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Jan 16, 2021

Fiction Friendship Funny

Tommy and george were coworkers and also good friends. Since high school but their whole life it was the same scene. Drinking, watching he day go by. Today they were sitting outside watching the day go by. They had finished watching playoff football and sat outside drinking on George's porch. It was a sunday night ritual watch the game and get drunk and forget everything that happened.

George said Hey man did you hear what happened to miss rosie?

No what? I heard she had a stroke from mr. Robinson but then I heard she had the Corona virus and then I heard she was getting ready to run a marathon. So i figured she had a stroke and then the Corona but now she is fine and up and running.

George said Well, dont tell anyone I told you but she is going through some problems. Some complications, doctor told her she was this close to dying. ( he held his thumb and forefinger close together to show his friend) yeah you see she had 3 clogged arteries and if she did not come in on time at that very moment to get her checkup she would have been a goner. That is what i was told George said. She is still in the hospital as we speak going to be held overnight for observations.

Tommy said You want we could go see her today. She done so much for us and this community we should pay our respect.

We sure should. Remember that time she took us trick or treating we didnt even have money to buy a costume but she made us one. My favorite childhood memory of all time. I'll never forget that costume I told her I wanted to be batman and she made me a spider man costume. I didnt have the heart to tell her she had got it wrong. I had to tell all my friends they misheard when I said I wanted to be batman this year. One sleeve bigger than the other. He starts laughing. Got made fun of but so what I loved it and I loved her for it. Not too many people will do something like that for you. A tear almost came to George's eye.

Yeah we should bring her flowers too. Some chocolates and a card. Show her we care. Said tommy

Yes sirreee. Said george.

How about them kansas city chiefs man they are something special. I think they are going to take it this year again.

Yeah that mahomes guy he is good.

Maybe go down as the greatest ever. Tommy exclaimed.

When is all said and done you maybe right. Seconded george.

They drank a few more beers. A little drunk stuttering.

A couple of hours had passed

I thought we were going to do something today. I could have sworn we said we were going to visit someone in the hospital. Said george.

George you dont lost your mind. We never said such a thing. Who the hell would we visit in the hospital. We ain't got no kinfolk they all gone. Dead. Laughed tommy.

I suppose you are right Tommy my mind is playing tricks on me. But I thought we said something about miss rosie. You know what happened to her, right? George looked bright eyed as if he was going to drop a big secret on tommy

What miss rosie you dont say what happened to her? Tommy looked saddened as if he didnt want to know.

Yeah she had sprained her ankle real bad thought she had broken her leg. George told him.

I like miss rosie great human being. Was like a second mother to me. Remember the time she made you that superman costume

He interrupts him no it was a iron man costume. Yeah didnt have the heart to tell her I wanted a captain america costume. She made it for me with so much love and pride. How could not break her heart and tell her she got it wrong.

Yeah she sure did and she did the same for me one time. Also all the time I was hungry and needed something to eat I could always come by and she would give me some food. So great. I could remember when my mama was baking

an upside down cake and we needed some sugar and we didnt have any and no money but man I knew I could knock on miss Rosie's door and get some. And she opened that door and said sweetie what do you need? When I told her miss rosie we need sugar for this cake my mama is baking she came over with a domino bag and handed it to my mama. Great woman said tommy.

It was getting dark outside and the two friends were losing consciousness. They had not stopped drinking all night.

About 9pm with the moon howling the teo buddies noticed a familiar figure walking down their way.

Hey boys how is it going? Asked miss rosie. She noticed tommy and george were in their usual stupor so she walked away and went on to the supermarket. Man I pray for those two boys every night. She looked up at the sky as she said this.

Man who was that? Asked george

What are you talking about questioned tommy dumbfounded. What is wrong with you?

I could have sworn miss rosie just walked by and asked us how we are doing.

You done lost your mind, miss rosie died. I heard it from a reliable source she passed away a couple of days ago from the coronavirus. Said tommy.

What no, you dont say. Tears were streaming down George's face. She was like a second mother to me.

Yeah the Corona got her. Said tommy with a stern look on her face. You know when little pete tells me something is as good as law.

You heard it from little pete then yeah she is a goner. So sad. Life is so nothing else here one minute gone the next. I'm sure going to miss her.

Yeah we all are.

The two boys nodded off and dozed off. Miss rosie came back from the supermarket with a couple of bags under her arm. She saw those two slumbered in their beach chairs. She felt pity for them so she reached into her bag and pulled out a couple of bananas for the boys. She dropped it off and she went home. 

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