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May 05, 2021

Science Fiction

"Out there in the dark... among the stars... He will live"

It was a beautiful garden, flowers of white, yellow and red, were spread throughout wherever eyes can see. Bees humming around, a beautiful feast for ears. They loved the place so much that they spent their entire lifetime in it.

Darlow and Heidi, the happiest couple in the entire town, everyone admired their life, how they treated each other. When you ask Darlow what's so special about this garden he would say,

"I don't know, it's just that, it really gives me peace and contentment, it feels all I ever need is here, my wife and me in a beautiful place looking after each other."

Looking back at the stars in the night sky, it's really lit, this town has something special, and with people like Darlow, Heidi and Apollo, I would really love to spend the rest of my life here.

"What do you say?" I suggested the idea to my wife.

"Sure honey, we will give it a try," she smiled in the same beautiful way when I first met her.

My wife Elena is a real sunshine, wherever she goes, she brings everyone's spirits up with her lovely smile, the smile which captivated me.

So we bought a house with our fortune, and moved to this beautiful town of Mirela.

We got everything set, I write books for a living, so, it didn't matter where I lived, and for Elena, she said she liked the aura of the town, it's a bit countryside, it doesn't have many malls like big cities, but we have peaceful meadows and farms, and we could always buy what we wanted online, so I convinced her it won't be a problem.

I still remember the first time I came to Mirela, three years ago, when my friend said he heard sightings of space ships here, yes, that's what he said to me, but sadly we couldn't find anything, but that was what that brought me to this wonderful place.

It was our first day staying at Mirela, I was super excited, yea, it has a lot of exciting stuff, not just farms and meadows, that day when we searched for the space ship, we couldn't find it, but we found a lot of anomalies here.


"Good morning Honey!" Elena was standing in front of me with an aromatic cup of coffee in her hand and her charming smile in her face.

"Morning Sweet heart!" I hopped out of the bed and smiled back.

I took the coffee and began sipping as I admired her beautiful smile.

"Honey," she said, "How's coffee?"

"As sweet as my sweet heart."

She blushed. And I held her hand and said, "Sweet heart, all I ever need in life is seeing your smile every morning."

"Aww," she was flattened, "Honey, I am the one that's lucky to have you, you are so sweet, like literal honey." she giggled

She opened her soft hands and gave me a warm hug, and we cuddled.

So that's how a morning is, in my life, after I met my sweet heart.

After sometime, I got ready and we had breakfast, and we decided to greet our neighbours, Elena made some cookies and we were headed straight next doors.

I rung the bell.

In less than a minute we were greeted by the ever young faces of Darlow and Heidi.

"Hi!! We moved in yesterday night!!"

"Oh hi my dears! Come in!"

WeΒ went inside, it was painted green in the interior and the house was pretty neat and we sat in the sofa.

Elena gave them the cookies.

"Aww dear that's so sweet," Heidi said with her ever happy face and headed to what I knew was the kitchen.

Darlow took my hand and said, "Glad to have you here son."

"Son"... It's a word... I yearned to be called during my childhood... When all other kids had a father... I didn't... when he came to pick up them... I was left alone... in the rain...

I wiped my tears, " Thank you Dad."

I got up and hugged him, with all the love I had for my absent father, I hugged him... As my eyes couldn't control the tears... I hugged...

It was warm, felt very safe and secure, I didn't want to come out of it, but of course I did, and I wiped my tears again, and saw my wife's happy face at me getting a father's love and Dad's ever lasting youthful smile. I smiled back with so much joy.

Heidi brought some snacks for us, and we had a little talk as we ate, we talked about their life, and our life, and the town.

We both went back to our house for lunch, and then looked around the town with Apollo, he showed us the nursery, a crystal clear lake a few miles away, and a waterfall nearby.

"Aww, this town has really got a lot of attractions," Elena said.

"Beautiful, right?" Apollo smiled.

She nodded with a joyful smile.

"I love it here," I too joined the smiling gang.

"Honey, shall we play in the waterfall?"

"Sure my sweet heart!"

And we enjoyed there till the rest of the evening, green algae in the rocks were super slippery I almost fell two times, but it was super fun, me and Elena hadn't been to a place like that in a long time, and we were so happy that we can now come here whenever we want.

And after that Darlow took us to the garden, it was as beautiful as it ever is.

The wind greeted us with aromatic pollens, my wife loved it, we both laid down in a shade and looked over the beautiful landscape filled with flowers.

Darlow and Heidi went inside while me and Elena enjoyed ourselves at the peaceful garden, it was such a lovely evening.

"Honey, will you always be with me like this?" Those words suddenly came from nowhere.

I was a bit surprised, "Yes Sweet heart, I will be with you till the end, everyday I will be with you when you wake up, and every night you will see my face before you sleep, I promise."

She hugged me with tears of joy in her eyes, I wiped it off her soft moist face, I touched her cheeks with my hand and felt the happiness in her face, we hugged and laughed and looked at the sunset while resting my hand around her shoulders.

That night we had a hearty dinner, my wife made a feast, she is so good at cooking, she is so good at everything, I am really lucky to have her, her kindness, I have only seen something like that from my mother, The two special women in my life, I thank the stars everyday for giving me the wonderful gift that's yet to be.


β€œHe is our last chance...”

It's been a week now in Mirela, my wife really loves it here and that makes me so happy. I love this place like anything, I don't why, but yes, it's just... yes.

Over the week, we met with everyone in the neighbourhood and they were all so friendly and welcoming. My wife got a friend around her age with similar interests, her name was hmm, Errr... Yea! I remember now! Larina! Yes it was Larina! How could I forget that name?

My wife and she used to spend a lot of time together, but Elena was so happy and I love seeing her happy, it was her main entertainment in this town, and I too got a few friends to hang out with, primary school kids.. haha.. but they are really fun!

Everything went well, like a dream, too good to last...

It was a monday night, We were at the garden, me, Elena, Darlow, Heidi, Larina and Apollo and his wife. Heidi and Elena made dinner for everyone and we sat in the round table and enjoyed the delicious meal looking at stars and the crescent moon. Everyone was in merry, Apollo's kid came in a few minutes and he sang a beautiful song, his voice was angelic.

"Wow, you are so good at singing! What's your name cutie?"

"My name is Brandon," he told with a feeling of pride.

"Good boy Brandon!" I patted his head.

Soon, we could hear the sound of crickets chirping, The grass was dancing in the cold breeze, suddenly I heard a sound, like a violin screech. It tore my ears... My eyes... everything was blurry

I wiped my eyes... I screamed for help... I could feel things... moving up... But couldn't see anything clearly.

"Elena!! Darlow!! Everyone???" I yelled as I felt more of the same feeling, it was weird, I wiped my eyes, All I could see was, the table that too blurred it was like floating, flying away., above, I looked around but the screech sound grew louder, I lost myself...

When I woke up, I was in my bed, For a moment I didn't realise anything, and suddenly remembered, and before I could say anything, Elena was there.

"Honey!!" she hugged me.


"It's ok Honey, take rest! I will tell you later!"

"Sweet heart I am totally fine, but how about you?! You safe? everyone?"

"Yea yea Honey everyone's fine, don't worry."

"Oh good, but what happened-"

"It's, we don't know, suddenly everything began to float up... But don't worry about it Honey, everything's fine, take some rest."

"Aw... ok dear."

Oh yea, I am tired, but whatever happened, was really strange, I began thinking about it, maybe Darlow and Heidi are aliens? I asked my wife.

"Honey!! They are nice!"

"I know too sweetheart, I love them! But doesn't mean aliens can't be nice. What could explain what happened over there?"

"Honey... Darlow said it was a little tornado."

"Dear, I know what a tornado looks like, this is surely something extra-terrestrial."

"You need rest Honey... We will talk about this later."

Β Definitely there's something here, something extra-terrestrial, the space ship sightings reports, yes, I was so keen on finding that out.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, well we do have a calling bell... Elena went to answer it, in a few seconds I heard her scream, I got up ran to the door.

"Come with me Aristeo," the person standing told with a robotic voice. He was in a robotic suit as well, all white, whit a little patches of teal here and there. His helmet was like a bike helmet, but of course it was white too, he had broken the door and pushed my wife to the floor and held her by her hair.


"Come with me Aristeo," he repeated the same words in the same way.

"I said, LEAVE MY WIFE!"

He threw her on the wall... "Oh no," I became so furious. I went and dashed at him with all my force, but couldn't even move him.

He grabbed my collar with his hands and got ready to punch me on the face, but suddenly there was a shock, to both of us, an electric shock.

We both fell, it was Larina with gloves in her hand, which I guessed were home made shock gloves, and Darlow was coming behind her.

I prepared to get up, but the thing in the robotic suit was faster, it turned back and punched away Larina. She fell on the road, but was fine, I remembered my wife, she was lying beside the wall bleeding over the head... I lost myself... My wife... everything... seeing her like this... I couldn't!!!

I felt the anger in me coming out, coming out as something else, the thing came towards me, I broke completely gave a yell as everything started to fly up with a force which came from nowhere, I forced my hand towards the thing and it was pushed through the roof to the stars, it was gone.

Darlow and Larina stood there, astonished, then I looked back at my wife, I let everything down, everything fell down with a sudden thud. I reached her.

Her head was bleeding so badly, but her eyes still had life...

"Sweet heart... it will be okay... We will go to the doctor, everything will be fine..." I looked at her eyes, it looked at me with the smile, the smile that assured me, it's okay... It gazed at me for a few moments before it was lost forever...

I yelled, I screamed, "this... CANNOT BE TRUE... this... no... this can't be happening..."

But she was gone, I promised her... that we would be together... but she was gone... She was everything to me, I can't lose her, I can't accept that she's no more, I can't...

I screamed again in a high pitch, and I broke down, I looked at her face, the smile was no more, my love, it was gone... I took her and hugged her, I cried holding her through myself..

Darlow and Larina stood there in silence, I took a moment to see them, then closed my eyes, and drowned in tears...

"I am sorry sweet heart... I am sorry..."


"Life is all about letting it go, dear... Our son will carry our legacy, beyond the stars, wherever he goes, he will come back one day, for us, but now, he has to go..."

Elena... she was everything I ever wished for, I couldn't snap out of it, when I woke up, she didn't come and greet me with her smile... I cried laying on the bed, I drowned in my own tears, why did it have to be her...

Soon it was afternoon and Darlow came to my house. We both sat in silence for sometime and he initiated to break it.

"Son... I am sorry for whatever happened..."

"She left everything for me, her family, her life in the city... She loved me so much..."

"Yes, she did..."

"And she's now no more... I just can't- "

"Son, I know how it feels... I have lost someone before... But it wasn't your fault son... You have to move on."

"Then who's fault is that? What was that thing?"

"I will tell, come with me."

He took me to his house, Heidi wasn't there, we went straight to the garden.

"Twenty three years ago..." he began, "I used to work for NASA as a space scientist, and our crew's mission was to find extra terrestrial life forms, we sent satellites around the solar system, but we could find no life forms anywhere near, until, a space shuttle hit this garden one day, I moved on here and settled here to investigate it."

Darlow pressed a button and a space ship opened above from where the round table stood. "Come," he said and went inside.

It's interior was all white, with a little teal just like the thing's suit.

He pressed a button, and it activated a hologram.

"Dear, he is our last chance, our planet's last hope."

"You are talking about sending our child to somewhere in space..."

"No dear, Earth, it has a nourishing atmosphere, and it has everything to keep him alive."

"But... Our child... We won't be in his childhood..."

"Life is about letting things go... But I am sure... Out there in the dark... Among the Stars... He will Live."

The man put the baby in the space ship, the woman couldn't control her tears, she went away, the space ship took off, "Take care son, we will be waiting for you here..."

The ship blasted through stars through galaxies. It passed through several planets before finally reaching earth's crust, dashing into the garden.

The hologram went off.

"Aristeo, we found you in this spaceship, my sister decided to grow you up."

"Are you saying?-"

"Yes, my son, you are from the stars."

"I- So- But how?"

"My son, earth's atmosphere shut your powers, you grew like a normal human child, but this place has the radiation of your planet, after the collision, it activated your alien cells, that's how you could control gravity, throw things up."

"So, it gave a signal and that's why the thing came here, right?"

"Yes, my son."

"Aw... even with all my powers... I couldn't save Elena..."

"Son... I couldn't do anything there... I am sorry."

"Why did they send me..?"

"You have to find out, you have got everything here."

"Dad... I will make them pay..."

I went to the waterfall, How me and Elena would go there together... I gazed at the falling water at the green slippery rocks... I raised my hand and pulled it up, the water began to flow backwards up to where it came, the coming water and going part clashed each other, I could stop the flow for sometime, and then went away.

I went back to the house, it was all alone... the house was filled with her absence... Soon it became night... I went to the garden... looked at the stars...

I was losing my will to live, when suddenly I heard a voice.

"Hey, you must be Aristeo."

"Yes, but who are you?"

"Someone like you."

It was a boy in a fancy suit, purple, and with a mask, well, you could have guessed.

"We need people like you, there's a big threat coming."

"You are Downspring?"

"Yeah, let's go!"

And so, we got in the car, and I was ready for whatever was coming, I got nothing left to lose.

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Thank you for spending time and reading story! I hope you have a great day! And to make clear some things, I actually wanted to write more, about to space origin, but I already crossed the word limit and so had to cut out a para, yea I got carried away haha. But next time I'll make sure to focus on what I planned. And the ending, Downspring is a superhero in the world, yes superheroes exist in this world, I made the character when I was in 7th grade, I even started writing about it, but gave u...


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