Apr 02, 2021

Crime Mystery Sad

"I was screaming. But sounds were stucked in my throat. I wanted to stand up but my legs didn't let me to do that. I was bound to lie down. But my whole body seemed to me pushing out of ground. What a terrible feeling! Ah! My eyes! My frightened friends are asking me to wake up. They aren't getting my response though I am responsing to them. Even now I am also confused if I am alive or not? What happened? What happened? Oh! I can't tolerate anymore."

After 15 days,

Now I am feeling a little better. About 15 days ago, I was in that condition. Today's morning and that morning is quite different. In that morning, I didn’t that my life was going to be changed. I was a beautiful girl with pretty eyes which were famous to all. But today, I have lost one of them. It takes just a single moment to change someone's life. I didn’t believe this before. But today I believe it. Why won't I when I am bearing the instance of this speech? 

Well, I started a very beautiful morning in that day. A great hug from my mom and beautiful outing with my dad was the starting. After taking breakfast, my friends came to my home. They insisted me to take outside. I was not so interested. But my boyfriend was also there. So I had to go. I was feeling a little discomfort which I didn’t feel before. The reason of this was unknown to me. But after some times I started to enjoy. We were really having a great fun. 

 I was enjoying fully with my freinds and my boyfriend. Suddenly a ball like something was thrown to me. I touched and it blasted. It was only a water bomb like structure which contained beautifully colored water and I got wet. I was really astonished. Everybody is with me. Then who did it? My freinds were also surprised seeing this. They looked for the person who did it. But didn't find anybody. Whatever we left that matter. But I hadn't at least a glance that what was going to be happened to me in few moments.

After sometimes of that incident, we were having our lunch together. All of a sudden, a knife was stucked into my glasses. And a piece of glass stucked in my right eye. It seemed to me a feeling of death. I coudn't express anymore what waz the feeling. Even today, after fifteen days, I become afraid when I think of that pain.

Yesterday, I came to know everything from them. They wanted to do some pranks with me. But they actually don't know how did this happen? The water bomb throwing arrangement was done by them. But the knife planning was surprising for them too because they kept a rubbery thing which had a knife like structure which will turn into a spider after touching. But a real knife!!  They looked for last 14 days for this reason. But coudn't get anything. So they considered that somehow it was a fault of them. They confesed everything and was really guilty for this prank. They want to do everything for me which I want. I gave a smile and said to leave this. What happened that can't be changed. So what is the result of feeling guilty.

Rinty, my boyfriend was speechless for the full moment. I asked him not to be worry. It was just an accident not his fault. Suddenly he was burst into tears. He hugged me tightly and said, "I will donate one of my eye to me. This knife planning was mine. I should be more careful. But you lost one of your lovely eyes only for me. I have to pay for it."

I don't know if it was a feeling of heaven or not. But in this earth that moment's feeling was really seemed to from heaven. How much he cares for me! How much he loves me! I am really blessed to have a man like him. Well, he told my freinds to wait for him outside. He had something to say me alone. 

They went outside. I was flying in a sky full of love and romance. But I didn’t know that the actual prank was waiting for me yet. He showed me the date in his phone. Yeah,it was 1st april yesterday. And everything he did was just prank. His love, emotion everything was just prank to make me fool. He said that actually our relationship was a prank. He also confesed that what happened to me is only because of him as a sign of revenge as I didn’t accepet his brother's proposal of marry and his brother attempted to suicide. 

Yesterday, he went out with a broken heart of mine. I didn’t do anything. His brother was a drug addicted person. Then how will I accept him as my life partner? So I rejected him. And this is the reward of my deed which came to me as prank. Actually life has pranked to me. My fate has pranked to me. Yesterday, when he was laughing, my life was seemed to me totally valuless. How rudely he pranked to me! But I couldn't gift him even a single slap. I lost my eye, the person I loved most after my parents. How could he prank with me?  

Yeah! The morning of today is really different to me. Now I am the cause of tension of my parents. Pain of eye, sufferings of my parents, losing one of the most beloved persons - so many aspects have attacked me at a time. I don't know how to recover this situation. Who is best for me to share these? How can I be relieved. But yeah,after this harsh prank of life or luck, a plan of prank is also roaming around my head. Ooh! Sudeenly I am feeling a little relieved. So is this the actual fate of mine? Prank after prank. What if I also prank with my beloved sweetheart, Rinty?

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