walk into my best friend's life, and you talk to her, you flirt with her, you create thes- these moments with her. And then? Y-you just walk away. You go to Clarice. CLARICE! Is Clarice your standard? Well- if yes, then let's go, Kennie, I'm pretty sure we can find guys who lift you to the stars, and carry you to your room, and then don't drop you to the cold, hard, ground." Lis yelled.

"Yeah. I thought you were cool, man." Finn said, sighing.

"Kennie- I-โ€ He started. His eyes met mine. They were full of sorrow.

"J-just leave me alone, Flint. Or- should I say; Flinny? Isn't that what she calls you? Anyway, I hope you get back with your ex." I said smiling even though tears streamed down my eyes.

And just like that he left.ย 

I heard Finn mutter the word โ€œdouchebagโ€ before he pulled me into a hug.ย 

โ€œItโ€™ll be okay Kennie.โ€ he whispered. "I hope so." I whispered back. He glanced at Saylin, shot her a small smile and a telepathic message through her shadow- which I noticed was still near his- then left.ย 

I met Saylinโ€™s eyes. The black was gone and her eyes were warm. โ€œIโ€™m so sorry about him Kennie.โ€ She said and wrapped her arms around me.

I felt tears carve a path down my cheek. โ€œI- I donโ€™t know what to do Lis. I still like him.โ€ย 

โ€œExactly. Which is why you have to talk to him. You two are perfect.โ€

I smiled up at her.ย 

โ€œGoodnight sis.โ€

She smiled back. โ€œGoodnight.โ€

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FLINT IS MY EX??? :OOOOOOOOO and flint and kennie :(


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yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss this is the drama, and the plot, and the comedy I signed up for honestly Sia, your writing never ceases to amaze me and you've woven all of these characters into your world beautifully I say this in every comment, and I always mean it. Amazing, amazing job Sia. <3333333


Yasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Oooh la laaaa such praiseee thank youuuuu <333333


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Danny ~
13:06 May 14, 2021

oh wow o.O eek dramatic parttttttttt~ the best kind of storis ever :') AKGSDLJKGHJK heheheheh still hoping for that GiAnT apology hehe :')


Danny ~
13:44 May 14, 2021

hehehehhehhrhrhr jasjkddsjhg lol :DDD


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Acckkk I know Iโ€™m late but this was so good! Lol firstly, why do I find it funny that I was beatboxing in the beginning. AND OMG FLINNโ€™S NICKNAME WAS FLINNY?? AHHHH THATโ€™S BOTH ADORABLE AND STOOPID LOVE IT SIS!!! Oh and *dramatic sigh* I am personally offended at the lines โ€œ Aerin jumped at every jumpscareโ€ because I DONUT and usually Iโ€™m the one doing the jumpscares ๐Ÿ˜‰ But thatโ€™s totally off topic. Awesome job!




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13:49 May 11, 2021

Heyoooooo!!! The hints- I can't LOVED IT!!!! btw, hope things are getting better :)


14:08 May 11, 2021

:D Btw, how are you? Like really, how are you as a question not a convo question, like How are you? Now I've gone and made it confusing, haven't I? But if you get what I mean-


14:15 May 11, 2021

Oh...If you wanna rant or anything, just know I'm here, even though we haven't known each other for long- As fellow writers and fellow countrymen; and friends(if you wanna?)


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how are you so fast at writing ahhh- great job! ... I can't really say anything else cuz it was great :) ~ Amethyst


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sfibnfsibjkwbniwrjkbwnribjk heeheheheheeheheeheheheheeheheheh shanks for the shout out One edit- "Thank god, Saylis was next to me, and Finn on her lap." XD Did you mean Finn's head on her lap? XD rgknrwiguwrngiwurgwjrgniuwrgwjrgiuwrghwg bOoTiFuL as your editor- I approve XD And I heard Cherilee was acting up again *sips tea*


HXHDHAHAHSBSBSBWN you deserve more :)) XDDD yeah I meant that lolll Shdbxbsbab Yeshhh XDDD igh yess, ik thinking if a punishment I cant just fire her, ya know.


awww you too kweeennnnn XDD ah yes yes. *mumbles* Can't find any good managers these days tsk tsk


<3333 XDD I know right, lmk if you find some tsk tsk tsk. Do you know aime suitable punishment?


Hmmmmmm Make her cut out 175843.99999 ice cubes from a mountain of ice? It's a pretty small punishment tbh


Honestly, yes. I will tell her to do that. Oh, and, kindly ask Cheryl what Cherilee hates the most, thank you ;)


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I ship Kenna and Flin. BUt I'm mad at Flin for being such a jerk. I mean, show some respect to the girl!


"R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find out what it means to me R-E-S-P-E-C-T Take care, TCB"


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