Apr 26, 2021

Adventure Fantasy Thriller

“Good morning, Georgia, it’s 5 am time to start your day.” sounds the alarm 

Georgia arises with no problem because she knows how her day will go. Go to the gym, come home have a nice breakfast with a couple eggs and dry toast with orange juice, then go to work at the local grocery store where she’s the manager, come home make some kind of supper, take a shower, and head to bed. 

As she heads to the kitchen to make her a protein drink to keep her energized, she can easily find everything because she has it all labeled to her liking. In the cabinet, you can see on the left, cups, mugs, to go bottles, and recyclables. She grabs a to go bottle and then heads to the next cabinet to grab a protein mix. In this cabinet you can see a bunch a tag labeling a bunch of things. Drink mix, protein powder, peanut butter, can goods, sugar free jellies and so on. She grabs a protein drink mix once she sees it’s a different kind not having tried yet, mango- banana. I hope this isn’t too strong she thought. 

As she heads to the gym, she gets into her 2007 light blue Prius. Even inside the car everything was labeled to her perfection from the steering wheel to the floor mats. Everything she could ever want was perfect only if the world outside was the same. She thought that way too bad it couldn’t be that way. She loved the way the roads had signs, the restaurants directed where to go, the hospitals, I mean the world is almost perfect they just need to do a little more tweaking and life would be great. Ahh, only if right. 

I get to the gym and up above the places I work out even the those have labels such as the treadmill and bikes. See what I mean. After a great hour workout, I head back home and splash through a quick shower because I worked up a sweat on that work out. In the bathroom, you can see all the things perfectly labeled towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo, conditioner, razors, and so on.  Once done, she ran own and made her the perfect breakfast to subdue her until lunch time at work. When Georgia got to work everything in her office, she had labeled to keep track of everything and everyone she worked for. She had the schedule where it belonged and even the computer was labeled. Georgia felt like she was a very organized lady.  

She had clocked out from work and headed for home, but for some reason this new restaurant that had seemed to appear out of nowhere that was all lit up at night seemed to call to her wanting her to come and eat there.  

As she walked into the restaurant everything seemed distracting to her and in what confusing she was wanting to leave, but it also pulled her in. What was going on?  She sat at the first available table and that’s when this handsome black- haired man came up to her with this beautiful French accent asking what she would like to drink. She was still in awe of everything that he seemed to just know and brought her this red wine that tasted so wonderful to her. Next, he brought out what seemed like a normal spaghetti and meatballs with French garlic bread, but it’s like he had put something special in each bite and she couldn’t figure it out. Once she was finished, he came back an brought this delicious crème bruele that just brought fireworks to her brain. She couldn’t figure out how this place seemed to be hidden all the time. At the end of the meal, he brought a note that she thought was the bill and it read please come back tomorrow and then I will charge you. Well, that’s a deal!! She got up, looked around still wondering why she even entered this place, but glad she did and left.  

She went home, hopped in the shower and then went to bed. All she could think about the whole time was this restaurant. What was it called? Oh, my goodness, what was it called? I can’t remember. 

The next day she went around asking everyone if they knew about the new restaurant on such and such road or down by such and such, but no one knew what she was talking about, why? 

The day went the same as usual, but throughout the day all she could think about was the restaurant. The place was so confusing. Everything was everywhere. He came out of nowhere. The food was so delicious!! How can no one know of this place? 

After work she was so excited to clock out and head the same way she went to see if the restaurant would be there. Oh, my goodness there it is!!!  

She went inside, but it was decorated differently and more chaotic, but of course she had to sit down to see what she was going to get. 

Here he came, but where did he come from? He brought her a white wine this time and it tasted just as good as the red. Then came the entrée it went down so easily and tasted so divine. The lobster with the butter wow it was like no other and the fries they were the freshest with just the right crunch and then he brought this delicious chocolate pudding cake that was just hot enough to slightly melt the vanilla ice cream, but it was still there where you could taste it together. Ahh, this place is so delightful.  

She got to thinking once she got home how can she remember this place without forgetting it every night by the time she got home? I could ask to take some of the food home, but he seems to take it away faster than I could ask that. I could take a picture, but how could I remember to do that? Ugh, this is so hard. 

The next day seemed to fly by because all she could think about was the restaurant. How she could remember it? How could she tell people about it and they know what she's talking about? 

She left for work and headed to the restaurant ready to see what was in store for her. She entered the store and this time he was waiting for her. He pointed to the table and asked her to sit. 

“Have you liked be here?” the waiter asked 

“Yes, why?” asked Georgia 

“Well, if you can’t see you are the only customer in this place. Have you tried to ask anyone about this place?” asked the waiter 

“Yes, I have, why doesn’t anyone know about this place and how come I can’t seem to remember it once I get home?” Georgia asked 

“That’s because every once in a while, people like us come along to people like you the needs to see there can be beauty in chaos and not have to be so organized and labeled all the time and still be wanted and needed. You can’t remember us or tell anyone about us because we don’t really exist. We are just a figment of your imagination. Something you have actually thought of because you are bored with doing the same thing every day. So, if you see someone that is having a crazy day maybe you should help them and see what happens you never know.” said the waiter 

At the end of the conversation, she walked out the door and got in the vehicle she started to pull away and as she looked in the rear-view mirror, she saw the restaurant disappear. She felt sad, but also happy inside because she finally knew what the restaurant was there for the whole time. It was there to teach her how to relax and just have fun in life sometimes and see what happens.  

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