May 09, 2021

Friendship High School Teens & Young Adult

 “Ok, kids were heading out don’t forget we will be back on Sunday night at the latest and will call every night to make sure you’re okay.” My mom said to us like we were five. 

“I know Mom. You’ve said that ten times and the emergency numbers are on the fridge and if we want pizza or something some extra cash is in the left cabinet. Don’t go crazy with it and don’t be throwing huge parties in the house while you’re gone.” I replied 

“I’m just glad you’re listening.” Mom answered back instead of being stuck in your phone 

“Even if I am I can do more than one thing at once you know.” I replied  

“Okay, okay. I’m leaving now. Be good and take care of Lonnie and Rebecca. Don’t leave them to ruin the house. I love you and will see you sometime Sunday.” Mom said 

“Okay, I love you too. I will see you Sunday and will take care of my brother and sister and they will not be destroying the house. Go have fun at your meeting and be the best lawyer you’re meant to be.” I replied 

“Oh, I plan to be and I will be back with a raise because I will have won this case don’t you worry about that.” Mom replied 

Both mom and I giggled as I walked with her out to the taxi. I waved goodbye to her and off she went as I called my friends and told them to come over so we can prepare for our party. They asked if mom was gone and I told them well, of course, and they said they would be right over.  

My friends arrived right on time because I had just sat the kids down for lunch. As they were chomping away on their lunch, we made plans for the party of a lifetime. My friend asked what I was going to do with Lonnie and Rebecca and I told her that I party would be going on during their bedtime so I wouldn’t be worried about that.   

“What if they wake up because of us getting too loud?” Lisa asked 

“Then we will have to quiet down and I’ll to get them back to bed, huh?” I replied 

“I guess so.” Lisa replied 

We discussed who all we should invite, what all we should bring, what we should decorate the house like if at all, and what music we should play. 

We start sending out messages to see who all can come and if anyone had any excuses what their funny excuse would be.  

“How’s your list going?” I asked Lisa 

“Mine’s going pretty well except Bobby said he wouldn’t be able to make it and wishes he could.” Lisa replied 

“Oh yeah did he say why?” I asked again 

“Yeah, said he was going with his parents to their cabin for some family reunion and there’s no getting out of those.” Lisa replied back 

“No, I wouldn’t want him skipping out on that and I wouldn’t want him mad at me for going to mine.” I said 

“Yeah, true me either.” Lisa replied 

“So, any more than Bobby got anything going on? If not, what is your amount coming to the party?” I asked Lisa 

“I’m waiting on an answer from Suzy, she thinks she might have to go with her mom shopping for brides' maid's dresses, but she might be able to talk her into waiting until tomorrow. I’m not sure though because I don’t know when the wedding is and how long it will take for them to make the dresses a certain way for her.” Lisa replied 

“Hey, it’s okay. We don’t have to have the whole school here it’s just a party not a school assembly.” I replied 

“I know I’m just trying to think of everyone that likes to have a good time and will show us a good time if you know what I mean!!” Lisa said 

“Yes, I know what you mean and I’m so ready for us to be hosts to our party instead of preparing, stressing, and trying to figure out who we want to go to our party instead on getting the house together for the party.” I said 

“Well, let's finish getting this party together and we can rest until everyone gets here. Then when they do get here, we can get the party started!!! Lisa replied 

 We made sure of what everyone was definitely bringing to the party for sure because we didn’t want to now have something for the party that was really important and someone accidently forgets it that would not be good. We got the chips in bowls on the table with plates, napkins, spoons, and forks in the beginning of the line. I got out different kinds of pops that everyone liked, at least I hoped, with water as a choice also. 

Once everything was together, we finally got to rest for a little while before the fun got to start.  

I got to laughing and Lisa was wondering what was going on. 

“Why are you laughing?” Lisa asked 

“I’m laughing because isn’t it funny that we seem to be working our butt off to be having fun in just a little bit.” I replied laughing some more 

Lisa started laughing with me and we laughed for a little bit and then sat there thinking of what else we had to do before the party did start. 

Lonnie and Rebecca came down from playing and asked if it was supper time. 

“Yes, it can be supper time.” I said “What would you like?” 

“I want hot dogs.” said Lonnie 

“I want mac and cheese.” said Rebecca 

“I will make both and you can share that way you each can have some of both how about that?” I replied 

They both cheered in anticipation! 

I got their supper finished, dishes cleaned up, and got them to bed just in time for the first few guests to show up. 

Lisa was letting them know that I would be down in a little while because I was getting the kids to bed and they should stay quiet for a while because they don’t want to wake the kids up and have the party end early.  

I came down and asked them who’s ready for a party to start and I was louder than anyone? They looked at me in astonishment. 

“What’s wrong with you all?” I asked 

“Why are you being so loud? I thought we had to be quiet because of the kids. I don’t want us not having a party because we were too loud and woke them up. I've been telling everyone that came in to be quiet because of the kids.” Lisa replied 

“Well, what you don’t know is I put the kids in mom’s room and it’s basically sound proof because it’s in the back of the house so we can be a little bit louder and it will be just fine. So, let’s party!!!” I replied back 

“Alright, sounds awesome to me! Let’s get it on!! Let’s turn on that music and party!!” said Lisa 

We partied all night long into the early hours of Sunday morning when I was still saying goodbye to the last of the party goers.  

“Oh, my goodness this is Sunday!” I said 

“Yeah, why?” Lisa asked while yawning 

“My mom will be home sometime today and I got to have this house clean before she does or I’m going to be dead!!! 

“Hey, don’t worry I’m here. I can help you. We got this just like we did when we got it together to get the party started now were just cleaning it up.” Lisa replied 

“No, you don’t have to. You are yawning and so tired. You should go home and get some rest or get some sleep up in my room while I get this cleaned up.” I replied 

“You can’t get all this cleaned up that fast now let’s get to cleaning instead of fighting about it and it will be done in no time.” Lisa said 

We cleaned and cleaned it seemed like all day long. It ended up being four huge trash bags. Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping in the kitchen. Finding so many things you wouldn’t think would be found, but was and got done just in time for the kids to run down asking what was for breakfast. 

I got them some cereal told them to sit and enjoy it while I ran the trash outside. As I was running the trash out my mom was pulling in. She honked the horn and rolled down the window.  

“Who’s watching the kids while you’re out here?” Mom asked 

“Lisa stayed the night, last night, so she’s in there while I’m running out the trash.” I replied “How did the meeting go?” 

“Great, it went great! Thank you for asking.” 

As mom and I walked in the kids attacked her before she could even put her bags down. 

“Hi, Lonnie and Rebecca did you have fun this weekend?” Mom asked 

“Yeah, Sissy made us hot dogs and mac and cheese and Lisa was here. We had fun.” They said 

“That sounds great.” Mom replied 

“Well, I’ll let you all rest. I’m heading back home. Sherry text me when you can. See you all later.” Lisa said 

I gave Lisa a hug and she left. I shut the door and started chatting with mom about her long weekend and how her meeting went. 

All of a sudden, my mom was looking strangely at her book shelf and asked what was sitting on it.

"What do you mean?" I asked

She got up and walked over to it.

"Oh, my goodness Sherry did you have a party when I told you not to?" Mother asked

"Why do you ask that?" I asked

"Because of this." She said

She had brought over a red plastic cup with vodka in it.

"That is Lisa's drink." I said

"She forgot to throw it away last night when she was drinking. I know she's not quite old enough, but I'd rather have her drink around me than somewhere else and get in trouble, you know." I replied

" You better not be lying to me Sherry. I mean it." Mom said

"I'm not." I said

I wasn't lying Lisa had set it there. It might have been hers so I wasn't lying we just need to look around better next time.

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