Apr 01, 2021

Creative Nonfiction Drama Mystery

Heading to the parlour, the breeze is not brutal hot but autumn- like.

Being a regular to such establishments has it's own perks- like I can arrange my appointment anytime.

With the starting of the April and new sessions beginning in our accounting department, I had been in stress as I had to file annual financial report.

Also some of the stress is caused by my family and that is why I made the decision for today's appointment.

I want to stay as far away from my relatives as I can. As I'm a genuine target for them arount this season of April fool. Every year 1st April makes up a horrendous memory for me and then I've to take therapies due to the stress caused by their arrival.

Anyways I need to escape this irritated and abbreviated encounters with my dear family and just relax.

"Hey Shikha!"

Greeting the parlour's manager I enter the shop through glass doors. The glasses have impressions of the name of the shop in a 3-Dimensional way which has the initials "kaah" (know all about hair) over it. It's a beautiful animated piece. And this is one of the reasons I joined this place......... I crave uniqueness.

And Ofcourse! This place delivers it. As they've a uniqueness to their presentation, profiling and results. Even their workers throws out a character, which has earned my respect for them.

As I enter, I wave my hands for some of the old working members here and conveying my greetings through a tight and tired smile. I have quiet an acquaintance with them. They reply in small nods and their own smiles. Some with "hello"s and "good morning"s.

They are like the therapeutic doctors and friends that will listen to you and even give feeds or opinion over your stressful situations with no hesitation or insecure anger. They don't shy away but are also not too inquisitive or busybody like some of my family members and colleagues.

Remembering the need to relax, which is why I came here. As I told you entry of many uncalled guest, some of my relatives have arrived in my house and are basically hogging my home.

But the more tension is if the nuisance they're going to create. I know their arrival is an indication that I'm going to be pranked, very badly. And that is to say they do this all the time when I'm around them or they around me. Hah! So yeah I wanted to stay away from them for all the 31st march and 1st April, today.

"Hey Jane, Could you please." I ask her to take care of my services today further saying "Today I want your tender hands to work on me." 

"Ok miss. " She says obligingly, she is the youngest second among these and the best after the manager and Ms. Rulay

"What do you want me to do, madam" She asks in a timid voice and something I couldn't quiet place my fingers on. 

"First of all come on........." I tiredly whine.

"I have told you, call me Driv or Faun. You make me feel like a school teacher or principle. So, please again try saying my name." I say calling her out encouragingly.

"Mam, sorry company policy to call clients mam and sir.", her response is disappointing, a bit.

"Hey Shikha.", I call the manager over to me.

"Come on, Shay! Let loose. Let them call me atleast by my name."

"Yeah No, dear. Professionalism is very important but for you, well I'll try. Okay? I'll talk to them for this.", she say with a free smile.

"Well my usual then", I say moving on from the topic to what I want, adding.

"Just include a full body massage too and I think I'll need my eyebrows shortened." I pause.

And then with some thinking I said, "It irritated me yesterday, the whole day. And also some of my colleagues were rather adamant that I go to parlour today. So here I'm", I blurted out, any semblance of my boss persona, totally lacking. I already told you that I respect and admire their work. And so I know to trust them. 

"Okay . Yes, Miss."

" And madam what do you want to do about the purple extensions in the middle of your hairs." she says asking me which cause a crease of confusion wrickling my forehead. She continues,

"Also do you want me to remove the permanent marker on the back of your hands"

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! My heart beats wildly as now I'm in the tension mode. I, very slowly got up from my chair and move towards the mirror behind me.

"What are you talking about?", I questioned Jane

"I don't have any extensions, I didn't came for any; did I? I mean last week I was preety busy",I say in a shrill but whispering sound. I walk to the mirror whille observing people around me who in one way or another trying to control their mirth. 

"O dear God! " I speak loudly. And in my mind. a series of "This can't be. This can't be. No. No. No. No. This is not happening."

"Merde! Puta! Fuck! Merde! Merde. No. No. No. No. No. No........ ", as I see myself clearly in the mirror,I can clearly see it as the shit my life is........ My hair has highlights at the center top, so that I cannot see this. Yeah! Because in front they would be clearly visible.

"Calm down pal, calm down." You'll be rectified by us." A woman say from the left side of the parlour.

"Yeah. Worry not. I'll redeem them in no time, though you may have to loose some hair because this is some shady work", Jane try to assureme.

"Yeah! Well dear if I'd known that this was going to be done this way I would have given the person who did this your no. So that they could fuck my hair properly with your help! The last time I came." I shouted the last part, tower over the poor girl and I think I scared her snd some of the other people present.

But for who cares my shit hairs are more shitty now and I want to know who fucking did this. So I can swear their whole existence to hell and over.

A tissue box is brought in front of my sight. But the damage is done as without my knowledge a traitorous tear has fallen down. And I'm crying in front of these people who I barely know. So I turn around, which doesn't do much as there are mirrors there.

"O dear Lord!", I shove my face in my hand and take some tissue in the other, wiping furiously.

When I clear my eyes, it is then I see the words that are running on the rear of my arms from my hand to the biceps. 

On left is written "I'm the boss" And on the right"Follow me like a dog"........

This looks faded and now I'm more panicked since when are these things on me. 

I started thinking about today, the way my guest were acting as their children rush into my bathroom to use it when I was going to use it for washing myself and getting ready for the day.

This was happening for three days. Three whole fucking days.

"SHIT!" I say as my mind starts working on all the things that could have happened. Scenario that may have played out.

 "What is the day today ?" I asked the person nearby.

"Ummm ...... " Replied an old looking woman who seems concerned and confused at the same time. Her expressions would have made me laughed if my life was not in a crisis right now. 

"O come on. Lady. You can do better than that.", and my bossy, sarcastic and loathsome persona hated by many is back as I snapped at this old woman. 

"Tiger! you're terrorizing my employees", The manager say in a calm but commanding voicing. And I hear loud and clear that this is her turf. Yeah.

" I apologise. Sorry Mrs. Flan." I apologize to the old lady 

"But please now, can someone tell me today's date.", I questioned in the frustrating voice. 

" It's 2nd April", comes from behind me from the other younger intern. 

"What?! ,What the hell?", I stated shocked and helpless, thinking how did this happened. 

Further questioning , I wisper in harsh tone, questioning more to myself, 

"Then what happened to 1st April? What did I do? What did they do? Has these extension been there for a whole day or whole week"

I started an agitated ranting and started Pacing the place with long strides.

After a long time, which were merely minutes, I felt a hand on my shoulder. 

"Relax. We will remove this you stay there these people will make you new you within hours. ", soothed Shikha

Yeah. I'm somewhat calmed. Well she feels like a mother.

" O.... O.... Oo...... Today is not my appointment, I'm so sorry I thought today was 1st April.", I say feeling guilty coming without announcement. Normally on my scheduled day they've an open place for me for a whole day. 

" Don't worry. Let them do their work and you just relax. Okay Tiger? ", Phlox, another old woman, said with a humble and calming voice and I think that somewhat settles me. 

It took total 6 hours that is 4 more hours than the statics I use in my schedule. I settled as comfortably as I could as three of the women started working on my disaster of a day and retrieve my old self. 

Driv will know more about her day spent unconsciously and will also find out who did this.

Also she has question for her secretary, how did she placed today's appointment when it's not even my day.

"Some people are going to get hurt. Figuratively, of course. But someone has to pay for this disaster."

She thinks as people work on her arms and hairs. 

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Nina Chyll
20:18 Apr 05, 2021

I'd say get rid of anything that sounds too speech-like in the narration (not necessarily the dialogue), which is words like 'basically' or 'anyways' - they make the narration feel a little teenage. I'd avoid ellipsis, too, as a general rule of thumb, but also because it brings nothing to this particular story (and never use more than three dots for creative writing). Also, it'd be good to unify the tagging of the dialogue. 'Dialogue goes like this,' said the commenter. 'Not like this.', they added.


Alfamerin Raw
06:06 Apr 06, 2021

Ok thank you for your critic. I'll try to ammend these sections in my other stories. Your words are appreciated. 🤓


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