May 08, 2021

Coming of Age High School Teens & Young Adult

Sitting in the back of the class I don’t have to worry about getting called on all the time for the answers to the questions the teacher asks. I love sitting in the back of the classroom. Not to mention, I despise people sitting behind me so being in the back of the class is perfect. I get good grades every year it’s just I don’t like half the people in the class. They like to make fun of people that aren’t like them or do awful things to them and so to stay out of it I just go to the back of the class and stay away. 

There are different parts of everyone in school and they are called cliques. Each one has a different name. There is the popular, geeks, freaks, and loners. I hung, I guess with the freaks but wasn’t really considered one; not until way far up into high school.  

 All in grade school my mom had me in the pretty little dresses and I would get the good to great grades. I wasn’t worried about answering any questions or anyone sitting behind me in elementary school. I guess when I get to thinking about it; it didn’t happen until high school before I didn’t want anyone sitting behind me. I loved school as a matter of fact back in grade school. I couldn’t get enough of it. Shoot when I somehow ended up with summer school because of my reading that was not doing too well they accidently gave me Math instead and boy I loved it! I love Math!! Math was my best subject and still is if my son needs help on his. I would fly through all the work and I can’t believe the teacher in didn’t ask why I was in summer school. I can’t believe she didn’t ask why I didn’t need any help on any of my papers or why I would get done so fast with my work without any difficulty. It’s crazy what you can get away with when teachers aren’t paying attention. Which is why, nowadays, my son gets into too much trouble. They don’t watch the other kids and then when my son finally gets tired of it and retaliates, he’s the one that gets in trouble.  

I pretty much liked all my classes in elementary school, but once I hit middle school the slowly started to get harder. I started moving to the back of the class. I didn’t want to be called on if I didn’t know the answer to these hard questions in these hard classes. What’s up with these hard classes and having all this hard stuff? They didn’t have this in elementary school. I don’t need to know the dates of presidents or anything that’s older than dirt, but they are making me learn it. Why do they think history is so important? It seems to be the same over and over. I think through all the years the only time I liked history was my Senior year and it wasn’t because I was graduating; it was because my teacher tried to make the class fun while teaching it so we can remember what we learned.  That teacher got to retire when we graduated, but he called it graduating instead of retiring so he didn’t feel so old he said. He was a really awesome teacher.  

The way you sit everywhere all depends on the group you hand with and if your cool enough to sit by them if not. If you’re not supposed to sit next to certain people, they will sure let you know. These people can be downright rude. If you are a little bit overweight to a little extra, they will moo at you or say there is an earthquake coming. If you been sweating some that day and smell strong that day, they will start making barfing sounds and barking like a dog because they’re saying you’re the trash. When you’re walking down the hallway and holding a lot of stuff one will go bump it out of your hands while the other one distracts you so a couple others can scatter your stuff all over the hallway. You have to wear the name brand clothes with the big expensive name brand shoes and hang out with the right people that have the right last names that run the town or you’re nothing. For some reason I guess the way I can talk to people I had friends from each group or clique as their called. Of course, when the other friends were around, they would act like I was there. That’s how everyone seems to act when someone else is around that you don’t like.  

Once, high school had come into the picture full force things seemed to slowly go a bit different. Freshman year hit and I wanted to be in yearbook class to help my diploma look better, but all I got to do was help pick pictures for the yearbook not do anything extra. I had Latin one year and couldn’t understand that class at all. I had to sell candy bars to get enough money to get to go to a play. I really wanted to go. They said I didn’t turn my money in, in time, but I did. They checked again and I got to. The play was crazy. We got our food and watched the play. It was good, but while the play was going on they would change into their next outfit right in front of us. I, of course, hung out more with the teacher than anyone because all the other people there were the popular ones. The food was awesome and the play was great, but the bus ride there and back was the longest ride ever!!! 

Ok, then were in Junior and Senior year and everyone had to volunteer their time to work the concessions for the basketball games all year and there were a lot! You had to work a couple of them in both your Junior and Senior year. Well, I worked my junior year and that’s when I found out that you get in free to the dance afterwards. Well, this girl does not dance at all. I knew that there would be another concession I would have to do a dance that I would be able to go to and then two more to do in senior year so I’m going to have to get more into the songs more so I know how to vibe more at the dances and not feel so weird.  

Well, here I am at the next concession for my junior year which seemed to go really fast because I was now at the dance. I seemed to know some of the songs and boogied to some of the dances. My friends looked at me like I was some crazy person wiggling around trying to do something, but not dance. Hey, I tried I really did. I might have not looked like I was dancing, but I did try. 

It’s now Senior year and I got to do the best I can to not screw things up. I had met some new people and was dating my friends' brother which wasn’t the best decision, but I made that bed and had to lie in it. I couldn’t believe I was in a hurry one day trying to get to class on time and left my hall pass book in the locker. Well, that hall pass book had my locker combination wrote in it in case I happen to forget it. I tend to forget things from time to time and this time I did. I went to open my locker and for some reason I couldn’t remember my locker combination for anything. I tried the numbers I thought in the combination several different ways, but it just wouldn’t work. I went to the office and explained my situation and they looked me up and gave me the combination. I looked at it and felt so dumb because all I was doing was switching the last two numbers the whole time.  

Now it’s time for this year's basketball games and dances and I think I’m finally ready. I have been practicing my moves. I got through the first basketball concession and dance, but didn’t do any dancing because I didn’t want to embarrass myself in case I fell or did one of the dances wrong.  

 My final basketball game concession came and then it was time for the dance. They cleared the floor from the basketball game and cleaned up the trash if there was any. It was now time for the dance! On with the show! The music played and I danced. I was actually dancing!! People were clapping at my dance moves and cheering my name, whooping, and hollering! I couldn’t believe it!! I loved it! I never had this kind of attention. I guess learning dance moves was worth something after all. People actually knew my name. 

The next day at school people were still talking about the dance and was hollering my name. They were high fiving me and asking if I wanted to sit with them at lunch or on the bleachers before class started. I never knew how much one dance could change my life!!  

One time we were all sitting in the bleachers waiting to go to class and the popular kids came to me. I couldn’t imagine why they wanted to talk to me. 

“Hey, Lynn you busy this weekend?” Sarah from the popular kids asked 

“No, not really I’ll just probably be staying home reading one of my library books.” I replied 

“I don’t think you will. You’ll be going to this awesome party we are throwing this weekend.” Sarah replied 

“Oh, I am why do you want me there?” I asked 

“Because I want you to show us those cool dance moves you did at the dance last week.” Sarah said  

“Um, ok sure. I’ll see you there.” I replied 

I can’t believe in a couple years I went from no one to someone in such a short time! It wasn’t much to most, but to me it was everything!! 

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