Apr 24, 2021

Adventure Fiction Friendship

“You two again? Be quiet!! I told you to be quiet or get out!  So, either be quiet or leave!!!” Librarian Jessica yelled at us  

Paul and I are the worst two kids in the library of all time! Jessica hates when we walk through the door. We used to be such good kids, but it got so boring. Sitting in the library being quiet, listening to all the rules, checking out our books, and then leaving. Well, then we thought why be so good it could be fun to get in a little trouble, right? 

So, this is how our good streak got deterred to going bad. We were sitting be good one time in the library and some kids were giggling and Jessica came right up to us and told us we needed us to be quiet and we said it wasn’t us, but she didn’t believe us so our good streak was over!!! 

The next day we got together and decided Jessica was getting it! As soon as she started walking around, we walked up to her chair and I put gum on it while John watched out for me.  Success! 

As we head back to the middle of the library acting like we are looking for a book we watch her head to the desk. She sits down and relaxes into her chair. All of a sudden, I fell down acting like I’m hurt so she would come running so we could see what would happen to her.  

I fell and she went to hop off her chair and it seemed like we didn’t do anything because she came running so fast asking if I was alright that I was so frustrated from the prank not working that I was crying from that that she thought I was really hurt. I got up and said I was fine, but once she walking back to her chair is when Paul and I got our reward. The gum we thought didn’t work was stuck in the crack of Jessica’s butt. Ha!Ha! 

That was the start of our fun adventures of trying to annoy Jessica for disturbing us.  

The next time we did something, we shouldn’t have but we did, was put an egg in between two books and squish it and you should have saw all that liquid just running down the books.  

After that we put superglue in all the pen lids to make them stick to the pens so she can’t open them when she needs one. 

Jessica has tried to prove it was us several times, but we were always with someone else to prove we couldn’t have done what she was saying.  

We laid off a couple days since she was so hot onto us and didn’t want to get caught.  

The next week we were on again!! We went in the men and women's bathroom and put pop its from fourth of July under the toilet seat and waited for someone to sit down and listen to someone pop them. Once someone popped them, they came running out some with their pants down still!!!! That trick was hard to stay quiet about we wanted to laugh so hard it was so tempting. We did that a couple of days on and off watching the people run out wondering what was happening with the bathroom.  

Once that got boring and the next exciting thing got thought of, we would run and do that. Paul would go to one end of the library and I would go to the other we would grab a few books and then go to each other's ends put switch where the books were placed. We would continue doing that in each aisle to every row just a few books though. That we got away with for a while until someone needed a certain book and it wasn’t in that spot. They had to go looking all over for that book Paul and I helped look for books when we could if we were there and they couldn’t find a book. 

I was sitting in Math class wondering what we could do in the library to tease Jessica and nothing was coming. Why was nothing coming? Was I starting to feel bad for what I had done to her? Had we done too much to her? Oh, my goodness what am I doing to myself? Help me?  

I was mad at myself for thinking all this and why should I be thinking that way she’s the one that blamed us for being loud when it wasn’t us and we told her so!  

So, when Paul and I got together I asked him what he thought we should do to Jessica to get back at her and can you believe it he said he didn’t know if we should keep doing it because he keeps getting this bad feeling.  

How can Paul feel weird like I did with those thoughts? Does Jessica have some kind of witch craft spells on us or something? She can’t can she? She’s not allowed either is she?  

“She can’t do this to us, Paul!! She’s trying to scare us!!!” I exclaimed  

“What do you mean?’ Paul asked 

“She’s accusing us whether we’ve done something or not to freak us out and to say we did it to admit that we did all the other things and get in trouble for everything.”  

“We did do everything though, Jason” Paul admitted  

“Just because we did everything doesn’t mean we have to tell everyone.” 

“Well, what should we do?” asked Paul 

“I don’t know help me think of something!” I complained 

“Ugh, maybe we can take her library keys when she lays them down?” Paul questions 

“Yes,Yes! That’s it! That’s exactly what we can do!” I exclaimed 

The next day we head to the library together and wait for Jessica to head off to the back of the library so we can head to her desk to search for her keys. Luckily, they are sitting in the open beside the computer sitting there waiting to get stolen. I told Paul to stand guard as I reach over carefully and quietly and successfully grab the set of keys or so I thought.  

I turn to walk toward Paul and Jessica was standing beside him and they were both looking at me. Jessica asked what I was doing and I said nothing.  

“If you’re not doing anything then why do you have my keys?” Jessica asked 

“Because we are showing you what it feels like,” said Paul 

“What, what feels like” asked Jessica 

“Getting in trouble for something you didn’t do,” said Jason 

“What did you get in trouble for that you didn’t do?” Jessica asked us 

“Well, a long time ago there were kids giggling here in the library and you automatically came and accused us instead of asking us when we didn’t even do it.” I responded 

“I am seriously, so sorry, I don’t remember, but I am truly sorry for that and I shouldn’t have done that. Is that why all this has been going on in the library recently that I can’t explain?” Jessica asked 

“Yes,” replied Paul  

“That’s what I seriously thought when I saw you all hanging out by the bathroom and that’s the only reason I why” said Jessica, “Thank you for being honest, but please next time come and confront me a d we will work on this together okay?” 

“Okay!” we both said and walked away together happily  

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