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Apr 02, 2021

Crime Mystery Suspense

Never Try to Fool Me

"Did your boss gave you another big project or something?" I said to my husband while coming out from my room after waking up.

"Yea Leeshan..it's really not that easy to work as a manager in a big company with people who changes their mind like weather this days" Laak replied. 

He got up and came near me to give a hug and kiss by saying that he loves me while I was making coffee for him. I was so happy that I had to say that I love him so much and offered the tasty coffee I made for him. In which he took a sip and said it will always be the best coffee he will ever taste. 

"Ok my loving wife, you are beautiful already, no need to get more beautiful..so can we go now" Laak said hurrily while I was getting ready to go to office.

I replied him saying yes and we both together went office after locking our apartment where we were living happily married for two years now. 

I can't believe it's been two years now. I met Laak at a Toyland Company store room accidentally. Thats the same company we are both still working where he works as the manager of Maldives region and I work as IT head. About how I met Laak, it was then I just started working at the company. One morning I had to find a pc graphic card which I forgot to send request to inventory to buy it. So, I had to check out the store room of the office. Well, I went in there but I didn't see anybody so I went directly to room of IT equipment which was stored separately. I started checking each of them by taking cover of every pc using the plus screw driver I brought it with me. It made a lot noise which took the attention of the assistant manager who was checking some documents behind 7th drawer. He thought i was a thief, we both got shocked when we saw each other. The day we got married he said that he fell in love with me the day he saw me in that store room. How romantic!. Ok I had a crush on him starting from that day but he was the one who came forward and said he loves me. Even he asked me to marry. Guess where he asked me to marry?. In that old store room of the office which is now very clean, very well managed gallery hall. The famous toys produced by Toyland Company is displayed in their where all the staffs can visit for free time. Most of the office events are held in there often now. 

It was almost 2:00 o'clock, I made phone call to Laak to check if he is going to home or he has extra work. But he did not pick the call. So, I went to his department to check on him. It seems he went home because he was sick. I got worried, I quickly checked out of the office and went home. I was walking on the stairs and reached the second floor our apartment. The door was open, how could the door be open?. The question ran through my mind so quickly because we always keep our doors lock. I went inside cautiously because I already assumed a thief was inside my apartment. When I went in you will never believe what I saw?. Every furniture in our apartment was out of the place and some are torn apart. I went to the balcony it was the same, even the flower pots were destroyed. But still no sign of Laak neither anybody else. Suddenly I heard a phone call coming from the kitchen. I went in and I saw a nokia small phone right there on our dining table, ringing repeatedly. I was afraid to pick up because that's definitely not our phone. I answered the call but I didn't say a word. Then a voice came through from the other side calling my name. "Leeshan?..are you there? I know it's you..you are probably guessing who did such destruction to your lovely apartment? Isn't it?..well it was me?" The man on the call said. 

"Who are you? Why did you torn apart my apartment? What do you want?" I asked so many questions in one breath because I was so confused.

"well not so fast..but I like the last question..and I have an answer for that..I want you to steal million dollars from your own company and bring it to a location I tell you..simple as that" the man replied with relaxed voice. 

I started laughing and replied "You are joking? Isn't it?". The man on the phone said seriously. "No dear..I am not..I am bloody serious about what I just said" 

I started getting scared and worried "What makes you think I would do that? There is no way I am doing that.." I said it very courageously. 

The man started laughingand said "Oh dear..you got no choice but to do that or wow I am forgetting to provide you the most important information..I have your husband..I kidnapped him..if you doesn't do anything as I say he gonna get tortured and killed..more importantly, if you tell about this to anyone else specially police..you will find your dead husband body within an hour". 

"What? No No don't do that..I will do what ever you say but I will need assurance that he is alive" I started mumbling on the phone.

"Fine by me..here you go" the voice said it with a serious tone.

He called out loudly saying to bring Laak. As I heard Laak from so far while he was trying to resist to oblige their order. It was then the man on the phone said to Laak that I was on the phone if he wants to talk. 

Laak started talkingas fast as he can "Lee..don't do anything they say..just go to police..stay under their protection..promise me you will not do anything to save me..please"

When I kept hearing Laak's voice, i couldn't stop the tears that was filled in my eyes. It came running through my cheeks when he started begging me to not to do anything to save him.

"Laak , i can't let you die, you are all I have..I have no one else in my life except you..I will do anything and everything to save, just don't try to fight back and stay calm and safe please..I will do what the man was asking for..I can do that..I will just hack the account and transfer the money..it just that simple" I said it with a cracked voice.

"Noo Lee No..you will go to jail for that.." Laak started begging. 

I interrupt him saying "But I will be saving you".

"Lee don't do it..." Laak voice went away suddenly from the phone.

It was then the man took phone from Laak's and started talking to me again.

"You better not involve police in this matter..like I said before, if you tell anyone your husband will end up dead..and I know you don't want to that to happen" The man chuckled after the threat he just made to me. 

The call ended there and I went down on my knee crying out so loud. I didn't know what to do. I was so scared that my body started shaking so fast. "Not this again" I said it myself. I calmed myself and picked up the blue sofa in the living room and sat down in it. I kept planning every single move in my mind from now on. I got up and moved my hand to the back corner of sofa and click a switch which opened the sofa down part. I started taking out knives and guns from inside there. I put it all in the kitchen counter when I counted 6 guns with 13 magazine of bullets and 4 knives with different size including a small knives tool box. I went inside my room changed my clothes to all black and covered my face except eyes and wore a black boots. When I came out I took my laptop from my room. I set my laptop also in the kitchen counter and connected my phone with it to track the number that called me. "Damn it" The phone was switched off so I couldn't do anything. I started looking throughly to my apartment to check if the kidnappers left any clue mistakes but couldn't find anything.

I started thinking about my past. I wished my team were here today. But they couldn't because I lost all of them in a mission we went on Vietnam. We were on an abandoned shopping mall searching for some terrorists. I was near the intercom setup outside the mall when the whole mall blow into ashes. It was the real reason I left that part of past. I couldn't bear the loss of my team, my family i had that time. So, I left that job, erased all the information on me being on that job and came far away to Maldives and applied a job in Toyland Company which I got in right away. That where I met my next family, my husband and I feel like I am about to loose him.

It was then the nokia phone that kidnappers left for me started ringing again. I went near it and stared it a little bit and then answered it. "Oh hello my dear..ready to transfer my money and save your husband" the man chuckled. I wanted say something opposite but it was my husband life on the line so I had to say yes. After hearing my answer, he started explaining everything from smallest to the bigger things. He wanted me to steal some money from the office vault and deliver it to a certain address before midnight. They already know the office vault location including the guards schedules. The Toyland office vault in Maldives was separated from the working office last month. I wondered that this kidnappers might have been planning this for a month. I went to the laptop directly to check where the phone call was coming from because I set a tracking before I took the call. It shows the spot of Male'. "Well well I got you" i said it after giving a grin on my face. I was so relieved to get the phone call location, I didn't wait for a minute, I looked the watch it was already 5:30 pm. I went to my room came out with a laptop bag. After putting my laptop with the charger to it, I added all the bullet magazines to it except 3. Because I needed those magazines to fill 3 of the gun on the counter. I took my big size hand bag to put the 3 guns and 3 knives to it. One knife I placed in my thigh after putting a belt. I took the small knives tool box and place some from it in my boots inside socks, inside the hand under the dress. It was all covering because I was wearing a long sleeve tip toe black dress. "I hope no police would notice my bag with all the guns..it's literally illegal in Maldives..I smuggled all of it and I carved the knives as an attacking knives from the knives I used in the kitchen." I started murmuring myself. I got out of my apartment and didn't bother to lock it even, i went directly to our motorcycle and used my double key to start it. 

In no time, I was near the location I traced from the call. I was so shocked when myself was standing right in front of my office. I did even check twice to be sure if I was in the correct location. The kidnapper might kept Laak inside the office but why would he do that? I had full of confusion when I decided to go into through a window after breaking it when no guard was around at that area. As I had the control of alarm system of office, I turned it off before smashing the rock to the window. Every light in the office was off and no sound was heard except the server running sound. It was really kinda dark that I didn't even notice some of the balloons that was placed aside in the hall way. I kept searching all the floor until I decided to look into camera system in office but all of them was off. "Who would have done that? Did the kidnappers took this office as a hostage place..what is happening" I had tons of questions when I kept mumbling myself. It was then I remembered I had a secret camera server system setup in the old store which no one knows, not even Laak and head of the office. I think it's not a surprise to anyone that I have that as I was a former secret agent. Well it's in my DNA anyway. I went to the store room hall quitely cause I did not wanted them to know I was here. I was shocked again to find the store room had it's light on. "Oh it must be kidnappers..they are in the store room..what am I gonna do now?" I had to redo my plan as to turn of the light and burge in the hall with night vision goggle in my eye and guns in my hand. I turn the light off, hold my breath when I kept hearing people murmur sound inside the hall. I was right in front of the door when someone opened the door. I pushed the person inside the hall and without hesitation i shot him in the head. I saw only few people and couldn't really recognize Laak from there, so I decided to call his name. But what I didn't know was that the person who answered was not Laak. But I was so fast in my actions I shot all the other people except the person who was standing where the sound came from. The person kept calling "stop stop". But I brought my gun down after shooting everyone in front of me. It was then the light came on and some people who came running from the hallway entered the store room. 

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, some of my colleagues in the office where lying on the floor with the bullets I shot them including my husband Laak. Everyone that came from outside ran to them when I was froze in the middle of the hall. "Call an ambulance..fast..please fast" they kept screaming. I went down on my knees while staring at my husband.

I was sitting in an investigation room of Maldives Police Service. I kept seeing my husband and the colleagues faces over and over again. I told everything to the person who came to questions me includingI how I got the weapons and about kidnapping call. It was him who explained me that my husband and the office was preparing a surprise party for me. But they wanted to prank me, that's why they called me saying they kidnapped my husband. It was then an officer came to the door to inform that all the people i shot including my husband died during the surgeries. I broke out of tears and kept crying for I don't know how long. Until the officer told me the consequences of my actions will be going jail for life. Well they shouldn't have tried to fool me. 

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Fawn Marshall
15:05 Apr 06, 2021

Oh my goodness! I was not expecting that ending!


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