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Feb 17, 2021

Adventure Christian Coming of Age

I never thought I would see him again, thought this chapter in my life had come to an end.

Giving my life to God when he turned and walked away.

It all happened a year ago on this cold and stormy day.

We were older now when I saw him once again.

What we felt at the beginning can this story take a spin.

He looked at me as I looked at him, as I felt Gods love for me within

He took my hands no questions asked, what happened then my love lets put it in the past.

Lets take what we have learned and let love grow.

We want rush this and take it slow.

Yes, I understand what I did not know then, you were not ready for love to begin.

I turned for a moment to think, when I looked back at him he put his hand on my lips before I could speak.

Don't say a word I already know what's going on in that beautiful head.

You think you know me you always have, I was an open book that has not changed I can agree on that.

I wore my love on my sleeve and it has not changed. What is in my heart remains.

You have a beautiful soul I was afraid of that, as a man I was not ready to give the love back.

Will forgiveness be on our lips as we start a new way, getting to know each other day by day.

I said to him that would be a start but I want to know what you hold in your heart.

He looked at me with warmth in his eyes. For a moment I thought he was about to cry. It would be different never saw a part of this from him before. Never been able to express his feelings, this is a new beginning.

We had stood there catching up and saying more than we should but just could not let go. Had walked for hours did not know the time had slipped away. The day was about to come to an end.

He said please let us continue this over a cup of coffee I know this was your choice of beverage in the past, I said yes guilty of that one thing you did not forget. How can I forget, every time I saw you you were on the go and I mean on the go. Yes I was and was not going any where. We both laughed and I felt such a connection once again.

I said where do we go from here. Well first off we need to be able to connect, he said. We both pulled out our phones and exchanged numbers.

It had been a few days before I heard from him. This gave me time to think about how I felt and of course how he felt. His voice sounded wonderful over the phone.

So what have you been up to we both said at the same time. Laughing at how we said it at the same time was kind of cute and a breath of fresh air. It had been so long since I smiled and laughed and just felt good inside.

Nothing much I said just trying to stay busy, I had been out of work do to past choices. and knew I had to tell him sooner or later. He had always been good at listening and very understanding.

How about yourself I asked him.

I am making some life changes and have been working on what to do next. I am getting older and that page in my life is about to turn and I need a plan.

I truly understand and that is why I need to tell you for the past few years I have not been able to work do to choices and bad decisions I made. And at this moment in my life I am at a stand still. So much time and part of me I gave.

Ah, It can't be that bad I never knew you to give up on much of anything.

I have not giving up but have come to a tough road that seem to be going no where. What should I do, what can I do, you know I'm not young anymore.

Well, I tell you what, he said, will figure it out together how does that sound. Maybe we can work together to come up with a plan that would work for both of us. How about I take you out to dinner tomorrow and will put our heads together.

That sounds like a plan, its going to need both of us for this plan to work. We need all the brains we can get, I'm not young any more.

Please you look damn young to me and you have not changed a bit. Everything is still in all the right places.

May be in the right places but have kind of shifted from its youthful form. We laughed so hard my stomach started to hurt.

Lady you are crazy he said. Until tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, have a blessed night.

You to as well.

He picked me up from my apartment, it had been raining all day and part of the afternoon. It was cold and just plain wet, but I was not going to let anything spoil this moment. Put on my big girl panties and hope and pray this will be a new chapter in our lives.

Hey there beautiful lady you are looking nice as usual.

Hey there to you as well and you looking handsome yourself and the car smell good. Man what you got on.

I don't know. I pulled something out of the closet and slapped it on. Just getting off of work I was kind of rushing.

Are you sure your not too tired to hang out. I want to be that understanding woman that you men need today.

Wow, I appreciate that, but I am great. I would not miss this for nothing in the world. So talk to me what has been going on with you.? You mentioned that you had not been working for a while.

Are you sure you want me to tell it all. Do have the time to have an open mind and heart.

This is a new start for us both lets take it step by step and get to know and understand the years that have kept us a part. Maybe this time we will get to know each other

That sounds good to me. Thank you.

Thank me for what?

Just because.

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Bonnie Clarkson
20:34 Feb 23, 2021

I was impressed that the first half or so sounded like a poem: some rhyming, some similar number of syllables. If you refined it as a poem, I think it would be much more effective. I did give it a like.


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Robin Simon
19:34 Feb 17, 2021

This story goes to show you. That true love can happen. Even if it take years and God to change and open our hearts to something new. A new beginning.


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