Jan 14, 2021

Drama Fantasy Horror

The city of the Over Lord, Lament, was fully decorated. All over the city, there was Cray paper of gold, silver, and platinum and the decorations to match. There were no flowers as there were none in the winter available for display. Still, artisans worked and created fake ones from various materials available. People from all over Icella were coming in droves to witness the wedding of Kaavel and the mysterious Eve.

There were nobles that came in droves to sit as close as they could so that they could hear the vows. Kaavel was a golden boy to the region and for him to have a wife would mean all the more reason to come to the palace. Most picked any reason or occasion to visit anyway.

Kaavel walked through the serving area to see that all the food was indeed being set up according to his specifications. The wedding cake was being finished. It was white and blue; the cake was a blueberry and cream cake. The decorations on top were a bride and groom specially designed to look like the couple. He couldn’t be happier, at least not until the wedding night.

Setter joined him, “Every noble across the country had been traveling for the last four days to get a seat at your wedding.”

“Why wouldn’t they”, he added as he turned toward the stage, “They want to see her more so than me. Where did the mysterious beauty come from and is he really that taken with her? She will be everything when it comes to their gossip. Imagine when our first child appears.”

Both men laughed as they went to be hosts to pawns.

The tower seemed silent, but she sat in a chair. A compelling spell was in place to make her want to do as she was instructed by her supposed grandfather. In the reality of her situation, Eve could not even check this Mercer’s story if she wanted too. With her status as an orphan, she had no clue if she was related to him or not. She didn’t even know her mother, only HIM. The paladin that broke her and rebuilt her into what she was now. “Still there is the question”, she mumbled to herself, the dream she had come to the forefront of her mind once more. “Are you my father, Aman?” It would make sense if he were the father, it would explain his obsession in turning her into the tool she was now.

In the chair that she sat in, there was a white dress on her person. The neck was cut into a heart that showed the upper portion of her breasts. The bodice was tight and constricting. It was no wonder that she could still breathe in such a thing. The waist was high and felt like second skin before it fell into layers. Upon her tied up hair sat a veil that covered her empty face as she waited. It seemed to simply be pinned into her hair for High Elf marriages; the groom would pull the veil away before he claimed her.

To escape this would be the most pleasing of sensations for she was raised not to accept what another chose for her. However with the spell in place, she could not stop this from happening. All they had to do was instruct her and she would do whatever they wanted. Damn them for this. She couldn’t even think enough to get out of this chair herself.

The doors opened to expose the guards that were outside and the old man in some sort of ceremonial robes. “Come, my great granddaughter, it is time.”

“I don’t even know if that terminology is true.” Compelled, Eve rose to her feet and stepped toward the old man. “Would my own blood really do this to me?”

“You doubt me, child? Your mother was my granddaughter. She gave you your life and that makes you under my direction.” He offered her his arm to escort her. Eve swallowed and took his arm.

“I don’t even know my blood for I was an orphan. My parents were murdered. So if I am your ‘great granddaughter’, where were you when I became a street rat that took a Paladin to rescue me from an eventual death?”

Mercer could only gasp at the woman’s words. She was most certainly the daughter of Arkinna; her lip was just like hers.  But while she is awake, her memory was suppressed to such a point that she knew not what it was he spoke of. Her memory had shown two elves that had no relation to her at all when she was awake. “I promise you that after this marriage, there will be plenty of time to show you. Even your future husband desires that you learn all in time.”

“I told you that I cannot do this. It…isn’t allowed to be.”

“Stop arguing, you will go through with this.”

Eve said no more and a catatonic type mind set had over ridden her face. She felt heat, distant for now, but it was closing on the present. The foolish wizard didn’t sense the inferno blazing near, but she did. Are you here, Amanacus?

The old wizard led her out a long hallway and down a set of steps to a long walk way that was surrounded by peasantry of the city that watched from below. Eve didn’t care about any of this. Upon clearing the bridge, music that sounded like a wedding march could be heard as nobles turned their attention toward them. Eve hesitated, but prompted by the mage called Mercer, she continued.

He led her further over a gathering point and on toward a risen stage where the over lord waited patiently, clad in a dark green elegant robe. Kaavel smiled at the sight of his bride and could imagine what the night would bring. His fingers took Eve’s hand from Mercer’s arm and brought her before an elf priest. This would be a formality and then he would have his way.

They stood on the top rung of a tower, Amanacus and Volcanna. His eyes seemed to glow and eerie red as he looked upon the sight. “She is spell bound?”

Volcanna nodded to him. “I feel her mind, my love, it is locked somehow. She will go through with this farce because of the spell, though begrudgingly, if we don’t step in and disrupt Mercer and that Night Elf Dragoner.”

Amanacus smiled beneath his cloak. “There are punishments to be had.” He stepped off the tower and vanished, Volcanna followed behind him.

The vows were given and Kaavel said his part, “I do.” When they were presented to Eve, he said to love honor and obey Kaavel. She wanted to react but could not. 

Eve was about to answer when a blood red mark on her wrist blazed to life. A cry escaped her lips and she hunched over. Her chest began to physically burn her and she collapsed to the stage. She screamed as smoke rose off her very flesh.

Kaavel was stunned by the sudden display as was his men and the grandfather. He noted a magic based assault on her and proceeded to find the source, which was not that far away.


“DEFILE; SHOT GUN WEDDINGS ARE ILLEGAL BY THE LAWS OF THE HIGH ONES!” Flames appeared just off the stairs and two forms appeared from them. The cloak on the male of the two forms flew back into the audience of nobles that scattered. The cloth became the beginning flames as it connected with the decorations and began to spread. “How dare you seek to develop the future of what is mine!”

Eve managed a few words to test her own theory, “Hi Daddy.” A small grin was shot in her direction from Amanacus in confirmation. In her mind, she screamed, I knew it, damn him.

The second forms only slide back the blue hood of her cloak but opened it. This made the blue split skirt, boots and halter visible. But her form held Mercer’s gaze a moment. It can’t be he thought.

Volcanna stepped forward slowly with her attention only on the burning Eve.

“What right are you here, Aman? This doesn’t involve the Dragon Paladin.”

“You are conducting a false wedding, Mercer. You seek to try and control that which you have no say over.”

“I am elder.”

“No, you aren’t.”

Kaavel stepped between Eve and Volcanna only to find himself in front of no one, as her form blurred and she past him to kneel beside Eve. “What is the meaning of this?”

Volcanna slid an arm under Eve and blurred once again to reappear at Amanacus’ side with the extinguished but weakened girl in her arms. “She lives, beloved, and the spell is released. She will not be permanently damaged. Curious, I wonder what she really thought of the wedding.”

“Bastards”, she managed in a whisper.

“There you have it.”

With almost a gentle look, Amanacus smiled and lifted Eve’s head. Slowly, his lips grazed her tenderly as if she were a young lover. “There there my sweet, daddy is here. He will make these foolish wicked men leave you alone.”

Around the interlopers present, gasps were heard by many.

“Take our little princess back south, my dearest. She still has a job to do and an oath to full fill.” 

The blue clad woman smiled and moved away with Eve in her arms, “She will be taken to a place to rest safely.” She returned to the flames and in an explosion, she allowed her true form to be seen. The fiery queen took to the skies with her charge in the form of a massive Sun Fire Dragon. Guards that attempted to stop her departure with Eve ignited seemingly spontaneous. The Dragoness whirled in the air but a moment and then veered south.

All realization had finally commenced over all present. It was as if they had been told a secret. One to be told meant the death of those that heard.

“It can’t be”, Mercer swallowed with a sense of shock. “She is the daughter of the Sun Fire Patriarch and my Granddaughter.”

Amanacus returned to his dark demeanor as he addressed one and all. “Do you see now, old man? Do you see that I far out seed you as elder of our little family? Do you see now that this marriage is null and void?” All around the stage and into the greenery and the decoration; flames ignited by them, even the castle began to quiver in the heat and cry out.

Kaavel was the only one that found his voice, “So you interfere when your kind had zero to do with your hybrid off spring. Why now, oh king of the Sun Fire? And do note the world will know this secret of yours. That you pretend to be a provider of justice.”

“You aren’t under my sister’s protection anymore, boy.  And you were NEVER under your sire’s protection.   That should have been some indication of your real worth. Eve is under my protection and guidance. She always has been. And now…” Flames rose around the form of the paladin and rose high. His voice echoed within and distorted. “There is a punishment that shall be given. You will learn quick and perhaps for all time! NEVER MEDDLE IN THE AFFAIRS OF THE DRAGONS!!!”

The massive being that took form made the female that left seem small. The gigantic dragon was a blaze with burning scales of gold and red. Spikes in sails went down his gargantuan back to a tail covered in spikes. Huge wings expanded as a roar destroyed ear drums. Those closest to him were impaled with a single swipe of his tail. As he drew breath, the flames grew in height. 

Peasants ran from the scene with full on terror. Nobles rushed away from the stage only to be engulfed in the towering inferno.

The buildings ignited into flames as if the body of the Patriarch causes them to combust from his mere presence. His eyes shot to the stage and flames began to consume it. The priest died first followed by the death wails of the old wizard Mercer. The last clear sights that the Over Lord saw was his city, castle, and people a blaze. His own magic barrier crumble to nothing as the flames overcame his form. His pain carried him into blackness. His most trusted fell to the flames of Armageddon. Then there was nothing.

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Michael Boquet
03:21 Jan 22, 2021

You certainly know how to build a world. Very creative story and for the most part true to the fantasy genre. Some of the wording you used had me confused though. Like the term "shotgun wedding" or Cray paper. Modern things don't feel like they fit in the world you've built up. Some of the wording seems off too. Like: "She had a white dress on her person" instead of "she wore a white dress." Fun story nonetheless. I was very much transported to the Over Lord's world.


05:24 Jan 22, 2021

If I had the ability to add more without going into more, somethings might have been more explained. For instance, Cray Paper has actually been around longer then modern times but since in this medieval world I created does have paper and writing, it could be utilized in decoration in such a way and many things can be the glue like substance that creates it. The Shotgun wedding thing would make more sense if I didn't have to worry about word counts. I kept this story on the basic side. The terms I used with about the White Dress thing ...


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I really enjoyed this story Amy. Felt very engaged until the end.


00:01 Jan 15, 2021

Glad you like. I hope I captured the devil like persona of the Patriarch like I hoped.


Yup, you definitely did!


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Claire Tennant
22:45 Jan 20, 2021

This is an entertaining, story with a lesson in the requirement for respect and honour. A true sense of good versus evil. Loved it


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Mou Sur
18:21 Jan 18, 2021

Wow great job.Loved it!


18:33 Jan 18, 2021

Glad you like it. I love Dragons so I created a bit of a dragon devil sort.


Mou Sur
20:11 Jan 18, 2021

Keep writing.Best wishes


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