The pain ends here...

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Jan 16, 2021

Creative Nonfiction

β€œHey IceBear."

β€œHi Venti”

β€œDo you have friends in real life who know about this?"

β€œNo, I do have friends though.”

β€œHmm, you should tell someone trust worthy, an adult”

β€œWhy? They said they would kill me.”

β€œThat’s literally a dead threat.”

β€œI know. That’s why I am scared.”

β€œYou should go to police or something and tell them the seriousness.”

β€œNo. I can’t.”

β€œThis is physical abuse... and dead threat... The police should help. You can’t be abused everyday.”

β€œI-I Cant”

β€œThere must be a way to get out of this.”

β€œI am hurt too much. They broke my arm in November on my birthday...”

β€œOh god...”

β€œ...and gave me a black eye.”

β€œDid your parents ask how you got hurt?”


β€œWhat did you say?”

β€œI told them that I fell from the tree and tripped.”

β€œYou should have told the truth... Your parents literally gave life to you.”

β€œI couldn’t.”

β€œI understand...”

β€œI physically can’t do it, I am scared.”

β€œWrite a letter to them, it’s not your fault.”

β€œI could fight back. I do karate, I do boxing and all sorts of martial arts.”

β€œYeah, but you see, fighting back isn’t just physical. You have to mentally fight back too.”

β€œI know. They also spam me with rude messages.”

β€œAre they your classmates?”

β€œYes, they are.”

β€œSince when did they start doing this?”

β€œEver since I started going to that school.”

β€œHmm. Why don’t you change school then? If you are afraid to tell someone, you should have done


β€œI ask all the time. They say no. They say I have no reason to”

β€œHmm. Do your parents care for you?”


β€œThen send them a message.”

β€œBut I don’t tell them I get bullied.”

β€œA detailed message explaining everything. You should. You wouldn’t be afraid if you have to send

like that.”

β€œBut Adrian and his gang will kill me.”

β€œStay in home.”

β€œI do I am in online school.”

β€œI mean until everything get’s solved.”

β€œBut when I go shopping or walk to my friend’s house...”

β€œDo you have the message of them threatening you? You can send it to police.”

β€œNo, I can’t.”

β€œWell, then tell them to stop.”

β€œOk, I will try.”

β€œI mean in a way that would make them realise what they are doing is wrong.”

"I can defend myself sometimes. I don't fight back, I block their punches and kicks."

"They are humans too, tell them you don't like them doing this."

"They tell me I don't look like a human."

"They are blind and rude..."

"No, they are rude but not blind."

"Blind in the sense of love. You must do something..."

"Idk i try to care for everyone, even them..."

"They don't see the real beauty in your heart..."

"Well, its your choice. But if I was in your place I would have made a move by now. Anyway, do something don't get hurt"

"My friend did..."

"What did he do?"

"He got hurt verbally and physically. He is dark skin and they are white, they used the racially offensive word. So i fought back"

"Oh.. he complained to police or someone?"

"I helped him."

"Oh nice."

"I was there for him"

"He will be there for you too."

"He is."

"And I will be there for you here. Did they stop abusing him?"

"Yes, I told them to stop, I told the teachers that they did that."

"So, they stopped see."

"Yeah, to him not me."

"But they picked on you after that?"


"oh...wait. I will try to find something that may help you."


"I am finding a video. That's all."

"Ok. What type of video?"

"Your mind needs to be clear before you decide about anything, Meditate."

"Ok, I will try. Thank you."

"This will help. Trust me. :)"

"Ok, I trust you."

"Tell your problems to god. Ask him the power to face them. Trust me, it works. He has helped me not one time, but everytime.

You will find your way... by him not me. Because he will always be there for you. The peace will guide you Take care bye."

"Ok, it sorta helped. I found other videos too.Β Now I am playing with my friend."




"So they came to my door..."

"What happened? Are you safe?"

"They wanted to fight me fair and square.If I won they would stop bullying me."


"But if I lost they would... And my friend was there so I fought.




"Wow! How do you feel now?"


"I hope you didn't get much hurt in the fight."

"I didn't get hurt."

"Oh, good to hear."

"I am playing a game with my friend right now."

"Oh cool! Have a great time!"

"See ya."

"Bye See ya."


β€œIt feels so happy to see someone happy.”


β€œAnyways good morning pan1c.”

β€œGood morning.”

β€œpan1c, what are you doing in ban appeals? Were you banned before?”

β€œNope, did you get banned?”


β€œWhy? What did you do? I’ll try an appeal but I need a reason.”

β€œWait no, don’t.”


β€œIf it was for myself, I could never leave the server. Whenever I try to leave, I would join back."

β€œJust tell me what you did man. I’ll try and get you back... I’ll talk to a few mods.”

β€œIt’s ok.”

β€œDo you wanna tell me why you got banned?”

β€œI used the offensive word.”

β€œOh my... When? Why?”


β€œSo you just said it? lol.”

β€œI thought it wouldn’t be a problem if the bot deleted it.”

β€œCome on man... you know that’s against the rules...”

β€œThe bot deleted it instantly tho. lol anyway it was a blessing in disguise.”


β€œIt was the only way I could truly leave the server.”

β€œWas it distracting you?”

β€œHmm slightly.”

β€œBro I wish I could do that so the server won’t distract me anymore... but I don’t wanna say offensive


β€œlol. Nobody saw that anyway. I guess the bot records it as it deletes.”

β€œYeah, the bot is dangerous.”

β€œAnyway, cya have a great day.”

β€œBye, you too.”


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How did you write such a good story with NO dialogue tags?? It's so good!


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