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Mar 25, 2021

Holiday Christian Funny

Rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and re-growth are the common occurrence in spring; spring is the season succeeding winter and preceding summer.

In my country, this season comes between March and April. It is called Easter period, that is from April 4-8 of May Christians celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ daring this season, flowers bloom and trees begin to grow and reproduce. The days grow longer and the temperature in most areas becomes milder. In some Western countries, they melt ice and thaw the ground. The weather becomes sunnier. Hibernating animals begin to come out of hibernation to enjoy the sun. Christians go from fasting to celebration of the risen Christ. What a season.

It is in this season every year that Mike and his family plan many things like vacations, walk in field of flowers, contemplate and reflect on the beauty of nature and spot the things you want to change in life. Spring is a time of re-birth.

Festivals are usually fun filled. Mike and his family took off to China. Due to what is happening in the world, they got tested for Covid-19 beforehand so as to play safe. On arrival, they checked into a hotel. Parks and gardens are always crowded during holidays especially in spring.

It has been Mike’s desire to taste Chinese delicacies. Their first order did not arrived at the expected time because many workers have to go on holiday. All the same, Mike and his family enjoyed themselves on the delicacies. In the park also are sightseeing activities. Mike and his family left China to the United States of America. They looked eagerly to go back watching. Which park is the best they asked around.

In Nigeria, the name spring is not a common word, but those who have travelled talk so much about spring activities. Mike and his family wanted to be part of spring activities. Despite the pandemic, people still wanted to have fun and the best is always experienced in the National Parks. Mike and his family left China to Joshua Tree National Park in California. Joshua Tree National Park seems like a long stretch of quiet desert. In fact many visitors are surprised to find that the park is full of vitality, it is also full of history and amazing geology.

Spring time brings out the best out of the best. It is during this time that the trees that gave the park its name will begin to bloom with their large, creaming flowers. The rest of the park follows with annual flowers popping up along all elevations. At this time, the cacti are bursting with bright flowers. Joshua Tree National Park becomes a desert in bloom. It is at this time that birds are more in the area. Some birds are either in transit or getting ready to nest.

For birds, Joshua Tree offers a relaxing warm home away from the harsh weather during migration. The average temperature reaches as high as 85 degrees in the afternoon and 50 degrees in the evenings. Mike and his family love bird watching a lot. No matter where you turn to, the park reveals a new colour, new sight and new sound. At the Joshua Tree National Park, There are so many events that excite visitors. The den of activities comes in pomp and pageantry. If you have witnessed the festival once, you won’t like to miss it any year. Mike and his family never missed their excitement each year. They will purchase their ticket earlier. As tourists they never wanted to miss a single event. The sight of the sight of the push-to-talk walkie – talkie apps around the parks makes the visitor(s) imagine what to expect at the carnival. There is always social sharing photos booth. Visitors are always excited; the events are ‘grammable’. Visitors take and share pictures on instagram, facebook, etc. The organizers hire or use photo booth with simple colourful shower curtain backdrop and fun props like jumbo sunglasses feather boas, fake mustaches etc. Mike and his family will always wear these things on the festival day. They will share their pictures on social media. Many people used to envy them. In the heave of the carnival is a silent Disco. Dancers dance in turns. The deejay get all dancers listen to the same music supplied to their headphones and have a blast without drowning out the whole event with loud music. It is an interesting thing to behold.

There are also head-in-hole-displays. The park or festival ground is always decorated with multiple life size backdrops or wood cutouts. Pictures of Superheroes, Zombies, Cowboys, Circus animals are always on display. Kids and adults find it hard to resist.

Carnivals or festivals are very interesting – The Product Sales add flavor to its splendor. All kinds of products are on sale. Some products that you can buy at the product sales cannot be seen in the ordinary markets. Mike and his family always bring back uncommon products whenever their spring holiday is over. Kids love the popcorn sales. Adults love the garden seeds in the spring.

Face paintings of different colours and designs make the kids to smile. Visitors go from one event to the other. The obstacle course inflatable is one of the eager crowds take turns to run through the obstacles. They buy tickets to do the running. It serves as a fun exercise. The kids at the festival enjoy Touch-A-Truck Lot. The fire service, local police, waste management service brings their trucks to their festival ground. The kids are encouraged to see and touch the trucks. This is an educational game for the kids.

At the festival are Robot Petting Zoo companies exhibit their creations at the festivals. They allow visitors to control their robots under their supervision. There are also pony rides and actual animal petting zoo that add an interactive activity that all ages love.

 Festival is Game Score Booth here is the sports highlights and game scores. Games and scores are the delights of sports loves. Big screen TVs are also placed in this booth. The festival activities are not complete without the game score booth.

Stations in shaded areas offer five minutes hands, feet and shoulder massages. This area is decorated with white balloon, bubbles, play soothing music. Chilled cucumber and water is offer for refreshment. The Spa Dasis is another area of attraction to the festival.

Food vendors are all over the place with food varieties that are not common with your meal tickets you are given a taste of every variety. The Festival lasts three days. All the end of the festival, visitors go back to their hotel rooms. They prepare to go back to their different countries.

It is at this time that Mike and his family came back with loads of gifts feeling fully refreshed and energized to go back to work after the spring holidays.

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Bonnie Clarkson
17:28 Apr 01, 2021

l liked your story for being clean and family oriented. I appreciated you had the courage to mention Jesus. You could split and make several stories out of this one. I had a hard time finding a plot. Also, just about every sentence started with a noun. Remember to show more than tell. Keep writing.


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