Apr 02, 2021

Christian Coming of Age Contemporary


Too many things happened. Margret is a widow now. She must pay attention to her behavior and avoid to talk to men. Sometimes she even feels it is a burden to go shopping! Today is April 1st; she is invited by her girlfriend for dinner. After dinner, they went out for a walk. In the elevator, Margret is seeing her face so bright under the light. She is surprised and delighted. In front of gate, she is still obsessed in that moment and touches her face unconsciously while watching her reflection. Meanwhile, two condo workers come in-Tom and Jack. Tom is in the front. He suddenly saw her and pretended to drop the keys and picked up on the floor. His ass shows. Two girls shocked. Indeed, his ass is very white.

Doing this performance is not the first time for Tom. Many women in the condo are the elites in their fields. Yet Tom often can get a piece of ass for tips. He is 35 years old and has a son. Money is always tight for this three persons’ family. Women without sex and accompanies are plenty. Why not and just do it. As working convenient, he did not think too much for offering sex or going with women. He wanted to act like a real gentleman. He thought that this is a win-win situation. By the way his baby monster needs food and dignity. But today is an April Fools’ Day. Margret is shy and felt she was wrong. No pain no gain. Tom also hammered himself and finished work earlier and headed home. (“I need more work done” is his secret code with his wife.) She knows. What can she do? She is a housewife. They love or may love each other, which is her belief.

Tom goes home. His wife is satisfied. They enjoy the supper on April first. This time is different, because he wants a change in his whole life, not because of Margret, but for many, many women.  


     Margret walked on the street. she felt unease. she thought that April first, people should be happy and make fan for each other. Yet it is not. Who are the most struggling people during the COVID-19

period, she will tell you “Sex workers”. In Toronto at Queen Street and Ossington Avenue, there is the largest mental illness hospital in the whole world. Some mental illness people who lose their working abilities, could not find a way to make a living, or do not want to work for other reasons, become Sex workers. Lily is one of them. Today, she took a shower in a shelter. She did not eat in the shelter, because her stomach is aching from the food that she ate last night in the shelter.

She went to a bus stop; she has no penny to buy make-up. She holds a bottle of water. She got it from shelter 3 days ago and refilled the water many times. She felt that she is a big April fool. Lily finds some old customers, but they did not call her today. Lily is slim, partly because she also takes street drugs. Now she has not taken street drug for months, the reason why is that she has no penny. Today she is lucky. One man stopped in front of her and they are bargaining. The man offers one buck for jiggy; she said two dollars. The man ignores her and wants to go. She begged him and said that you can do it as long as you want. Deal. This is Lily’s life. Who would believe that it happens in Toronto now! Premier Doug Ford reduces disability pensions. Many with disabilities cannot find a place to live, so they live in shelters or on the streets.

They need apartments to live, but who cares about them.

They are not alone. Let us go to Church Street. This is one of the homosexual and Sex workers centers in Toronto. Since March 2020, the bars and strip dance cinemas had been closed. They lost all their income. A few of them can get government COVID-19 financial aid. Most of them have no income. Lou is a victim. He is strong and very sexy. He is a black man from Africa. His daily job is to perform in men’s strip clubs. He is popular and well known. His penis is over 10 inch. His nick name is “Black Hurricane”. Yet in COVID-19 time, most people stay at home to avoid catching virus. His partner (a man) who lives with him lost his job too. Lou’s many friends are black. In their eyes, Lou is powerful and generous. Lou does not have too much savings. He helps his poor friends and fellows. He and his partner finally decided to do drug trafficking. COVID-19 makes the streets empty; yet police cars often patrol the streets. Lou and his partner noticed. Their customers are limited but stable. They do believe that it is a good way to make money. They are new to this deal. Some old drug dealers try to destroy them. Today is April Fools' Day. They want to call the police. Tonight, Lou and his partner met the police. They used the car to try to escape, yet three police cars stopped them. Lou was pushed out to the car by his partner. His partner crashed the car into a police car. Lou escaped. He is afraid to go home and cried. He lost his partner and dignity. He becomes a true victim of COVID-19 in April first.

Who will help the weak part of the society? We need more help, let’s unite and fight to win our dignity and rights!          

In COVID-19 many vulnerable groups need help nor laugh at. April first did not make them happy but sad. Canada claims that we have the best social welfare in the world. Yet the governments and main society should contribute more to the opposite side. Hopefully, next April Fools' Day, people will celebrate more not suffering more.

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