The most precious Valentine's Day Gift!

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Feb 19, 2021


If you would of told me that I was going to marry my best friend's fiancee who is also my best friend as well I would of told you your insanely crazy. My family and friends knew that I had a huge crush on my best friend but nothing happened between us. We were inseparable, we went through grammar and high school together. We were suppose to go to the same College before the fatal accident of my parents that led me to go live with my Aunt and Uncle after graduation.

Chase on the other hand decided to go into the military and as we tried to keep our friendship alive we couldn't only because I fell head over heels with this guy that I thought was right for me but to my dismay he made me choose between Chase and him.

Well stupid me I made the wrong choice in life that brought me to Norway.The last I heard of Chase he had gotten engaged to a girl not just any girl but to my best friend as well.If theirs one thing I've learned is that life has a lot of twists and turns but that we should always be ready for them.

As I walk home from the Doctors office disheartened.I didn't know how serious my condition was until the Doctor told me he wanted to discuss my options at his office so here I am standing in front of a club trying to talk myself to not go in and drink my problems away but if I'm going to die then what a better way to go, right!

I walk in on a Friday night and the bar is hopping with lights mesmerizing everyone and loud music that's inviting everyone to sway their hips as they walk through the door.

Bartender: What can I get ya Beauty?

Me: I'll have a Long Island Ice tea

The Bartender looks at me with concern in his eyes as I give a sigh of resignation.

Bartender: Are you new here! I mean I've never seen such a pretty face in here before.

Me: Look I've had a rough day today and I just want to get drunk,okay. Can you do that for me or not?

Bartender:Of course I can but may I ask what made this Friday so terrible that you have to get drunk right from the start.

  I look at the bartender and I can tell he's concerned but at this point I don't want anyone's pity not even his. I just want to drink myself to oblivion but there's something about him that makes me open up to him so I begin with.

Me: I was just told by my doctor that I may not make it to Valentine's Day because I'm going to die!

Bartender: oomph, that'll get anyone down.

Me: tell me about it 

As he slides my drink down to me a group of men come in being loud and obnoxious

man 1:drinks on the house my man here is getting married next month.

I look over and I hold my glass up in salutations as everyone wishes the young man congratulations.I turn around with my back to the crowd and down my drink when I hear a familiar voice.

Groom: May I buy my best friend another drink?

I swivel my chair quickly as I start to say

Me: I'm not your best frien...

OOmg, I can't believe my eyes. He hasn't changed much cause he still has same blonde hair which is shorter and tight on the sides. His blue eyes are still mesmerizing and he has body of the Greek gods with an eight pack and a surfers chest.

Me: What the f" are you doing here?

Groom(Chase): Well, I could ask you the same thing but from the way you downed that tea it looked like you could use another.

Bartender:Is this guy bothering you miss!

Me: Umm no and thank you!

Chase: Bartender, another drink for my best friend from grade school.

As the bartender makes me another Chase says...

Chase: Sooo how have you been these four years?

I'm deciding whether or not to answer him but my mouth betrays me.

Me: I've seen better. I just came from my doctors and he says I'm going to die in a month if I don't get this transpla...

As my voice falters he grabs me into a hug.

Chase: I'm so sorry

He looks down at me and he gets that look like someone turned the light bulb on.

Me:I don't like when you get that look in your eyes.

I say when he pulls me toward the dance floor and says over his shoulder.

Chase: What look? I just figured that if your gonna die then might as well make the most of it.

We both laugh. That was the one thing I liked about Chase he always knew how to make things better when things seemed impossibly dark. He was always there for me in my hour of treatments. He introduced me to his friends and I always wondered ....

The night had gone too fast and it was time to turn in as we stood on the curb outside.

Chase:Do you need a ride home?

I smile at him and say ...

Me: Still protective I see but no I just live a couple of blocks from here.

Chase: Then I'll walk you home anyways it's a beautiful night.

Me: What about Angelica, wouldn't she get mad?

Chase: Hey now, just because you had to befriend us we both understood that it wasn't your choice. You should come by some time I'm sure she would like to see you again .

I smile at him as we get to my apartment he takes my phone and puts his # in it and vice versa before he places a kiss on my forehead like he always did when I was little.

Chase: take care of yourself Leleia and I'll tell Angelica you said hi!

Four days had gone by before I received a text.

Text Message: You can't avoid me forever. It's been long enough Leleia really four days well I'm putting my foot down your coming to dinner tomorrow night at our house and Chase is going to pick you up. I love and miss you, Angelica.

My text: 😆 I miss you sooo much. Ok, you win!

The next day

I'm coming out of the Doctors office when I see a young man opening the car doors for his beloved as he goes to the other side and gets in. The lady looks poised until the doors shut behind her and she starts to cry. The man puts his arm around her as I'm frozen in place but just when I try to hide he looks up and his eyes meets mine.Four days ago his eyes were so full of life and now he looks distraught and very sad like his heart had been torn in half.

By the time I get home I'm about to text Chase and cancel when all of the sudden ... ting ting a ling ling

Me: Hello

Angelica: Omg, it's really you. In case your going to cancel I'm telling you we're outside waiting for you.

Me: Umm ok, I'll be down in 5.

SShit, how does she do that. She always seems to know my next move before I do.

I finish getting ready and run down the stairs. Chase is waiting for me as he holds the car door open for me as I climb in the back. I decide to break the silence...

Me:Umm how are you guys doing tonight? Is everything ok?

Angelica: It could be better. I hope you don't mind but I'm going to have to cancel but it doesn't mean that Chase and you can't go out and have a good time.

Me: If you want we can always do it another day if your not feeling up to it.

Angelica:No,No your not going to get out of this one missy. Anyways I made reservations and I can't back out of it.

Me: Only if your sure!

Angelica: Oh, I'm sure

As she looks at Chase and he takes her hand and places a kiss on them

Chase: if there's one thing I've learned is that I never argue with my fiancee because she gets the last word in while I'm doing it.

We all laugh

As we drop Angelica off at their house and Chase helps her in. We're on our way to dinner when he says ...

Chase: You might as well ask it?

I look at Chase

Me: How bad is it?

Chase: She's got a disease that's been killing her immune system and we don't know how long she has. I didn't even want to go to the bachelor party but she made me saying she just wants to see me happy.

We get to the restaurant and we talk about everything what happened to us in the four years that we we're abroad and I found out that it was Angelica who wanted to live in Norway. Like I said life has its little twists. I spent almost every day trying to make up the four years we were apart.

Two Days Before Valentine's Day, all I remember is hearing the sirens of the ambulance as they rushed Angelica into the hospital and now I'm here being prepped for surgery on Valentine's Day as the doctor tells me that they have a donor. I'm scared and don't know how this is possible because I was on the bottom of the list but the person I guess made it clear to give me their organ. I think I've done something right because I've been blessed. The doctor couldn't tell me who it was that gave me the organ because of the private confidentiality law but whoever it was I was grateful because now I could have a second chance in life and this one I was going to make it count.

A year later

Chase and I are standing there in the cemetery in utter silence where Angelica had been buried. We finally get ready to leave and he helps me in the house. I'm so grateful for his generosity after losing Angelica he found it in his heart to help me out after I went through the heart transplant.

We go to the cemetery every Sunday but this time it was different as we get back to the house our neighbor whose our mailman rushes over and apologizes.

Reed: I'm so sorry

Chase: What is it Reed? Did something happen?

Reed: Oh no,no but we found these two letters they are for you too it was under the belt of the sorter. It has emergency! I thought I'd rush it over than wait until tomorrow.

Chase:Well thank you Reed

As we look at each other stupefied and confused. He hands me my letter as we both read them.

My letter:

DEAR Leleia,

I hope this letter finds you well rested from your operation and in better health. When Chase texted me and told me that he was going to take you home after the bachelor party I was ecstatic only because I wanted my organs to be a vessel of good for someone and who better but for my best friend.He was devastated when we lost contact and deep inside I knew he loved you but at the time you were involved with dip shit excuse my language.So I guess I was his second choice which I didn't mind because I knew he would make a wonderful husband for someone and if your reading this then you would know it wasn't meant for me.Love you with all my heart and thank you for taking care of me. Love the Puns🤣. He's had me for 6 wonderful years before he asked me to marry him and now I'm asking you to give him a chance. I firmly believe that everyone DESERVES to be Loved and to love.

Love Angelica

Chase's letter:

My Dearest Love,

I promised you I would never leave you and I won't because you are so special and dear to me but I would be selfish to say that there is another person that needs you just as much as you do her. I truly believed you loved me but I knew that your heart belonged to another and now you have a chance to explore that love.I was ok with arranging the dinner between the two of you, the walks you would take and the secretive kisses you gave her on her forehead I just wanted you to be happy when I left and I hope I've accomplished my mission. 💋Love you dearly💖


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