May 02, 2021

Creative Nonfiction Adventure Friendship

I sit here day after day watching time pass me by. I hate that I get to see every one outside enjoying themselves not worrying about a thing. I go to look out the window and it feels like my eyes are going to burn out of my head.  

“Don’t open that door!” I said to Wanda 

“Why not?” She replied 

"Girl, I told you a million times why not to let that door stay open.” I said back to her 

“Okay, and how about you tell me a million and one then?” Wanda asked again 

“Okay, because you know I have a sun allergy because of the medicine I’m on.” I replied 

“Why don’t you change it so you can go outside? You have a child to take care of he’s going to want to play outside so what then?” Wanda asked 

“I guess I will have to think about it then won’t I.” I replied “Now will you please close the door and have a seat so we go on with our discussion.”  

“Sure.” Wanda said 

 “How did you ever find out you ever had this supposed sun allergy anyway?” Wanda asked 

“Well, one day my family and I was out enjoying the weather and all of a sudden when we were trying to walk back up to where we lived at the time I just couldn’t the heat was taking me over. I was going to puke all over the street or pass out one. I went to my doctor appointment and come to find out it was due to one of my pills that I needed to limit my time out in the sun.” I replied 

“Wow, I’m so sorry to hear that. What did you do?” Wanda asked 

“There wasn’t much I could do. I’m still on my medication to this day.” I responded 

“Are you serious? I mean those pills almost killed you why would you take them?” Wanda asked 

“I have to they help me.” I replied, “Now can we get off this boo-hoo subject maybe? 

After we dropped the subject, we got to talking about what we been up to lately.  

Wanda with her trying to design her clothing line. She said it had its ups and downs. More downs than ups because everything that she tried to show they keep saying it needed more color or it needed more stripes. This one needed less color and more dots and the complaints kept coming and coming. 

With my week it was do my work from home because if I go out it is not much or I would burn extremely fast. I get up and want to go outside because of all the people I see having fun out there and know my son would have even more fun if I was out there with him. I feel like such a failure to him. I can’t do anything outside unless I’m overdressed and then I would be really hot. I wish I could throw the pills away, but I need them too much to keep my calm. 

We kept chatting a little while longer and Wanda said she had to get going to get more of her clothing line to get done. I told her good luck and hope she gets something sold.

My son has medicine he takes, but I’m glad it isn’t medicine that makes him have to stay inside. He has problems like his father that worry me and I’m hoping with all the doctors and therapy they will control it and I won’t have to worry quite as much. The medicine seems to help here and there, but then it’s like it doesn’t help because he’s back to his old self being rude and obnoxious, getting in trouble at school, not listening when I tell him to do something, and then I start to worry all over again. I don’t know what to do some times and I worry that he’s going to be like me and have to have his medicine changed every two weeks. He’s my son and I never know how he’s going to act. One minute he’s as calm as can be, lovely to be around, wants to be involved with everything, plays with his dog and does his chores no problem. Then you have problem child that wants to do what he wants, when he wants, and whenever he wants which is just like his father. 

We have times when we just enjoy time together and can just chat each other’s ear off, but then he will get in his mood and not want to talk or do anything but go to his room and play those awful video games. I take him places to get him away from those awful things, but they just pull him in further like they hypnotize him. The therapist tells me it’s a “tween” thing, but I don’t believe it!! He has a thing on there that you can purchase things and he spends all his allowance on the game. I’m not sure what to do when he loves the game, but then I don’t want him on it all the time. He needs to stay off it, but that’s where he can also talk to his friends when he’s not in school. How do you get someone away from something their obsessed with and not go back to all the time? In the summer, he can play outside more, but in the winter he is stuck back in that room with that game.  

Anyway, I went to the doctor last week to see if there was anything I could do with the medicine that keeps me inside away from all the fun. She told me that I could take it at night instead of in the morning and it would still work the same and I would be able to go outside and enjoy the day with my son. She said it would take a couple weeks for it to switch that way and then I should be alright. I was so excited!! I couldn’t wait until the two weeks were up and I could enjoy the sunshine!!  

I knew that the day would come soon so I planned it out so I could enjoy the day to the fullest with my son. I got some kite for us to fly and got the stuff to cookout like hot dogs and chips. I got us some drinks and put all that in a cooler. I got a football, soccer ball, a baseball with a couple gloves, and everything I could think of that he would enjoy to play at the park. I also got swim trunks for him and swim suit for me.  

Now, all I have to do is wait for his bus to arrive and tell him to be prepared for the best day of his life tomorrow.  

The bus arrives.  

I set him down and let him know the news. 

“How are you going to go outside without hurting?” He asked 

“The doctor helped me.” I replied 

I can’t wait!! I’m so glad you're better Mom! That’s the best news ever!!! 

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