End of the 9th Aries War

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Jan 12, 2021

Science Fiction Historical Fiction Bedtime

(A stand alone featuring a story to be told. Based off of Why me but not directly)

It was a cold day, I remember it well. My name was Raven back then and I had made it to my twenty-fourth year that time before someone awoke my memory. It is always someone that did it and that life time it was a series of near death experiences. The symbol on my back was right where it always was, the exception was that in that life time Pisces was the symbol in the middle of it. 

           While the supernatural war waged between Michael, Lucifer, and Cain, I was pretty much on my own dealing with a group of humans that thought that if the prize was dead, the activity would die down and the war would stop. These hunters called themselves the League of Adam and they wiped out my entire family. Because of running for my life, I had not been able to pay much attention to the war itself.

           I was in Colorado at the time the war ended I guess. I was in route from Gunnison to Cimarron when my car broke down on the Gunnison side of a bridge and I figured I would walk it to the nearest gas station on the far side and maybe hitch hiked to Cimarron. It seemed like a good idea.

         With a name like Raven, yes I was born with raven black hair. In this life time I did have some Native American heritage in me and my hair lay like one would even though I was olive complicated. My eyes were a cobalt blue and since the awakening, they had an iridescent sheen to them. On the day in question I wore a pair of black jeans, a pink shirt, and an oil treated black duster that was fur lined with hiking boots.

          The jacket was closed and my hands were in my pockets. They say it was going to be in the fifties that day. I could tell as I walked that the temperature was dropping and a cold front had begun to move through. Secretly I hoped for someone to come along and give me a lift, but in the meantime, I used my power to keep my body temperature stable as I walked.

           I was almost to the middle of the bridge when it happened. 

There was a loud crack and a bullet went through my shoulder. It was through and through which was good but it still hurt. Because I was elevating my body temperature, the side effect was a faster blood flow so I did start to bleed out. The second pop happened before I could react and I spun hard. The guard rail shattered beside me and I was knocked off the bridge into the icy waters below.

A)    The blood flow stopped from the cold waters counter acting the spell as well as the pain.

B)    I was then at risk for hypothermia.

The last thing I saw was what I thought to be birds’ wings and they were diving toward the place where the shots came from. Then I slid under the water and had to struggle to stay up.

It seemed like several minutes and then a hand launched down it seemed and grabbed my hand. The individual pulled me up out of the water single handed and into him. I recognized the man…or rather Fallen…it was Zaquiel, an agent of Lucifer.

He was a raven haired man in his own right with a pair of black wings. As he pulled me into him, I felt really warm suddenly and he whispered, “Breathe, my lady, we can’t have you dying now that things have been decided.” As his wings were folded around me and he kept one hand holding me against him, his free hand slid to my shoulder and the wound repaired itself. Then his hand slid to my jaw and did the same.

“Thanks”, I told him, “So Lucifer won again.”

“Yes, my lady, and he is awaiting you.”

I looked back and we were actually close to the shot origination site. I saw other familiar faces to me that served Lucifer as they killed the men who shot me with blades of dark fire. All of them had radiant black feathery shadow wings and all were killing those responsible.

As the commotion died down, a woman drifted over on her own black wings, “Are you alright, my Queen?”

I knew her as Azazel, a general of sorts and a weapons fanatic of the Fallen. I just nodded even though I was still shivering.

“She will be. We need to get her back to him.”

“Go, we will follow momentarily.” 

Zaquiel went airborne with me held against him. As reflex, my arms went around his neck. He angled on toward the west and I wondered where he was. We flew for several minutes and then the group that lingered caught up to us as a protection detail. I closed my eyes as the world passed under me as they moved at high speeds.

I must have dozed off because Zaquiel nudged me a moment and I opened my eyes high above Las Vegas. The irony was not lost upon me, Sin City. He landed on the highest building in the gambler’s paradise and the other Fallen stood around us a moment as he released me.

“Hello Raven.”

I turned to see him before me. He wore his dark hair short and he had a five o’clock shadow to his chin and neck. He wore black leather pants and a chest piece over his bare chest. Morning Star was in his hand as well as his massive black wings were in full expanse. It was Lucifer.

I swallowed and took a step forward but stopped. “I take it if anyone is interfering with the men that have been trying to kill me since my memories surfaced that the war is over for this generation.”

He nodded with a smile, “Oh yeah, it is over. I am sorry that I didn’t realize what was going on ahead of time or I would have gone ahead and collected you and kept you here.”

That smile always was seductive in my mind. It was never that bad with Lucifer. He was a bit possessive and obsessive and sometime sex crazed, but he also never beat the crap out of me like Michael did or beat me into submission like Cain did. He was actually the nicer of the two brothers when it came to me despite being Lord of Darkness and Demon King.

He released his sword and it vanished…he always could recall it at a moment’s notice. Lucifer opened his arms to me, “So my darling Celesta, are you prepared to put up with me for another twenty-one hundred years?”

I laughed light hearted. I am Celesta to the winner despite how I was raised name wise and once claimed, I respond to the name once again. I stepped forward into his arms as I gave him a nod. 

His lips met mine in a passionate kiss, his tongue claiming my mouth as he always did. Energy surged through me and my form transformed. I was immortal after that for the following two thousand and one hundred years. I could even have children during those periods at least if the victor was Michael or Lucifer for I was undead if Cain won. During that life time I did give Lucifer a daughter in Azryl. 

Then like always, I began to fade. The other two ignored me and let me fade. Lucifer would spend my final hours with me in his arms to make my final memory in that life time pleasurable.

Yes the Devil really wasn’t as bad as the human race was led to believe.

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04:38 Jan 13, 2021

I am thinking of writing a few short stories featuring her...you, lol...It is just side ideas that the prompts are influencing heavily right now.


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18:56 Jan 12, 2021

I really liked this story! It never got boring and I wanted it to never end! :D Great Job!


19:05 Jan 12, 2021

It is a little independent story based on the character Celesta. Writers do that when playing with ideas. Glad you like it. Might write two others based off of this one in the future. Just one have Cain win and the other Michael.


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