Apr 21, 2021

Christian Fiction Sad

It was another dreary day, the weather was so beautiful but why couldn’t her mood be. Jade sighed, as the train rumbled on. She hated when she felt this way, it made her want to cry all day. She hate days when she felt like her heart was gone. She had given it to someone but only to have him return it. Why did it hurt so much? Why did she still miss him?

If it wasn’t for her high school friend Lucy, she would be home right now crying her heart of for someone who didn’t love her. Lucy, that sweet women has been begging her to come visit her home out in the country. Lucy lived in the North Richland Hills with here husband Mark. They owned a beautiful cottage and a beautiful piece of land. They were high school sweethearts. Jade fought the tears as she thought of the happy couple. She was happy for her friend, but she missed him, wondering why it hadn’t worked out for her? She knew that God had another plans for here, that is one of the main reasons she agreed to a three hour train ride, to spend a few months with her dear sweet Lucy. A change would could help her heal.

Jade looked out the window, watching the scenery roll by, that's when she let her memory roam, back when she had the most perfect guy she had ever met. To the moment when he first held her, to the moment when they first kissed, and up till the moment they said goodbye. Jade stifled a sob, her cheeks already wet, from the tears that have been rolling down her face. Wondering where she had gone wrong. Oh, how many nights she had spent crying over him, and knowing it wasn't the way to go but she couldn't help herself that she had fall in love with him.

The train came to stop at a station, that meant other hour and half, and Jade will be with her friend. A elderly couple got on and took a seat across from her. They held hands, seeing this brought tears to her eyes once again. Would she ever stop crying? She asked herself. The elderly woman looked at her with concern on her face, “sweetie r u okay" Jade nodded yes, she forced a smile and gave her thanks but inside her heart was breaking all over again. Jade kept her head down to avoid anymore questions why she was crying on a train, but it was hard, everything was hard, including healing her broken heart.

She was crying in front of strangers, it made her second guess why she said, 'yes' to Lucy's invitation. Yes! She wanted to visit her friend but was really now a good time? Her sister, her only sister Chloe, had helped her through to much after her breakup, Jade was pretty sure she wouldn't have pulled together if it wasnt for Chole. She knew deep down that the change was gonna do her good and Chole had agreed with Lucy. Jade need a change to heal her heart, and she knew it was true, just couldn't admit it. So here she was seated in a crowded train, and crying as she traveled to meet her friend, but most of all she couldn't wait to get off of the train. Three hours on a train was not for Jade!

Jade stifled a yawn as the train kept

moving. Traveling was so tiring, she wonder how people could do it for a living. She glanced around and saw how crowded it was, she hadn’t realized before, maybe because she was to busy thinking about him. Again. She wasn’t much for crowds especially on a train, but she made a exception when she knew she need to get out of her little town, and, well, a train was all she could afford at the moment.

She looked out the window just as the conductor announced their arrival, finally, she breathed with a sigh. Now all she could hope for was that Lucy was waiting for her because she had no idea where to go. Jade waited a little impatiently while the people got of the train, it seemed to take forever. Then she felt someone take a hold of her hand. She turned around startled and it was the elderly woman, “I know your heart is broken but you have to trust God to heal it, stay strong and go with God.” I was shocked, how did she know? She gave me a comforting hug and Jade said goodbye and walk off the train.

The fresh air hit Jade like a cold wind. Oh, my, it felt wonderful to be in the sun again. She scanned the crowd waiting to find her blond haired friend. “Wow, she is here at last” I wiped around to see Lucy behind me. I gave her a hug and my eyes filled with tears once again. It had been three years since we have seen each other and it felt like a lifetime ago. “So where is that stunning husband of yours?” Jade teased her. They both laughed “I’m afraid he will be gone most of the week, he was called away for business yesterday.” Lucy replied with frown. “Well, that’s alright I’m just glad u made me come.” Jade said and then gave her friend a side hug. “Me too" agreed her friend. Jade couldn’t have been more thankful that she was here, maybe this would heal her broken heart.

The next morning found Jade on Lucy’s front porch, just enjoying the scenery. Lucy had told her the sunrise here was breath taking, but she had yet to see for herself. The sun hadn’t fully risen yet, but Jade couldn’t sleep if she tried. She bowed her head and prayed, giving thanks to God for leading her here. Praying for God to heal her heart. When she looked up, she saw a light softly, faintly, flash across the horizon, her breath caught in her throat, her eyes filled with tears. She looked up to heaven and said, “I know that was you God.” She took a deep breath and knew she had made the right choice coming here. A smile played on her lips as she continued to watch the sunrise, Lucy was right once again, it was one of nature's most beautiful sunrises she had ever seen. She was so glad to be here.

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