Jan 17, 2021

Thriller Drama Horror

I stand before a full length mirror asking myself how I ended up in this mess. If only I didn’t snoop around in that blizzard…then I would still be a lowly secretary. The dress I wear is white and mermaid style. My make-up is perfect as is my hair. A house maid has me sit and proceeds to pin a veil to my head. You want to know why I am marrying my boss’s son. Well I can share what I did wrong to suddenly end up in this position.


           The place was R.B. Russo Enterprises. My name is Kaitlin Satome and I worked as a secretary and intern there under Riccardo Russo who is CEO. He was always getting phone calls of the hinkie sort but what did I care so long as he signed the pay check. The building was multiple stories and the office I had was more toward the center of the 11th floor so I had no clear cut view of the outdoors. I wore my business suite of a baby blue pencil skirt and jacket over a white silk blouse with heels. It all sat off my dirty blonde hair that was in a bun and my blue green eyes.

           It was five pm and as the work day was winding down, I had a visitor in the form of Mr. Russo’s son. “Hi there Kaitlin, how are you this evening?”

           “Hello, um…?”

          “Call me Damon.” He made an appoint to kiss my hand.

           “Damon, I am doing quite well actually. How are you?”

           “Taken by a beautiful woman”, he was flirting, even I could see that. He was dark haired like his father and the two favored each other. He actually kept a five o’clock shadow and wore a casual pull over brown sweater and jeans. His father always wore Armani suits.

           The elevator opened and my boss stepped out to look at his son a moment.

           Damon bowed his head to his father and then headed toward the elevator, “Catch you later Kaitlin.” He did one of those fake gun things as if he were shooting at me.

           Mr. Russo smiled briefly, “I think he likes you.”

           I simply smiled and blushed.

           “Ms. Satome, I want you to finish the report you are working on and have it on my desk for me to find in the morning. Once you are done, you may head out for the night.”

           “Yes, Mr. Russo.” 

           He walked to the same elevator that was being held and as it closed I saw him talking to his son. Their eyes looked in my direction, was it about me?

           I finally finished the report three hours later and it just finished printing out. I gathered it into a binder and went up to my boss’s office by way of the stairs. The office was dark, but there were a few small lights available from the window that I saw my way to his desk and sat it down right where he would see it as he sat down in the morning.

           It was then I noticed from his big office bay window. The world was white down below and the wind was blowing hard. I could normally see the parking lot but not that night. It was white and where my car was parked, it was buried. A blizzard had blown in while I was working. Damn Great Lakes and their Lake Effect Snows. Lightning popped and I could imagine Jim Cantore going crazy about now with Thunder Snow.

          I sighed and tried to make a phone call, but the lines were dead. As I stood in his office I pondered the fact that I was snowed in and there was no where I could go. With a bit of depression in my mind, I went down to my floor and got my purse. With the way the building was ran, all I had to do was camp out in a break room until morning and then go home and change and come back to do my shift in the morning. It was only half a day so it should have been that simple.

           No, I had to wonder about the rest of the building that I didn’t normally get to be at. I had access to the basic office areas on the various floors, but there were always doors that I could not get into. Well, Gran always did call me a cat, too curious for my own good sometimes.

           I started on this floor, the 11th, and walked the halls. There was maybe a closet if any that spiked my curiosity here. With a little work, I managed to get the door open. There was nothing but old rewards in the closest that had to do with things the business won. I found it odd that they would be locked up and not displayed. Who would not want the world to know their successes?

          I closed it back and left it the way I found it. 

My feet carried me down to the fifth floor from there to investigate a section of the floor that was locked down. This door was a bit more complicated, but I managed to pick the lock and go in. This large area reminded me of an evidence locker in N.C.I.S. There was a cage in the far back and just many files and such stacked along the walls. I couldn’t help myself but to try and get closer to the cage.

I saw some things that made me leery. Is that a bit of a shot gun? In the dark I had to be imagining things and went back to some of the boxes. I opened one to look inside to see bank documents for off shore accounts and deeds to various properties around town. All of these were registered to various members of Mr. Russo’s family. Then I saw the documentation for the gentleman’s club that was burned down, insured for a quarter of a billion dollars? My Boss owned that. I thought he was just a corporate tycoon.

I quickly closed the box back. I know I should have stopped there, but a nervous curiosity kept biting at me. I found myself going even further down stairs to where I was not supposed to go. This was a code lock that I had seen pressed many different times. My finger slid over the numbers and the door opened.

Slowly and with Goosebumps the size of mountains, I walked down to a sub-floor beyond the first floor. It was a basement the size of a gym, but what I saw made me swallow. There were various torture devices around the room from a rack to a flipped up bed frame next to a battery and cables. There was a water boarding table and even…a dead body.

I shook uncontrollable and stepped forward to the man as he hung off his feet against the wall. He had a hole in his chest and was cold to the touch. My hand slowly tilted his head up and I cringed. It was Detective Edward Larsson who had been asking some odd questions lately. He had even asked me some about my…boss’s…dealings.

At that moment, I freaked out. Oh my God, Russo is Italian…this is a Mafia ran business. I looked at my watch. It was now 5:30 am; the plows had been running for thirty minutes. 

I could’ve gotten away and made it to the police.

           I could have at least gotten upstairs and played coy until I could leave.

           There were a lot of things that could have happened.

           Could have, Would have, Should have…

           As I neared the stair to go back up, two guys ran down the stairs with AR-15s. I yelped and backed up. Two others came out a different location but then the elevator opened.

           Out walked Mr. Russo and his son.

           “Kaitlin, you had a bit of an adventurous evening. I watched as you went from room to room where you should not have gone.”

           “I’m Sorry, Sir. I swear, I won’t tell anyone. Just please don’t kill me.”

           Damon chuckled, “She is adorable when she is begging.”

           “That is why I am leaving it to you Damon, what do you think as my heir what we should do with Kaitlin?”

           He stepped forward and grazed my cheek with his knuckles. “Baby girl, do you know what Spousal privilege is?”

           “It safe guards the spousal communications privilege and the spousal testimonial privilege against incrimination.” I shivered.

           “I propose that she come home with me and in two weeks’ time she marries me. What better way to make sure she keeps those beautiful lips shut then make her mine and educate her on how she will live the rest of her life.”

           Mr. Russo chuckled. “She is yours then. Take her back to your home. I will let your mother know that we need to set up a wedding.”

           Damon smiled and took hold of me by the hair, “Come along little Kat, you are about to learn a whole new way to live.”

           “No I…”

           He pulled me to him rough and looked me in the eyes. His voice dropped to a sinister tone, “You will come along and you will be trained, and in two weeks we will be married. You will say I do…or I will hunt down everyone who knows your name and bring you their heads as a gift. Friends, Family, teachers, hell even the guy you might have fucked last week, your bartender, your dog. The whole time, I will keep you as a play thing. Need I go on?”

           “No”, I whimpered, “I’ll do whatever you want, just please leave my friends and family be.”

           “See father, she can be reasonable.” Damon pulled me back to the elevator by the hair and two of the men got in the elevator with us.


           Fast forward to now, I walk down the make shift aisle alone after two weeks of torture, torment, and wedding plans. At the end of this walk way and on some raised steps stand Damon Russo, the Wrath of his family, and a minster. I turn my head to the left and notice my sister sitting there with one of Damon’s men…she is a final incentive to make me say the words at the marriage alter.

           A tear slides down my face, I never thought I would be marrying anyone, let alone a terrible assassin like Damon Russo…

Pray for me?

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