Apr 24, 2021

Adventure Drama Thriller

I swear I am trying so hard to get this book back to the library because it has been due since a month ago, but so much stuff has come up it isn’t funny. I once, tried to have my brother take back books for me, but he left them in the back of the van. I asked him if he took the books back and he’s like oh my goodness I’m so sorry I forgot they’re still in the van. So ever since then I just wait for myself or my mom to take them back because I will know they will safely get there.  

First, I tried to call and see if they would extend the overdue charge so it wouldn’t be late, but they couldn’t let it go any more they needed it back now because several people wanted to read it because it was a really popular book and I’m lucky I don’t have more charges because of how new it is. 

Second, I actually asked if my brother could take it back when he goes to his appointment, but the time his appointment was the library would be closed and they wouldn’t be able to get the book and I wanted to make sure they did get it in their hands personally. 

Third, I tried to get the book to the library myself, but the road to the library if you can seriously believe this was closed because of a silly parade and wouldn’t be open again until the following Monday. It’s like the library doesn’t want me to return this book even though it’s oh so popular.  

I called that following Monday and asked their hours. They said they were open all day like usual and that road that was closed is now open so I could get there. Well, here I finally go to the library with the book. I head to the library. I’m at the door. Oh, my goodness, now what? It’s closed due to a water main break in the bathroom. What happened in between the 20 minutes it took me to get here? Seriously, you have got to be kidding me!!! Why would someone break the water? Don’t you need it to flush the toilet, wash your hands, and get a drink of water from the water fountain? It said it should be fixed no later than Friday.  

Friday, is here! I will now call again before heading down there. I looked at the library every time I went by there this week and it was closed so I couldn’t drop it off. Ok, they said that they once again are open all day unless something like that happens again and they apologized for the inconvenience a kid had put too much toilet paper in the toilet and over flowed it.  

It’s like they really don’t want this book!! I went there and guess what they had closed because someone was sick and vomited all over so they had to clean the whole place to make it better for us again. What can they possibly do next? Well, I guess I better not say anything because who knows?  

I am actually so over trying to get this book to them that I think they should come and get it I truthfully think, but it is my fault that it is late and I do need to uphold my end of the bargain of getting it back to the library once I’m finished with it.  

I know next time I’m going to put an alert on my phone to let me know when it’s close for it to be due that way I can renew it and then when it is due, I can get it back on time. 

I have even tried to have friends take my books back for me and instead of that they end up taking it home and reading it telling me the book I let them borrow was really good and I was like let you borrow you mean the one you were supposed to take back for me a while ago thanks a lot. I get a text from them a little while longer saying they finally did turn that book in and I text back oh thank you so much. 

See why I just take things back myself anymore? 

I was sitting in my recliner trying to think how I could safely get this book back without any more pending charges and the library having automatic calls sent to me saying it is past due and needing to be turned in when a thought came to me that I could send it to them and not worrying about it because it would have a tracking number and I would know when they received it. 

So, they next day I got up and headed straight to the post office and said I needed to send this package as soon as I can. They let me know that the local library is just down the road. I let a small giggle and said I know, but I would still like to send this book to them. 

They were confused, but told me my total if I sent it next day delivery and that’s exactly what I did. I sent that book to the library with insurance put on it and everything possible.  

As soon as I got the text saying it was delivered to the library, I gave them an extra day to put it in the system safely and waited patiently to see if they would call me to tell me they had received the book finally and would like to thank me for safely getting it there because it is now safely checked out to the next person. 

The next day came and went, nothing. Then the next day came and went. I was starting to get worried that they didn’t get my book. I called and asked if they did get the book, I had sent to them and luckily, they did get my book and it got checked out to someone else it’s just they been so backed up and busy that the boss hasn’t had time to call and let me know, but she did want to talk to me so they transferred me to her. 

“Mrs. Janelle?” Mrs. Stanford asked 

“Yes,” I replied 

“I just want to thank you so much for your dedication to trying to get the book back to us that I wanted to personally tell you that you don’t owe any dues on it and to be watching your mail because on behalf of everyone in the library we sent you a gift card for your dedication for the fees for sending it to us and the gas for every day you tried to get it to us.” Mrs. Stanford had said 

“You didn’t have to do that,” I said, “but thank you all 

” You didn’t have to try so hard to get the book to us, but you did, so you’re welcome,” replied Mrs. Stanford  

When I hung up, I felt so much better knowing the book was back where it belonged and out of my hands, but in my hands now was the next book in its series!!! 

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Nina Chyll
16:06 May 02, 2021

There isn't very much at stake in the story, which can make it feel a little bit like it isn't precisely going anywhere.


17:46 May 02, 2021

ok thank you for your honesty


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