First date of our relationship .

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Feb 18, 2021

Happy Mystery Romance

Ones I had posted a photo on Instagram and after 2 hours I got the message from unknown person which is in my followers list and also facebook friend but I never know about him. The one message from that person who is unknown for me,changed my life fully. He is my junior in college time. We are from same department and in college we came across with each other but never talked. Coincidentally we are from same hometown. So when I post that photo I mentioned the location so he had came across that and send message to me. The message was very simple that hii you are from that hometown?and I replied yes how you know that hometown? ...and the chatting was continued till last night.After that we were talking on Instagram daily. It's just upto hi hello what are you doing like this, later on this continued and we became the good friends. The bond which made in us is very good. Later on we exchange our contact number with each other and start chatting on whatsapp. We regularly share our pics,thoughts and ideas with each other. In that period we knew each other very well and the trust were bulid in us. Slowly we are in the relationship which is more than the friendship. We like each other and most of the time our thoughts are similar. The feeling is awesome and it devoted towards the love. Because I felt that this is the person I am looking for. Many times he came to hometown for his work but we didn't meet. Because we had that much rules and regulations in our home. So we decided to meet other place which was far away from our hometown. In that period we felt that how was our relationship going on. Basically the other couples had meet there partner daily or weekly,enjoy the moments with their partners, taking selfies with each other share on social media. We were far away from that. After one year we had decided to go for the date. But in that one year period we only talk on whatsapp and calls. So that was very awkward moment for us and we had the small amount of fear in our mind. How we meet with each other we had that habit of talking on mobile only. How we face that moment is the main problem of us. And finally that day was came when we meet. That was the Sunday when we were going to meet with each other, finally see and feels the feelings. He send me the address where we had to go, and finally I go. We meet at the coffee shop where he was waiting for me. Just seeing me he smiled and said please seat. That was the first day when we are infront of each other. His smile and eyes shows that he was very happy. The same feelings I had also. First time we were together ❤. The moment was very happy and shying also. Around us many people were there. The waiters came and asked for an order. He ordered two coffees because coffee is our favorite drink. After some time when we finished our coffee he proposed me Infront of all on his knee and gifted me the watch. I really shocked at that moment because I never thought that he proposed me like that way and I cried at that moment and said yes to him. I really liked that moment which was memorable for me. He also cried because we are in the relationship from last one year and that was the first date. He hug me and kissed my forehead. That was the moment which is lovable for me. I felt like I got the all which I want in my life. He gives me the watch and my favorite chocolate which I like most. The people around us were clapping and said congratulations to us. After that we go to the theater for movie. He booked the tickets 2 days before, and he decided to feel me special through this date. The movie was started we were together and hi hold my hand,kissed and said that I love you from my bottom of heart I will never break this bond. Later on we kissed each other and that was the feeling I liked most. After that we goes to mall and he gifted me the dress which was pretty. We talked around 2 -3 hours continus. And finally the time had came when we had to go. He hold my hand and said next time I arrange good things which you love the most, and my answer was like I don't want precious things or gifts, I want you only🥰. That time he hug me and said goodbye by tc to me. Our love is different from others. Other couples are in relationship but they have a small amount of trust on each other. That was the thing which is not good and many times broke the relationship. Many relationships are based on love,sex and other factors. But the most important is soul,love and the trust. Soul is the important parameter of our relationship. Trust is the main things in relationships, without trust relationship can't be true. The true life partner is who? The person who is always support you in any situation. Always with you in your difficult times. Love your soul from bottom of heart,never let you go. I am very happy and feel proud because the partner which is in my life is a good person and love my soul. I am luckiest person in world because of my partner. We both have trust on each other and that trust is unconditional, and we never break that trust. We can't make the misunderstandings in us. Because we are that much mature and having the trust on each other. This is my story of first date with my partner.

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