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Mar 29, 2021

Horror Mystery Suspense

“Beneath the darkness, I saw a shadow it felt like some sort of demonic existence,” Ruth told me. I did not know how to react for she has been telling me so for two days straight. “It was controlling me when that is my brains job, I guess,” she continued.

There was just one question I asked her, “This occurrence, does it always happen at night?

“Yes every night for the past two days,” she replied

‘Then you must be dreaming,’ I chuckled

‘Ruth you should leave, it is late two o’clock at night, you must be tired, I know,’ I tried to comfort her

At first she said that she does not feel safe at her place all alone but I managed to convince her. She looked angry though, very angry. She said that I did not care for her, and I never did. Saying so she banged my door and left.

I shuffle towards the crack caused by the bang and move my hand from the top to the end. I wondered how much strength and anger she put on the poor door. Just as I stand up and lock the door, I hear a whisper. I ignore it. And continue forward.

All of a sudden, I feel cold. Colder than ever. I want to take a warm shower but my body disagrees. I want to have a hot coffee but my mouth disagrees. I want to sleep but my eyes stay open just like an owl. I cannot sleep.

I shuffle here and there on the bed, but yet cannot sleep. I try my best to ignore the whisper that echoed all over my room and tried to sleep. I couldn’t. It was a weird feeling. I could not help resisting it anymore. I wanted to hear it more, see it if I could.

I needed to see it.

I was desperate.

I go outside, and see a shadow. I turn on my flashlight and it vanishes, turn it off and it is back. ‘Who are you,’ I asked.

Just a whisper came back as an answer. I did not hear that very well and even if I did, I would not recognize what it meant, no matter how much I tried.

I see it move towards me, it is close, closer and now just inches away from my face. ‘Mummy is here to take you to the fare, Zane,’ the whispers start.

‘Mum! Is it you? I thought you were no longer,’ I said in a teary voice remembering her screaming for help in the accident when I was just four. I quickly turn on the flashlights it does not disappear but does move away, as if the light made an affect. I see her shadow. ‘Show yourself!’ I scream.

Silence replies.

It is still quiet.

Moments later the shadow turns to mum. ‘Zane! oh how I missed you,’ it said

I knew it was not her.

She was dead.

I remember well. Struggling to fight for her life, struggling to protect me.

She moves closer to hug me. ‘Do not move!’ I tell her.

Just as I say that I see something different about her, as if she is fading away.

Do not go I thought, even if it was not her I admired her presence.

She left. The shadow left. The whispers left. Everything did. Suddenly my eyes start feeling heavy, so I go to bed and sleep

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

On the way back home, I pick up Ruth and then we pick up a coffee together, just as we always do. Ruth is the only one I can share with, she is the only one I have, and I love.

‘Ruth I saw something yesterday, it was mum,’ I started

She did not look surprised nor did she look hurt, instead she looked pleased. I was confused.

Her being pleased especially when it is about me, it did not feel normal. I was honestly astonished.

‘Oh, that is sad, I wonder how you saw her while she is dead,’ she said in a counterfeit manner.

I could feel the terror she tried to build in her voice.

There was an awkward silence between us on the way. I could not speak any other word after she took the situation funny and replied in a sarcastic manner.

‘You know I see your mum too. ‘She broke the silence. I was searching for food in the fridge when I stopped.

We were at Ruth’s place and I had negative vibes after the sarcastic conversation we had on the way.

‘I don’t think you have ever met her before,’ I said.

‘I have seen her picture though.’ She replies.

‘I don’t think I have any picture of hers after her death,’ I said.

‘Nah she looks just like you,’ she replied.

‘Anyways,’ I said rolling my eyes. ‘Whatever it was, it was not real.’

I was hungry so I continued looking for food in the fridge. There was nothing. It was empty. ‘Ruth any chance you have any snack lying around?’ I asked.

‘No not really, but I do have candy in the cupboard on your left,’ she screamed back as she was doing something in her bedroom, far behind me.

I open the cupboard and see a dress. It looked familiar. Then I remember mom wearing the same elegant purple dress with white lace. I took the dress in my hand and see an apron with a golden ‘Amanda’ embedded on it, along with it a golden watch that was strapped around a wrist placed in a jar with a slimy green liquid that said ‘A’; all this behind her dress. I was disgusted and wondered how she had all that.

I turn around to confront Ruth about it, but she was right there, in front of me. ‘What is all this? You have to tell me what is going on like seriously,’ I say

Just a gust of wind answers.

‘Ruth you have to answer!!’I scream

Terror shots back and goes down my spine.

I see her turn to mom and then notice something different, as if she is struggling to turn into something else, she was screaming but soon that voice turned to growling, her pretty face is replaced by a green moss growing all over her, and her place. There was nowhere to go I was surrounded by my girl, my mum or rather something disgusting, horrifying, and deathly. I try to run but it stretches its arm and pulls me. I hit my head hard on the floor. The lights go dim, dimmer and then turn off. I start to lose my consciousness. It approached me, knelt down, and grabbed my arm on which I strapped my watch.

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Aanchal Manish
12:21 Apr 06, 2021

Hey please lemme know how this story was, I do not normally write this good to get this many likes!


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