The Ruined Car.

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This was the most bored Ava had been in her life.

She sighed. It was no use trying to go to sleep. She kicked off the blankets on top, and sat up in bed. "Jimmy!" she whispered loudly, crawling over to her brother's bed and poking him in the temple.

His bed was incredibly close to Ava's, since the room they both slept in was nothing but large. And, Ava and Jimmy felt a bit more safe sleeping next to each other.

"Jimmy!" Ava repeated, nudging him. "What is it, Ava?" he mumbled, peeling open tired eyes. "I can't sleep. Can you help?" she asked. "I'm really sleepy, Ava. I want to go to bed.." he moaned, but Ava wasn't giving up without a fight. "You're 'it!'" she screeched, making sure it was somehow quiet, jabbing him in the shoulder. She bolted out of the bed, and patiently waited by the door for him to get up and chase her around the house. He didn't. Ugh.

"You're so boring, Jimmy. Can we play something?" she complained, and Jimmy sat up slightly. "Do you want to play outside?" Jimmy asked, and she brightened in response. "Yes!"

And so, Jimmy and Ava made their way outside - and immediately Ava slapped Jimmy, and ran off. "You're 'it!'" she wasn't sure if it worked this time, but when she looked back, Jimmy was jogging after her. "You're too fast!" he whined, and Ava chortled.

They twisted around trees and ran through and out of the tree house, Jimmy sometimes touching Ava, yet Ava always got him back, and made him spend half an hour chasing her.

"This is so unfair! You are way faster than me! You're like a cheetah!" he yelled. "Except I never lose energy!" she sang, as his hand flailed for her, but unfortunately, he continuingly missed.

Finally, Jimmy slowed down and began making his way out of the yard, to the open garage door, where they came out of. "This was fun, but I'm going back to bed." he shuffled through the grass, and paused, bending down and picking up a thick stick.

 "Look how big it is!" Jimmy hollered. Ava just frowned. She didn't want the fun to end! "You're no fun!" she cried out, grabbing and throwing a pinecone at him. He screamed, toppling backwards - and scraping the paint off of the car.

They just gawped at it. It was their father's car. He would most certainly be mad. And, even better, the noise was so loud that their parent's bedroom light flickered on, and the twins heard their parents coming downstairs. "Why is the garage door open?" their mom's muffled voice said, and soon, the parents had arrived, the dad turned a shade of bright red. "You ruined my car!" he screamed, glaring at them.

"David, don't be so rude. Though.. I'm very disappointed in one of you." their mom gave them that cold stare, and shook her head sadly. Ava's chest sank. Uh oh.

Suddenly, their dad acknowledged the large stick in his son's hand. "It was you!" he roared. "You ruined my car!"

"David, calm down." the mom said. "I'm sorry.." he muttered, inhaling sharply. "But I'm very angry and disappointed in you, Jimmy. Very disappointed, indeed." their father said, holding his wife close. She nodded in agreement. Then.. it just burst out.

"It was my fault. Not his." Ava lied, coughing it out in one great breath. "Excuse me, Ava?" her mom said, raising her voice. "I'm really sorry, Mom. I- uh, first I had the stick. Then I threw it at the car, and the paint chipped. Then Jimmy picked it up. Yeah." she scratched the back of the neck. Please believe me. I'm a bad liar, but please believe me, she thought wearily. "Well, then, Ava." her dad began. "We are very disappointed in you. And, Jimmy." her dad shifted to my brother.

"And, Jimmy." the dad said again, clearing his throat. "I'm very sorry I accused you of ruining the car. On the other hand, Ava. You will have to put your allowance into repairing the paint."

 Ava held my breath. She almost confessed. But.. she didn't. "Ava, Jimmy, be back inside in five minutes. We'll be waiting to have a discussion with you, Ava." her mom said, leading herself and her husband into the house. The door slammed behind them.

Instantly, Ava's brother leapt at her, squeezing her close. "Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm so sorry. I can pay for it instead." he begged, but his pleads did not change Ava's mind. "It's my fault you ruined the car." she said, shrugging. "So, yeah. Besides, you're my brother." she smiled, and wrapped him in a hug, which he gladly returned. "Should we go inside?" she asked, and he smiled. "Yeah."

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02:22 Oct 12, 2019

Oops, thank you for your feedback! Thanks, Violet Anne.


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14:23 Oct 10, 2019

I liked this, it was a sweet story. Be on the lookout for changing pov though, there was a "my brother" instance.


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