Jan 15, 2021

Coming of Age Fantasy Fiction

I hated my job, I hated my abilities yet most of all I hated the people that exploited my heritage. Yes, I was one of the last living members of the Tridont tribe with enough pure DNA to have the ability that my ancestors were so famous for...we could not lie, we could not deceive, even if it was for the best.

Over the last 5000 years or so , the original founding Elvish Tribes had become diluted and mixed as Elves married into other tribes or even ran off with humans, Fae or dwarfs. For an Elf such as myself to have enough pureblood left in me to have one of the original magical traits my ancestors were so famous for...it was seen as a gift, a gift that I had to use to benefit others no matter what I believed in or wanted.

It was because of this 'ability' of mine that meant that I spent my days as the 'HR' or ' personal affairs' officer for the Elvish council...I did all their dirty work basically that no one else wanted to do. My talent went exactly against my personality which was somewhat ironic. My ability meant that I was often in the centre of conflict and was the one 'telling it how it was' instead of avoiding any sort of interactions with other Elves which was what I would have preferred. I was an introvert and a homebody...and that was something I could proudly admit to . The only issue was , my job that took up practically my entire life was the exact opposite of this. 

The Tridont Tribe had been famous Peace Keepers in their day, known for their incapability to tell lifes or half truths. My ancestors had turned this seemingly unfortunate weakness into their greatest strength and thus the legacy of the Tridont Tribe had been born. Now in modern day society, the gifts of the old Tribes were basically unheard of thanks to the watered down gene pool...it was a miracle in itself that I had this ability. As the daughter of a human and a 12th generation Tridont...my genetic gene pool shouldn't have spat out this ability and gifted it to me in the first place...yet here we were. 

It wasn't like I could tell the council to go away and leave me alone, under the Elvish constituional law anyone with a high enough concentration of ancient magic in their veins had to work for the Elvish council for a minimum of 300 years. Considering I had just had my 80th birthday a few weeks before, I was stuck in this role for a long...long time. My parents and siblings were no help at all when I complained about it...they just didn't get it. My Mother was perfectly happy being a free lance artist and using her sensitive Elvish eyes to create incredibly vibrant and detailed works of art. My father and siblings on the other hand had embraced their human DNA and were happily settled into mundane roles in the human world.

They didn't understand the emotional toll my job took on me everyday. My ancestors had used their gift to be the Elvish nations peace makers both within their own peoples and against other peoples as well such as the humans and the Fae. I was not as fortunate as the previous generations of the Tridont people, no...instead my job was simply to act as the 'bully' for the Elvish council basically. 

As ironic as it was, through my inability to be decitful I was actually dishonest in the ways it mattered most. Basically my job can be summarised into a few simple steps. 

1. I act as the 'friendly' member for the Elvish council in regards to various negotiations or conversations such as potential allies or eliminating any unease between parties.

2. These parties trust me as an informant and they reveal all to me as they think I am on their side.

3. When the Elvish council interviews me either in their company or seperately, I have to reveal all no matter what...it was my 'gift' afterall.

Most of the time, I went back to my small cottage nestled on the fringes of Eastern Elvish's suburbia feeling awful. Once realising my actual special trait and my true role description, the parties I had 'befriended' often hated me...even if the truths I had revealed benefited them. It was a curious thing to behold...even if people got the outcome they wanted they still felt betrayed if they trust someone to keep their 'secret's and they do not. Full disclosure here though, I never tell these clients or customers that I will keep their secrets...they just assume. 

It was a wonder in itself that I was able to put on this friendly, trustable, ' confide in me act' when in reality I was a tempramental, socially akward Elf who preferred to live alone with the various wild animals that had decided to live with me over the years. Although I struggled to connect to people, animals and I had a special bond and I was in the ideal position to help injured wildlife that came to my cottage bordering on both the Elvish countryside and suburbia.

So yeah, here I was...stuck in a world that didn't quite understand me doing a job I hate. I tried to see the best in things...I tried to see the best in all circumstances which was why I reckoned I could see past my personal distate of my job and instead move on with the other aspects of my life. Unfortunately, I was even finding this difficult thanks to the way my role made me feel about not only my abilities but towards the way I felt about the Elvish council as well...it was never good to hate the authoritative figure of your home country. Although I knew they meant well and were always focused on the greater good...it still felt like I was exploiting people in the current day, as the Elvish council were exploiting my ancestors gifts. 

Hopefully one day this would all make sense to me, yet at the moment and I had no idea of what to do or where to go from here. Unfortunately, my inability to lie meant I couldn't lie to myself either...what a time to be alive. 

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