the uncovered wounds of the hidden truth

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Feb 14, 2021

Mystery Fiction Romance

Life is tough but l know for sure that the rumbled thunder of the lost islands is somewhere but still surrounds the inner circle of fate . A soul and a heart connect , mind of treasure wonders alone in the night of the stressed and wanted submission of authority and management for the reeds of love .

Lets face it , relationships are durable but still it all lies in us people.Pioneer Henry Ford once said, '' Why do l get the whole person when all l want is a pair of hands?'' A theory waiting for an answer whilst time still ticks but never stops, the why part it. Well no one is perfect ,each one of us has our own quirks and that still matters . The sky hangs over us the sun comes out and shines but some still decide to sleep . It's a circumstance of choices banging our hard hearts storming the ears and the sighted vision. We cross , we walk , we dive but the most important is we are about to get into it .


Sarah stood in front of wooden cracked door as her tears fought to reach the ends of her eyes. The lighting ,the thunder and the rain who knew when it was going to end? Her bag was torn and worst of all her clothes looked like ragged pieces of cloth , unnoticeable right. A middle aged woman looking for the best she could get but it looked like adversity had given her the slaps no one could bear. She sat on the door step and it looked like hope was about to escape , four and a half decades ago she had crossed paths with her lover , James Wilson. Questions , being the only thing running in her head drained the flesh and the skeleton down . Many stories to tell , of shame and tragic adventures in their love history together. Love being inevitable had come to sit for a while , to show and maybe disappear into thin air . Sarah slowly put her hands together with the objective of wanting to reunite the sensation of her regaining her power . ''It's not me right now but its not over because my time is still there and most of all l have it all , '' said Sarah. Truly rising is a challenge , a knock on a silenced door never to answer if not persevered for. Sarah Siena slowly walked to the other side of the city of Huntington Beach closing the paved way but still reaching closer and closer. James , in a cosy place but lost in his head marched and fought to really understand a forty five year old relationship digging everywhere in order to come together . A twist of fate l could say judging what could come next. An old granny guarding the street , but just on her way back home noticed Sarah's emotions , footsteps and appearance. ''What is a beautiful woman like you doing in the middle of the night looking homeless and sad?'' Sarah , unable to speak pointed to the old woman 's house . ''What , you want to stay with for some days l assume, '' said the granny. ''Ye ye yes.'' ''Well of course my dear.''The granny's house was a huge mansion with expensive interior and a flower could be barely seen. '' Iam Miss Nobert and l work for the city in terms of guarding this street at night , and who are you ?'' '' lam Sarah .'' ''You look cold do you mind if l get you a room to sleep in ?'' '' No not at all,'' said Sarah.

A day later......

A staircase , like a waterfall leading somewhere walked Sarah .As she was about to turn to the left corner she suddenly led herself into a room filled with countless pictures of discoveries and research about famous philosophers. Her eyes had already been distracted which caused her to continue walking further and further. As she took the next step she saw her former husband's image on the wall. ''What,'' she said. ''James Wilson of the German tribe born on 22 June at 2359 , laid upon Mother Mary of Dapo ,'' she continued... Just as she was about to touch the picture ,then suddenly ... ''HELP!!'' James , unexpectedly felt a sensation of blood running through his veins , as he was about to ignore a priest quickly said ''Hey , don't even dare go save her.'' ''Who?'' ''You know her,'' said the priest. Reflections started showering in James' imagination , the reflections of Sarah. ''Sarah , NO not this time,'' he said.'' HELP!!'' ''HELP!!'' Sarah screamed for she did not know where she was heading to. BANG !!! '' OH MY!'' ''James you have to go,'' said the priest . '' Why , don't you know ?'' ''Listen here James l know you have spent forty five years without being able to see Sarah but this time your stupidity and rudeness will not help , I was designed to foretell the future so you cannot contradict to this matter , Sarah needs your help otherwise , she will go into the state of trikauntri { an undead person} .'' '' Only for the benefit of her not turning into an undead .'' ''Fine l will need a drop of your blood, a piece of your nail and armpit hairs .'' ''We will have to mix this altogether and throw it into the broken glass of Mother Mary of Dapo ,'' said the priest. ''Alright then .'' ''Are you ready?'' ''Yes''. The priest through the liquid into the broken glasses and suprisingly the liquid saved Sarah and since James' blood was part of the mixture, this somehow brought the feelings of Sarah and James back in place . '' Sarah l love you ,'' shouted James . '' What , why lam saying this do l love Sarah are we soul mates that were meant to separate in order to reunite for the greater benefit?'' ''Yes you got that right, '' said the priest. Sarah out of nowhere walked through the door and said ''Priest my lover, my soul mate we are destined to be together right?''. ''Yes , now you two have to hold hands and reconnect, you guys were separated by The Mother Mary Of Dopa in order to come together in a clean relationship , ten years ago before you two were married , you were cursed in high school , but now since we have broke the curse your love is now true and no evil eye can cast or break your love''. ''What about the lady l met ?'' '' The lady you met was one of the helpers in disguise for you to be here and for this to happen , a spirit with a mask. ''Now you two have to go back to Louisana and start your love again ,'' said the priest . ''l love you James.'' ''I love you Sarah .''


In love , sometimes you have to suffer or even break but sometimes that prepares you for something even greater and better than before . Sarah and James , now one body but they both came a long way . A huge cheers to the best love and reconnection, a story to tell or a legend , who knows?

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