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Mar 21, 2021

Christian Fantasy Happy

Jennifer was sitting in her seat without any response and it was suddenly a chalk fled towards her. "Where are you? Are you dreaming?"The professor shouted. The children started to laugh. "Those who are inattentive to my class get out.”The Professor ordered. She suddenly took her bag and exited from the class. She was Jennifer, a final year bachelor’s student.

She walked through the blossom flower garden of her college. It was filled with a lot of flowers and insects that came to taste the nectar. It was a pleasant condition. But it was not strong enough to make her happy. Once this garden had made her reach a place of eternal satisfaction. But now she felt sad on seeing the garden.

Jennifer sat down under the tree. She was in a state of depression. She was confused and was unable to take a firm decision. She thought of her life she was a naughty girl and many used to call her "jenny of lamp". She loved her college and her colleagues. For her it was a heaven on earth. She was not at all aware of anything. She comes to college, enjoys and returns in evening.

She thought how her happiness turned to be depression. It was her beautiful love that existed between them that moved her state to a depression. It was two years aback that they first met each other. At first, it was a relationship where both smile at each other. He was Abin, her Ichayan a man of early thirties who used to chat with her daily. They meet each other at the church. For her he was a good friend.

She was not even remembering the day they started to smile with each other. Her friends used to tell her that there are certain changes that our body shows when we meet our true love. This includes the glittering of right eyes, continuous beating of heart and so on. But she is unaware whether any of these occurred to her. But she used to chat with her. Their main topics where prayers, biblical myths . She told him on her love towards the love stories and romantic movies. He used to sing her songs.

She was not sure whether she had loved him. But there was something that she had towards him. He called her "My angel" and told her as she is very much childish and lacks maturity. Later it was he who initiated for the beginning of a love affair. He was an innocent man and was calm and silent. She thought that it would be difficult for him to tolerate her. So she avoided his friendship too. He tried many times to talk to her. But she ignored him. Unable to bear the anger one day he scolded her badly and told her that he would no longer come to disturb her.

She understands that he was also an angry man who knows to make her perfect. But she hadn't felt angry towards him. She was unable to sleep that night. It was on that day she realized that she too love him. It was on the very next day itself she told him about the love. He was very happy on hearing the same. He felt sorry for the way he scolded her and hence said pleaded to her. This paved the way for the rise of a new relation. He was a man who cared her very much. He used to carry her in his arms and make her ring the church bell. He was unaware of the public.

He was also afraid whether she would leave him and hence used to message her whenever she fail to call her. "Are you stopping this relation?", Are you fed up with me?", What mistake have I done?"This were his usual chats. Jennifer on reading all this get very much addicted to his love. She believed that it was her luck to be his better half. But however as days passed the power of his care decreased. He used to scold her and impose strict restrictions on her.

He was of the opinion that love is to be kept as a secret and not should be exposed openly. But for her love is something which should be expressed openly unaware of the public and such a deed would increase the strength of relation and rise in confidence. This difference of opinion had made some scratches in their relations. But they had a strong love and therefore it continued as a stream. It was on the day of betrothal she kissed him in the public. But he was unable to tolerate that as he felt ashamed. So he scolded her and told her not to repeat the same.

She asked him to stop the relation if he cannot consider her as herself and tolerate her. By saying this she throwed the betrothals ring towards him. He felt very angry and slapped her and told her that there relations is ended forever. Both of them was having self respect and as a result they cannot call the other though they had a strong love. It was about two months they had met each other. She woke from the thoughts on hearing the ringing of phone. It was his number. She took the phone and held it close to her ears. He told her that he want to meet her.

The very next day itself they meet each other. He told her that he loved her very much and was not able to live without her childishness. He added that "We can live as your wish. I will be your eternal boy friend. " She replied him"Ichaya, There is a huge difference in our opinions, visions , dreams and perspectives. If we live together we would continue quarreling for ever and this would affect our friendship too. I am not suitable for you. So let's break" she wipe her hands and was about to move. He held her hands tight and asked her to promise that now she has only hatred towards him. She kept silent as she was unable to hate him.

He took her face on his hands and told her "Dear we may be having huge differences in opinions and visions. But our love is above all that and hence we cannot hate each other". You can express your love as the way you wish and I will no more forbids you. He tied her very much close to him. They stood there for a couple of minutes. Then he took her in his hands and make her ring the bell. Love is something which finds perfections in imperfections.

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Asha Pillay
02:33 Mar 31, 2021

I have seen that you have submitted the same story for three different prompts.


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