Apr 12, 2021

Creative Nonfiction Friendship Happy

'Goodbye', she said hastily and hurried out into the passage. As she swiftly ran down the stairs she heard him sobbing. A short pause and then peals of uncontrolled wailing. Suddenly she felt sad as she pictured Amos alone all day, everyday, with no one to talk to. By the time she reached the bottom of the hill she turned back and could still see their house in the distance. She wiped the sweat from her forehead and took one last look at Honey road. I must keep still, she thought.’ Everything will work out just fine, she convinced herself as she walked further away from what used to be her life.

For what seemed like an hour's walk on Honey road, she finally reached the train station. Honey road is one of the longest road around the Villa Farm, stretching about fifty miles to the nearest Town. The train came out of the red horizon and bore down towards them over the single straight track. Creaking, jerking, jostling, gasping, the train filled the station. Gina drew her head in. She went into the coupe' and sad down. Out of the window, on the other side, there was nothing; sand and bush; a thorn tree on the opposite side. Outside, a bell rang. The stationmaster was leaning against the end of the train, green flag rolled in readiness. A few man who had got down to stretch their legs sprang into the train, clinging to the observation platform, or perhaps merely standing on the iron step, holding the rail, but on the train. There was a grunt. There was a shout. The train jerked. The flag dropped out and the segment body of the train heaved and bumped back against itself and began to move. Gina sat at the corner and her face slumped in her hands, stared out of the window. Everything was turning around inside of her. She felt sick. A weariness, a tastelessness, the discovery of a void made her hands slacken their grip. She sat there not wanting to move or speak or look at anything. Deep in thoughts she could still hear Amos voice, and could clearly remember every word of their last conversation. She had received a letter from her cousin Sarah offering her employment at her boutique in Town. Nothing in the content of the letter could make them fight or argue but the decision Gina took after reading the letter, changed everything.

Dear Cousin

Hope all is well my beloved sister.

This is my last and final offer to you to come and work with me at my store. Should you not avail yourself by the end of this month know that I will extend the offer to others.

Hope to see you soon


  ‘Good Lord, Amos said, what’s the matter with you. Is what I’m offering here not enough for you, his voice rising and breaking with the shrill impotence of anger? ‘ ' Darling, I’m not leaving you for God’s sake. I’ll be here every month end. You also go to town from time to time, and beside I’m doing all this for us. ‘ Us, you said, Amos laughed.’ You are doing all this for you, not me. You are very selfish Gina, this is all for you. ‘ We need a change in this household darling, we can’t live like this forever, Gina pointed at their old furniture donated by Amos grandparents.’ Defeated, Amos stood there speechless. His face was drawn up, wryly, like the face of a discomforted child. His mouth lifted nervously at the corner. Very slowly, he moved at the corner. Very slowly, he moved out of the room. Gina was frozen for a moment by Amos reaction. ‘Move’, she commanded herself silently, and willed her body towards the bathroom. There she remained beneath the icy shower until the coldness reached the point of pain. She dressed in a fresh night gown, vigorously brushed her hair, made and drank two cups of strong, black coffee. Living at their farm for the past three years has never been a problem for Gina up until the day her cousin Sarah visited. The statement ' love is blind' should remain just a statement, should never be reality for you Gina, Sarah cautioned her cousin while they were sitting outside watching stars in the evening. You should do something with your life, don’t rely entirely on your husband to do everything for you, Sarah continued.’ Sarah's words of encouragement has never left her thoughts ever since. Been a housewife never allowed her to have any choice. She accepted everything her husband provided without questioning. When Sarah asked her one simple question, if she’s really happy with her life, she couldn’t confidently say yes. All she was sure of and could proudly say yes to, is that she loves her husband more than words can say. The two love birds met at the music concert and for both, it was love at first sight. One look at each other, they, without declaring their love for each other, knew that they were meant for each other. Their love journey has been so wonderful, and smooth sailing . Though far from all the glitters of town life, they from time to time, used their Cart to go run errands in town once in a while. It took the whole day to reach town. Amos did not mind this, because he was naturally leisurely, and although he and Gina sometimes talked of the day they would be able to afford a car, they didn’t greatly care whether they ever had one or not. It has never occurred to Gina that one day farm life would be lonely and empty. I guess Sarah is her role model and she has accumulated so much in just a short space of time. Everyone deserves the best things in life, and Gina and Amos like everyone else surely needs to make some few changes. 'Nothing or no one can stand or break their solid relationship , Gina alway declared silently as she walked down Honey road.

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