Apr 03, 2021


   Dedicated To Celeste.

“Ugh...Alexa, what day is it today?”

   “Good morning. Today is April-”

   “April?!” I jolted straight up in my bed. “April?! Yesterday was March...Which means…”It dawned on me. Today was April the 1st, April Fools Day. My family and friends would be out for revenge. I pranked them real bad last year.

   “Good morning mister!” My sister, May skipped right on in. “Get up!” I yanked my covers up, bracing myself for May’s prank. Nothing came. “Whatcha doing down there? Something scary?” May laughed and shook her head. “Pancakes. Mom made pancakes!” May skipped on out of my room, humming. 

   Why hadn’t May done something? This got my suspicions up. I narrowed my eyes and glanced at Alexa.

   “Thank you for the reminder, Alexa.”

   “No problem.” And the blue rim shut off. I gingerly stepped out of bed, my eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary. I examined my tooth-paste, half expecting it to be replaced with oreo cream, or marshmallow fluff. Thankfully, it was not.

   My suspicion level grew a tad higher.

   I brushed my teeth and changed. Everything seemed normal. I trotted downstairs, keeping an eye up so a bucket of water didn’t topple on me. Mom greeted me warmly.

   “Hello, sweetie. How are you?” Mom set down a plate of pancakes in front of me. 

   “I’m doing good, Mom.” I reached for the syrup, and then stopped myself. What if they’d replaced it with gas oil? I poked May. “Can we do a pancake-syrup eating contest?” May spoke with her mouth full-which wasn’t the best experience.

   “Fur, femme fimish.” May swallowed. She dumped a load of syrup on her pancake, and then passed it to me. I dumped some too, just a bit. “Ready?” I nodded. “Go!” May immediately began shoving pancakes into her mouth, so I assumed that it was safe. May won, only because of my hesitation. 

   Now I was really starting to get suspicious. 

   There had been many chances of them pranking me, yet, they didn’t. I excused myself from the table because I was polite and cautiously made my way around the house. What if something jump-scared me? 

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✰ Jennie ✰
18:27 Apr 06, 2021

lmaooooo that's hilarious... I can totally see that happening. Yup, gotta make your sister the taste tester


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18:48 Apr 04, 2021



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