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Jan 14, 2021

Creative Nonfiction Funny Friendship

“ When you arrived in the office this morning and found the safe door open, what was the first thing you did?”

“ I don’t have access to the safe keys or keys to any room for that matter.”

“But then did you notice that the safe door was open?”

“Was I the only person arriving early this morning?”

“No, you may not be the first to arrive but what did you do?”

“ I did what I’m required to do each day in the office.”

“So, you did not take notice of the open safe?”

“Is there a problem when people arrive early to work Matt? Are you not the one responsible for opening and closing the safe?”

“Of course I am, but I did not open it this morning. I found it open.”

“You are the Boss Matt. You are the only one opening and closing things around here. Please give me some peace and leave me to work.”

“Ron, you really don’t understand what’s going on here. Someone broke in and opened the safe.”

“ Are you trying to say I’m that someone?”

“Ok, let me spell it out for you. One of you must have opened the safe. Only three of us know where the safe is, you included.”

“All right then, if you are so sure of your story why don’t you call the Police?”

“I need to question the two of you before the Police come.”

“Is that necessary Matt? Or you are deliberately trying to waste my time?”

“So, you are actually saying you haven’t noticed anything this morning. Are you avoiding my question Ron?”

“I thought I’ve already given answers to your questions my friend.”

“ I’ll never be you friend Ron. Don’t fool yourself. I’m your Boss. Now, I’m still waiting for your answer.”

“ Here we go again. Haven’t I answered by saying, ' I was doing what is required of me to do each day. Which is work off course.’

“ Maybe I should rephrase my question, ' Who opened the safe this morning?'

“ The one having the keys, I guess. Who else?”

“Ron, we are running around circle here. Did you or did you not see that the safe was open this morning? Please answer my question.”

“ All I saw is you moving from one office to the other, asking question.”

“ The police have arrived. Keep on avoiding the question see what will happen. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Detective Inspector Gilmore opened his notebook and looked across the table at Ron.

“Can you tell me where you were at around six o'clock in the morning Sir, referring to Ron?”

“ I was right here in my office, Ron replied '

“Is there anyone who can verify that?”

“ If by that, Detective Inspector, you mean was anyone in my office with me at that time, the answer is no. Why do you ask?”

The Detective made a note, which gave him a little more time to think. Them he said, ‘I’m trying to find out if anyone else was involved”

“ Involved in what, inquired Ron.”

“Theft, he replied, watching him carefully.”

“Ron looked at Matt who was setting across the table, “ You said nothing about theft.”

“ I was still getting there but you wouldn’t let me, Matt responded.”

“ Wouldn’t let you do what Matt? I can’t believe you think I’m a suspect.”

“Ron, the Detective continued, I’m still trying to find out if you saw that the safe was open this morning?”

“Well Detective, I’ll tell you exactly what I told my Boss. I don’t have a key to any room in this office. Direct all this questions to him, he knows the answers.”

Detective Inspector couldn’t make up his mind if Ron was Naïve or simply stupid. He said his good byes and left the two gentleman. 

“ Being someone’s Boss isn’t easy Ron. One day you’ll get the opportunity to manage people who are as difficult as you are. I can’t wait for that day to come.”

“People like me, what do you mean by that?”

“ You refuse to answer one stupid question. Did you or did you not?”

“ If I did or didn’t, what difference does it make Matt? Don’t make this an issue man.”

“ Here we go again, I rest my case. You totally do not get it, do you?”

“I register Matt, I do? Trust me.”

“ This morning I thought you were giving me a hard time, but after the Detective failed to get answers from you, I know now that you are a hard nut to crack my friend.”

“ Oh, so, now we are friends?. When it suits you Matt. As long as you don’t forget you are my Boss.”

“ Please allow me to relate what happened this morning.”

“ Go ahead Boss, I mean friend.”

“ I know I’m the only one having keys to the safe but I didn’t open it. Someone broke in and stole all the money in it.”

“ Now I get the whole thing. Who then was the first to arrive?”

“You are the first Ron. That’s why all the questions.”

“ I am. I wasn’t aware.”

“ Do you see why it is important to answer my questions?”

“ Are you sure I’m the first to arrive? How do you know?”

“ Everyone saw you come in.”

“ So, each and everyone of them was waiting for me to come in and be the first? Wake up Matt, you are not that stupid.” 

“ Ok, I get your point but at least answer that question for me.”

“ The Detective inspector have already done that Matt. Cool off the steam. We’ve spend almost and hour going back and forth. Are we ever going to work today?”

“ You seem not to care that we lost money. All you care for is your silly tactics to a avoid important questions.”

“ The only person who don’t care about the money is you my friend. The Money matter came at the end of our conversation. You care so much about the safe.”

“ Don’t try to be smart. You are running away from the truth.”

“ Whose truth Matt? Your truth I guess. Don’t stress my man. Leave everything to the Law, stop playing Judge.”

“ I’m really exhausted. Let me leave you to think about all this.” 

“ I’m not thinking anything my dear friend. I need the energy to do my work. Go well.

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Daniel Hayes
01:22 Jan 27, 2021

Great story, I liked the pacing and enjoyed this story.


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