Little Punk and four Rag pickers....

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Mar 31, 2021

Bedtime Fantasy Mystery

Wrinkled Skirt,

her shirts cuff and collar's Dirt tangled hair knots,

unpolished shoes nothing sort

Punished in assembly prayers

teachers scolding her for her outspread hairs

her foster mother testing her luck

her classmates calling her ugly duck....

After returning home

she was dragged towards an underground room

full of dust and fume

full of spiders

fear her heart filled with tears

from a broken window

she glared at the moon

beside was sitting the owl on branches she zoomed

he entered her room picked up little Punk

flew away in another world within a sec they shrunk....

A red ribbon binding them together

this bond knows no genetics this is called the doctrine of grace - the power of ascetics....

The city of Owl was full of colorful gems

he asked little Punk to choose one of them

she picked up a shining pearl white

he took her and pearl in the dark night

darkness turned her into a pure white fairy girl

with her wings in the milky way she flies she swirls...

The next moment owl again picked her by her nose

dropped her back home with the pearl she chooses

Told her when days will be dry,

your powers you can try

here are 4 magical rings adding more powers to you.

fire, Ice, Storm, and Fairy Fly

but Unlucky she is on 1st April Tricky Owl gave her all powers to fool the little Punk with his sweet lie ....

Her Foster mother says little Punks disorder makes her charming, She explores dusty corners and climbing the apple tree in the backyard farming,

She aimed to fly the sky but her wings drop her on cow dung nearby

she tried to burn her old dress

but she burned the fields who earn them bread

She tried to cool fields around

but ice freezes her town

at last, she chooses not to try storm

suddenly her apple trees fell down due to hail, lightning, and Thunderstorm,

she felt misinformed....

She removed every ring and dropped them in the backyard

a shadow was witnessing all far from the graveyard

Four rag-pickers her friends picked up the thrown rings one each and then they passed their old creche....

This night there is a cup of milk on little Punk's window,

She smiled and thought her Mom must be worried about her thirst as she played daylong in the meadow...

The poisoned milk she drank her body died

but her heartbeat still beating hand in hand

The moon will guide you through the night with her brightness,

but she will always dwell in the darkness, in order to be seen. Remember her heart is alive with the pearl she chooses....

she is buried in the same backyard without wearing her favorite shoes

The owl's eye was open to look and think, Phew

her mothers' laughter was loud with a happy clank little punk was underneath deep she sank ....

In the dark midnight and mysterious voice of the fox

with the light of Torch

4 little rag pickers digging coffin box they found their friend little Punk buried they dragged her out,

they hurried to hold each other's hand

they formed a circle in between little punk lying bent ....

Power of rings was rubbed

hands crumbled and clubbed

A bolt of lightning from above empowered their hub

cracked the earth apart all 5 innocent kids entered into the world of Dwarfs a new World for them sitting owl crafts...

Little Punk transformed into a Mischievous fairy dressed in green - the Wild five now lives under an old Mango tree, dine on flesh and bones. who dances in the moonlight to the music of frogs and bats. Their favorite pastimes are leading travelers astray and frightening young maidens. They want to kill every Stepmother. Owl satisfied with their witty and ugly pranks and is in desire of some extra powers to convert every kid alive into the Mischievous faires on every Ist April.

The Owl will then gain all the black magical powers and will rule on kids, and stepmothers.

During one of the reconnaissance trips, I came across those five kids, were in possession of that rare owl performing black magic rituals. They wanted to be set free on Ist April.

With the holy water and Cross, I chased that Owl in frost

Made him fly 1000 miles and then crushed his ego and dirty tricks on kids he implied

Knocked his head with thunder clouds on 31st March as never wanted him to gain more powers in the limelight of Ist April

sprinkled on him Holy drops of dew

touched his forehead with a cross for 31 seconds

burnt his feathers and made him cry

shouting for water his throat dry

Punched on his fat belly

rubbed him like Jelly

Snatched his bundle of Power

Made him weak and coward

broken his rib cage

ended his show from this stage

killed him in ashes

freed every conquered soul and wet eyelashes....

I thought I have done a good deed but later I realized it was a prank to kill an Owl for ugly people

Every year, countless owls face a cruel fate at the hands of poachers who are catering to ignorance and misguided beliefs. Driven by religious myths and superstitions tied to them, these birds are poached for their body parts such as talons, skulls, bones, feathers, meat, and blood, which are then used in talismans, black magic, traditional medicines, etc. The superstitions surrounding owls in India are never-ending. For centuries, they have been associated with demon rituals, spooky tales, and folklore but at the same time, ironically, owls are considered to be the sacred mount of the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity, Lakshmi who is worshiped during Diwali, the festival of lights.

These majestic birds are used in black magic rituals around the country as sacrificing them is believed to gain favor from the goddess. The domestic trade of owls is highly lucrative and it is appalling that the festival of Diwali is used as a front by traffickers to peddle endangered birds for monetary gain. Though the exact number of owls traded and sacrificed each year remains unknown, ahead of Diwali these incidents increase and take a more visible shape.

The moral of the story is not to kill animals and birds they can never harm

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