Jan 15, 2021

Suspense Science Fiction Romance

“It is said to be another balmy day here with highs of 102 degrees…” 

I turned off the alarm quickly as it went off. It wasn’t one of those times that most in this state even like to get out of bed this time of year. It was summer time heat like no other, but it didn’t stop anyone from adulting.

As I try and set up, a headache seems to strike between my eyes and I roll to the floor as I attempt to get up. “Ouch”, I yell and slowly get up. Where the heck was I last night? Slowly I peeled myself up off the floor as I untangle my legs from the sheet and make it to the bathroom to use the facilities and climb in the shower.

When that is done, I brush my teeth and get dressed, and then go to the kitchen to fix myself some breakfast. It is a quick fix day as I throw a breakfast bowl in the microwave. I like the ones with the gravy and hate the dry ones. Coffee finishes and I throw a couple sugars in it take a drink. I know I have to eat, but why does everything taste…off?

As I get to the door and walk out into the street, I pause. I know it is morning and the high is supposed to be one hundred and two, but why is it colder to me? I reach in my pocket and pull out my phone and shift to the weather application. It is only seventy degrees by what I see, then suddenly sixty-nine. My eyes go to the sky and it is over cast. Something did not seem right.

I still go to my little Mazda that has been worked over a million and one times to keep it running and make my way to work.

As I get out of the car at the back of the parking lot in the shopping center where I work at, I stop to look up at the sky to see the clouds looking a bit blue. I also notice a nip to the air and check my phone application again and swallow, “Oh my gawd, it is forty-nine degrees out here. What the hell is going on?”

I break and run for the door, it is just too damn cold all of a sudden for a summer day. I stick my keys in the lock to the Crystal Wind Mystic Shop and slip inside. I don’t bother to lock the door as the time to open is just a minute away. I clock in, grab the cash drawer that was set up the night before and give it a fast count and drop it in the drawer.

I place my phone under the counter because I can’t help but wonder about the weather and it would allow me to check as time allows. Then I go back to the store room and pull out the box of new taper candles that came in to restock when I notice blood on the floor.

Memories flood back into my head…

I was here last night. I was the closing operator and was restocking after the cash count. I started to see something and when I turned to face it, it was no longer there. So I went back to stocking. As I finished the box and took it to the back, someone grabbed me and there was a sharp pain at my neck. Then there was a as a voice in my ear that said, “Survive my darling.”

I snap back to the present and my hand immediately goes to my neck, just below my shirt line. What I feel is a pair of marks which make me pick up a scrying mirror from the shelf and look at my neck. There are two tiny pricks where my fingers are sitting. They are small and unless I look, I would not have noticed.

An alert sound on my phone grabs my attention and I rush back to it to look. Freeze warning in effect and no end time. Unseasonable cold temperatures spanning the entire country and the temperature keep dropping. Currently it is thirty-two degrees and…I turn to look outside and flakes have begun to fall.

I find myself going to the shop window and look out in a haze. The sky is now purple. It starts slow and then the flakes begin to come down harder. In moments, a snow storm is blowing…in the month of June? That isn’t supposed to happen here at any point, but now it is. I am so distracted that I don’t hear the chime on the door.

“Hello Alisa.”

I freeze at the window and slowly turn. “My name is Melina.”

“No it isn’t.” He shakes his head casually. He has raven colored hair that sat on top of his head and his eyes are blue-grey with an iridescent sheen to them. He was well built and I can see the muscles ripple under his shirt. He also wears a pair of relaxed fit wranglers and a pair of hiking boots. “You were born Alisa, a member of a tribe of shifters and you were dormant when humans killed your family. You were a toddler back then, so it is no wonder that you don’t remember yourself.”

Before I can draw a breath, he is in front of me and I feel as though I am unable to move. He dips his head and smells my auburn hair a moment and then brings his hands to my face. “My bite has already done its job. All that remains is for you to come with me.”

I finally managed to draw a breath and ask out right, “This is unnatural for this time of year, especially here. Are you somehow doing this?”

He shakes his head again casually, “No. This is actually a natural occurrence. The world freezes every so often, it is called an ice age for a reason. With your ancient blood, you will survive it, other wild life have already begun adapting to survive as well. Humans however are not that good at adapting to a sudden polar shift and a new ice age. Things will get worse before it gets better and their population will bottle neck. We have our own safe haven where we will flourish without them.” His lips near mine.

His words seduce me and I feel my heart beat rise. Even my breathing accelerates. He smells delectable to me and I swoon into his kiss as it connects. I see in my mind a dragon of coal black scales with a crown of spike on his head and along his tail. I see large wings that seem to wrap around me. It is then in that vision that I notice that I too am a dragon in it. I am silvery white and against him. 

So Safe…

So Warm…


“Take me home”, I whisper between kisses and those wings seem to appear and wrap around me and in a bright light, the cold is gone and the world has changed around me.

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15:07 Jan 29, 2021

Hi Amy, Emmanuelle here from the critique circle! I love your story, it reminds of the movie The Day After Tomorrow where they experience a polar shift and an ice age occurs in just a few days! I think you could make this story even better by changing the opening line. I know the prompt is completely about weather, but I think as a reader I'd get much more hooked in if the first line wasn't about the weather. For example you could change it to: "Where the heck was I last night?" (I really liked that line in your third paragraph). Really gre...


16:19 Jan 29, 2021

Well the opening line could have been better, but with the prompt, weather had to figure in to make it summer time.


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A.j. Brown
18:36 Jan 26, 2021

Neat, I always like a fantasy story that starts off in a practical situation, especially with extra little details (liking the breakfast bowls with gravy) to make it seem more real.


20:28 Jan 26, 2021

I figure if shifters were real and them actually getting a mate, I am betting it would be a similar situation. Instead I see some Shifter Romances that seem far fetched from the start. Glad you like it.


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