May 04, 2021

Suspense Thriller Sad

All the days run the same anymore to me. If my son didn’t have school, I wouldn’t know what day it was, really. It’s the same thing every day of the week it seems like unless someone has a doctor appointment or my son has karate to go to.  

Our days kind of go sort of like this: 

Monday: Wake up, go to the bathroom, get son up to go to school, put him on the bus, get dogs their food and water, walk the dogs, give dogs their treats, get a nap in if able, get laundry or whatever else done that's needed, son gets off the bus, get supper, son goes to karate, son gets a snack and a bath, son gets meds and goes to bed and then after a while I go to bed. 

Tuesday: All the same except for Karate 

Wednesday: All the same except for Karate 

 Thursday: All the same 

Friday: All the same except for Karate 

Saturday: I try to relax and some things done like sleeping, but the dogs think I need up instead of playing with my son. My son thinks he needs to play on his video game instead of playing with his dog and staying quiet while mommy gets some more sleep or so even grandma can get some more sleep, but when we are all up the dogs think they need to go to sleep. Then once they get their morning business done outside, they think it’s run down each other inside the house. After that they think they need to compete on who eats the most dog food. After mom sits down then my son thinks it’s time to try and disturb me saying he’s hungry instead of asking me while I was already up because he didn’t want to bother me. Once that’s finished the day moves on as usual watching some tv and then supper and medicine and bed. 

Sunday: Pretty much a rerun of Saturday 

Then on and on and on we go..... 

Yeah, it’s pretty exciting here at my house, huh? You better not blink or you might miss something. 

While I was getting ready to cook supper, mom and my brother were watching television, and my son was messing with his video games boom goes the electric. Lights out! 

My son screamed! My mom was like oh heck no I paid the electric bill. My brother was mad because he was watching a movie. I was just sitting there clicked on my flashlight and said “Well, time to read a book.” We looked outside and the whole town was in darkness everyone was hollering at each other asking if their electric was out replying that theirs was. We all figured it would be on by the next day.  

The next day came and still nothing we had to put our freezer things in a cooler with ice so it didn’t go bad and we had several different coolers sitting around. After the ice melted then what though? We’re going to have to grill all the meat on it and hope for the best that it stays good for as long as it can.  

I called the electricity number to see when the electric number would be back on and all I got was a dead tone. What is going on? I went to a neighbor's house and he was as confused to as I was. I told him if it gets worse, we can put our things together and go from there and he said it sounded like a plan.  

A week went by and people were slowly going crazy around the neighborhood. The men were trying to take women to mate with and had them chained up in certain areas so they could do as they pleased with them. My neighbor and I stayed far away from the back where that was going on.  

We had a small garden going on to stay going as best we could and had fires to cook with. The back-end people were starting to head our way and we were worried they would want everything we had so anything extra we could hide in our cupboards so hopefully they couldn’t find it.  

The bad ones got closer and we saw they had guns there was nothing we could really do to protect ourselves and then I remembered my son and brother had bow and arrows for archery and if it we need to the can use those for our protection. I know it might look silly for my son protecting us, but if he knows how to use that thing to where he can protect us from someone attacking us well then so be it.  

The next day the bad ones were pounding on doors and whoever didn’t answer they didn’t care they were going to open that door and come on in and get whatever and whoever they wanted.  

“Come on, move!” I heard one say 

“Get going or I’ll make you go.” said another 

We heard screams from across the street and wondered when it would be our turn. 

“Please, I don’t have anything as it is. Please let me keep my bread at least.” I heard a lady say 

“Ha, ha! It’s my bread now lady. Get over it! Go get some more somewhere else.” A guy had said 

“Please, I can’t find any, please!” The lady had said 

That was too much for the guy to handle and he slapped her until she shut up. 

“Oh, give it a break dude. Come on let’s get to the next house before the boss wants us back.” The one guy said to the next 

“Oh, ok. “The other dude said back in a sad voice  

They started to head our way and we suited up ready to defend ourselves when we heard a screeching whistle. 

 “Hey, Ya'll it’s the boss let’s go with what we have before he gets mad. Round everyone up and head out now” Said the next in line to be boss 

As they headed away the neighbor came over and knocked on the door. We answered and had him come in before anyone saw anything.  

“Ya’ll see that crap?” our neighbor, Willie, said 

“Yea that’s ridiculous! We need to do something before it gets too far out of hand!” I said 

“It already has. That’s why we need to stop it, now!” Willie responded 

“What do you think we should do?” I replied 

“I think we should go around and tell everyone we need to do a sneak attack on them and destroy their little village and get the women they have out of there also. What do you think?” Willie asked 

“Sounds like a plan. Let’s get started” I said “You head to the East get those trailers and I’ll head to the West and we will all meet up here.” 

“Ok, we will all see you as soon as possible.” Willie replied 

When we were all done knocking on doors almost everyone had joined in except the ones that had to stay home with their young children. 

“Alright everyone I know it’s dark and late at night, but I’m sure plenty of you have been to where the you used to pay the rent at. That is where all this trouble is going on at. The girls are being held in a shed in the back of that trailer. Whoever can do what they can please do. Let’s get this done as safely as we can, but get it managed. It has gotten out of control and it is unsafe for everyone.” Willie said to everyone 

“Agreed, once done whoever is not being cooperative just tie them up with whatever you have or grab some rope or duct tape here right now and come meet back here at the end. We hope to get this done fast and as safely as possible.” I replied 

We all moved and gathered everyone rather quickly. No one wanted shot so they came with no problem and we got done fast. The community got back to normal and they left Willie in charge believe it or not. They said he seemed like the best manager of everything since we had food, water, fire, and shelter in this time of need!!  

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