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Jan 14, 2021

Christian Friendship Romance


Hey yourself. How are you doing?

Great. You?

I’m doing fine if you don’t count the fact that I almost got myself fired today.

Wow. I didn’t know that the owner of a company could fire herself.

I didn’t myself until it happened.


Why are you staring at me that way?

Come on, don’t keep me in the dark. What happened today?

Have you heard this phrase before,” procrastination is a thief of time”?

Sure. Who hasn’t?

When did you hear it?

Babe, this one you are asking me weird questions, is all well?

Wrong reply. When did you hear it?

I don’t remember. When I was a child, maybe?

When you heard it did you believe it?

Something is definitely wrong. What has come over you?

Wrong reply, wrong question.

Are you sure everything is fine?

Stop being such a worrywart. You asked why I almost fired myself, didn’t you?

Oh. Is that what brought about this line of questioning?

Be still my heart. Did you just insult me?

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.

Yeah and you obviously sound sorry.

Okay. I really am sorry, I’m just a tiny little bit worried about you.

Don’t be. Back to my questions, when you heard the phrase, “procrastination is a thief of time”, did you believe it.

I guess I did. I can’t remember now.

How about now, do you still procrastinate?

Of course. Everybody is guilty of doing that one way or the other.

If you tell one of your employees to bring a certain file to you before Friday_

On which day?


On which day do I ask the employee to bring the file?

Um, on a Monday?


If the employee brings the file the next Monday, what are you going to do? Mind you, it is a very important file and you were told to submit it by Saturday.

I get your point but I would check up on the employee during the week.


Guess you didn’t think of that before you started asking, did you?

Guess not.

That’s why I’m the genius in this relationship.

Who is deceiving you? What if you could not find the employee during the week no matter how much you tried?


Just answer the question. Please?

For the record, your puppy doe eye does not affect me. I just decided to help you.

Yeah right.

I would find out the reason why I did not see the employee until that day but until I find out why, the employee is getting fired.

Do you understand now why I almost fired myself?

Um no?

I thought you just said you were a genius. Can’t you figure it out? 

You fired an employee that was so good for the company?

Absolutely not. Did I mention firing any employee?

Sorry. Oh I know, one of your employee did not bring a file you asked the person to bring because you forgot to check up on the person.

Are you serious?

Sorry. It’s just that you look so adorable when you are mad.


Okay. I’m sorry. What did you postpone and what was the damage?

Thank you for asking. Hey, don’t roll your eyes at me, I am in a serious mood right now.

Okay ma.

Will you believe me if I told you that I forgot to complete my tax questionnaire.

Sure. I’ve learnt enough about you to know that you are very capable of forgetting something as important as that. Don’t frown at me, you asked if I could believe it and I answered.

Whatever. Guess my punishment.

Um, you have to pay triple before it is completed.

If only it were that simple, my working visa has been canceled.

Oh my God.

That was exactly my reaction. I will not survive my working visa being canceled. I don’t know what to do.

Oh my God, please don’t cry, we will think of something.

Are you still nervous around crying women, I thought I had cried enough on you to have broken it out of you? Did I just feel you shudder?

Glad my comfortability with tears is a source of amusement to you.

There is absolutely no need to turn sarcastic, in fact you should be grateful I’m no longer crying.

Don’t worry, God will make a way.

One would think that God is already tired of my procrastination, he is cheering in his throne at my punishment.

That’s just your misery talking, you know God does not cheer at our problems.

Yeah I know, I just don’t know what to do.

Chin up, dear girl. It will work out, just watch and see.

At least, this problem has taken away a bit of my problem, the next time I see my tax questionnaire I’m not going to leave it till the next day.

Glad this could teach you a lifelong lesson. Ouch, why did you kick me?

I will not answer that question.

I’m sorry. I surrender.

Surrender to who, I’m still annoyed with you.


Like you said earlier, your puppy doe eye does not affect me.

I guess I deserved that.

What!!! For your information, you deserve much worse than that.

I thank you ma for your graciousness towards me.

You just won my apology with that statement.

I can see that growing up with you is not going to be boring.

Did you doubt that? 

No. I’m just making an observation.

Great. Now would you mind terribly if we get back to the problem at hand?

Good idea. When next do you need to travel?

Three weeks from now. I’m travelling to San Francisco.

You should be thankful you don’t have a pressing appointment this week.

Yeah. I am.

Where is Karen; or is that the name of your assistant?

It is Katie; she travelled home for an important function.

No wonder. I was wondering how she could have let you forget such an important thing.

Bless her, she is the best assistant one can ever ask for. Most times it is like she knows what I need even before I ask her for it.

Yeah, mine is even more scatterbrained than you are.

Then why is he still in your employ, you should have fired him ages ago.

I know but it is not that easy, there are obstacles in the way.

Like what?

Well, he is married with two kids expecting a third one and he just recently got sacked from his last job when he met me. I mean I’ve seen so many sad faces in my interview room but I’ve not seen one that was not afraid of begging in tears.

What you are supposed to do is actually very easy.

Tell me, o genius.

There must be something aside from assisting that he is good at, it could be typing, filing or even computer. 

Why didn’t I think of that?

Must be because I’m smarter than you are.

Smugness does not look good on you. Anyways, whether you are smarter than I am your willingness to procrastinate things will put you in more problems than I could ever dream of.

I know. I’m trying to change.

Well babe, you need to try harder because the next problem you may encounter might be non-reversible.

I know. I’ll change, I promise.

Along with doing things immediately you see them you can also tell me when there are stuffs that cannot be done at the moment, I will always remind you.

How did I ever deserve a man like you?

I could say the same about you but the fact is it couldn’t have been possible without God.

Yeah I agree. I love you so much.

I love you too. I’m actually counting down the days to our wedding.

What do you know, I’m also doing the same.

That’s one of the reasons why we are getting married.

What is?

Come on, we read each other’s mind, don’t you know?

Whatever you say sir, whatever you say.

Just remember, no more procrastination.

By the grace of God. Have I mentioned how much I love you?

Yeah you have but I won’t mind if you say it again.

I love you.

I love you too.

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Praise Abraham
15:41 Feb 02, 2021

Nice writing. Witty conversation. And you did a fantastic job weaving a great lesson and the God factor into you story. The only glitches are that, I know nothing about the two people involved in the dialogue, well, except that they are lovers. Also, using the quotation marks would have been much more standard. God bless you. Keep writing for his glory.💖❤️


Ayomide Kehinde
18:09 Feb 06, 2021

Thanks. I've noted the corrections.


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