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Jan 29, 2021

Funny Friendship

Daniel jasper was a bratty kid. You know the type always got we he wanted. No need to ask or say please he said it and poof it magically appear he saw a documentary on afghanistan next day he was visiting the country. Now in his 20s nothing has changed he does what he pleases and he answers to no one. He does not work does not have to he is still spending daddy's money.

He was into exotic animals so every year he got something new but the problem was he got bored quick. He got a giraffe for his 10th birthday and a week later sold it on ebay. When you have had it all how do you keep the excitement, a panther, ape, lion, check ,check , check. He was throwing himself a big birthday party to celebrate his 25th so what was he going to do. All his friends expected him to do something big. They were use to it. He did not want to let them down.

Daniel was stuck he loved surprising his friends and he knew he had set up something big he could not disappoint. He kept thinking about what he was going to do, and he came to the realization that it was nothing he could do. He had topped himself. No problem. He thought. He was satisfied nothing left to prove. He was the king.

A week before his party he got everything together, the cake,the dj and all the decorations. He booked a big arena for the shindig. Everything was prepared and set to go. Just wait for the big day.

One day he took out his Lamborghini for a drive around the neighborhood. He needed to get out the house and calm his nerves. Driving around he spotted a homeless person on the street and he was in a giving mood so he asked him excuse me sir, " what is your name?" The vagrant did not know he was speaking to him so he kept his head down and kept walking. So daniel honked his horn to get his attention beep beep beep. Aradin mitchell turned his head around and said man "what do you want" with a nasty attitude. He had his hand on his hips and a snarl on his face.

"I didnt mean to bother you see my name is daniel jasper and I was wondering if there is anything I could do to help you" daniel said with an innocent look on his face.

" you want to help me you can give me some food and a place to sleep. If you dont got that for me get the hell out of my face". Said aradin.

"I can help you out man. I'm one of the good guys." Said daniel with an sunday school boy look.

Alright man aradin walked towards the car with a bit of hesitation a hard life will do that to you.

Come man. Come on in said daniel as he opened his car door and invited his new found friend to sit down.

Thanks man as he went over to extend his arm to give his benefactor a handshake daniel was repulsed.

When was the last time you took a shower man you stink. Daniel could not hold it in this man stuck. He went underneath his car seat and reached for the lysol spray and sprayed like crazy to get the funk out of the car.

He was hiding his nose and spraying to help him feel with the odor. Aradin was not offended he knew he didnt smell too good. He had been homeless for ten years and had no place to shower so sometimes he went weeks without a shower.

It took him awhile but when he got his bearings he asked him where do you want to go to eat? Said daniel

How about McDonald's said aradin

Sure no problem buddy. Said daniel.

They drove for a good 30 minutes before they found a McDonald's and all that time they got to talking and getting to know each other. Aradin explained that he was homeless for a good 10 years. He fell in hard times and could not find a job. Daniel tried to understand and show some empathy but he was born with a silver spoon he could not get it. So what do you do asked aradin.

I live off my parents money. Haha Haha. Laughed daniel.

I wish I could be so lucky said aradin.

Dont worry.

They ate and daniel took aradin home and cleaned him up. He didnt feel too good about giving him a meal and then leaving him out on the street. Could not do that his conscience would not allow it. Daniel had a grand idea why dont I invite aradin to my party as the guest of honor. All eyes would be on him. "So aradin my birthday party is coming up in a couple of days and I wanted you to be there".

Aradin almost cried he could not believe his luck. "You know daniel you are one of the good ones" he added.

A couple of days that didnt give him much time but he knew he had to look his best for his best friend. Could not smell bad or look crazy around all his newfound buddies. It was going to be crazy girls there so he was excited. Find himself a wife or something.

Daniel gave him all the details on the party.

Daniel already told all his friends on social media not to expect anything crazy for this year's party. He was going to having any animals, no cars or planes. It was going to be regular.

Many express disappointment but they would get use to it. He didnt care as long as the food and music were good they would get over any hurt feelings.

There are now words for this party it had everything. He spent over a million dollars on it. He waited for the weeknd to finish his musical performance when he got on the stage. He got the crowd into a frenzy. They were so hyped up. Pandemonium. They thought he was going to announce another top musical act. He stopped the dj and told the audience " you really thought I was not going to get myself a present for my birthday you fools believe all that mess. I got you." He brought out a big huge box. With a red curtain over it. He wanted to have fun with his audience so he asked them what they thought he had in there they shouted " bear , a panther" they had no clue. He took the curtain off and dropped the mic on them. They couldnt believe it he had gotten a full grown man as a pet. Who is that? What? He picked up the mic and told them" oh yeah I got myself a new pet. His name is aradin mitchell. Dont try this at home" anactual human being how could anyone top that. The crowd couldnt believe it they thought it was a joke. You want to pet it you can. He told the crowd.

They did and they had a blast petting him. He didnt mind he enjoyed being the center of attention and making his friend Daniel look good.

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John k Adams
01:15 Feb 18, 2021

A fascinating look at how different people see reality. You would benefit from editing the typos and such though, which distract.


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