Apr 04, 2021

Horror Funny

     Warning: This has content that may scare people. Please do not read on if you are easily scared.

It was just a normal day, on a normal-

    Wait, no, nevermind. It was April Fools Day.

    Do all people do pranks?


    Do you think Apple will?

    Probably not. Well, guess what! Apple will do a prank. You think Apple is just an all serious company with no humor? Well your wrong! This year, Apple has decided to prank people-big time. 

    Sure, they thought it’d go well, but did it?


    “Hehe, April Fools Day, huh?”

    “Yes, Mark.” 

    “Let’s do a prank...Here’s how it goes…” Mark explained the plan to Karl, and his eyes widened as Mark told him. 

    “W-wait. Are you real-”

    “Yes, really! Karl, we need to show some sort of humor!” 

    Karl reluclently agreed, and set off to do some twerking on the phones.  


    “Hey, Mum! What’s 56x294?”

    “I don’t know, Sweetie. Why don’t you ask Siri?” 

    “Hey, Siri! What’s 56x294?” The girl asked.

    “The answer is bliftghy...Blaregggg...It will come tonight...It will come tonight...It will com-”

    Shut up Siri!” The Mom barked fiercly, for the child was quivering with fear. 

    “W...W...Mommy!” The child wailed and hugged her Mom’s waist. 

    “Shh, shh, it’s okay.” The Mom picked the child up and cradled her. “Curse you, Siri.”


    “Hey, Siri. Tell me a joke-I’m in the mood for some jokes!” Burt smiled and reclined on his chair. His Dad was busy reading his magizene. 

    “Bliftghy...Blaregggg...It will come tonight...It will come tonight…” Siri responded back. Burt’s eyes widened. 

    “Dad! Dad! Did you hear that?”

    “Yes, son. I did. Not to worry, m’boy. Just a glitch.”

    But Burt couldn’t just stop staring at the phone, those words repeating in his head. It will come tonight… 


    “Look, Buttercup! We just got a new phone, it has something called “Siri” on it. Would you like to try?” The Dad gently picked the girl up and placed her in his lap. The girl giggled and grabbed the phone. 


    “That’s right!” The Dad chuckled. 

    “Stowy! Stowy! I want stowy frowm Swiri!” The girl demanded. 

    “Alright! Why don’t you tell Siri?”

    “Swiri! I want a stowy!” 

    “There once wa...Bliftghy...Blaregggg...It will come tonight...It will come tonight…” Siri said in a robotic voice. The Dad stiffiended, his veins pulshing. The girl screamed in teror. 

“Shh! It’s alright, hon. I pressed the wrong button, it’s okay. I need to take a trip to Apple to get it fixed.” 

    The Dad strapped the child in her stroller, picked up the evil phone and stomped out the door, heading for his car.


    “Managar! I demand to see your managar!” The Dad screeched. 

    “Sir! Sir! Please do not scream, th-”

    “I don’t care!” The Dad bellowed. “Siri has terrified my daughter.”

    “I am very sorry, Sir. Is there anything I can do to help?”

    “Yes! Check this phone! See what’s wrong with it! I want a refund!” The Dad shoved the phone into the poor clerk’s face.

    “Yes, right away sir.” The clerk hurried off, clutching his nose. 


    “Hello, Sir. You said you wanted to see the managar? Here I am. What happened? At Apple, we are here to-”

    “Siri happened! She spoke some weird words and said it will come tonight! What will come tonight!?” The Dad screeched. 

    “Sir! Sir, pleas-”

    “That happened to my child, too!” The Mom burst in with her crying child. “She wanted to know what 56 time’s 200 something was! I demand a refund and a check on my phone, too!” 

    The Manger looked quite scared, as you might be when there’s two people screaming at you. He adjusted his suit. 

    “Allow me to explain.”

    “This happened on my phone, too!” Burt stomped in, his Dad behind him. 

    “Allow me to explain.”


    “ALLOW ME TO EXPLAIN!” The manager screamed. Silence fell. “It’s a prank.”

    “A prank?” The Mom screeched. 

    “Do you exepct us to laugh?!”

    “Look what you did to my child!” The Dad pointed at his baby daughter. “She’s still crying!” The manager gulped. 

    “Sir! Sir-please, this wasn’t my id-”

    “I’m telling everyone!” 


    That evenging, Apple was on the news.

    “Dozens and dozens of people have reported “Eerie Siri.” Eerie Siri is when you ask Siri something, and she reponds with gibberish, and then creepy things. Eerie Siri has only started just today. Siri was created by Apple, whom is to take all the blame of it.”


    No one went to Apple anymore. Apple explained it was a joke, but people gave it cold stares and screamed: “It went too far!” And then they’d grumble to themselves. Apple stores shut down.

    They went out of bussiness. 

    For years, no one spoke of Apple. 

    Not a single peep.

    Apple then became forgotten-a memory, then a withering Memory.

    Apple was gone. 

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12:18 May 05, 2021

I can't even imagine this... a world without apple? That's be insane. Okay, I do have one piece of critique for this story; I think you split it up too much. It ended up being a little choppy where it didn't need to be. Still, I like the premise and the idea! That Karen, lol. Or is it a kevin?


Apple is E V E R Y T H I N G. Samsung < Apple I would accept your critique and put it in the story, but I can't edit it anymore. Whoops. Guess it's Karen.


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I'd like a little more detail but the plot is awesome!


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21:47 Apr 04, 2021

ahahahaha XDDDD the ending was very dramatic, just how I like it ;) GRATE JOB 🧀🧀🧀!!!!!! :> ~ Amethyst


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19:22 Apr 04, 2021

it was a bit interesting...not quite sure how is was scary tho...I liked the 'Eerie Siri' that part was cool :)


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W.W. Skybelle
18:49 Apr 04, 2021

Hmm... Interesting... A great concept and idea! I always like the idea of "eerie Siri". Personally, I think that would make a more catchy title, but Apple is the company that owns Siri, so... Anyway, I love the plot and style. It keeps you reading the entire story write (see what I did there??) down to the last line. There's a few spelling errors: “Managar! I demand to see your managar!” The Dad screeched. --> “Manager! I demand to see your manager!” The Dad screeched. "Hello, Sir. You said you wanted to see the manager? Here I am. What ha...


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Amany Sayed
18:07 Apr 04, 2021

I don't get how this was scary? Anyway, it was pretty funny. I wrote a pretty similar story but in a different way, so great minds think alike! I love the ending.


The scary part was Siri saying "It will come tonight." The only funny part was the start. Hehe, great minds do think alike :) Thank you :D


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Samantha Langley
13:40 Apr 22, 2021

wow wow wow this is.... wow!


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