The Annoucement

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Jan 11, 2021

Christmas Christian

Striding into the room the tall intruder announces, “Hey lovely Maria, you have been noticed.”

“What” she states, alarmed?

“The Boss has noticed you. He has been watching you for a while and is, well, how do I say this? He is impressed.”

“Who are you anyway and how did you get in here” she cries?

“Well, that’s not all that important,” he smiles knowingly. “I do have my ways. The thing is, the Boss thinks you are quiet a beauty, something special, he has been watching over you for some time.”

“What are you talking about,” she babbles on “please don’t hurt me. Are you going to take me somewhere?  I haven’t done anything and don’t have anything you want.”

“Oh, on the contrary you have just exactly what the boss wants,” he states calmly. “Look sweetheart, don’t be afraid, I’m not going to hurt you and you aren’t going anywhere,” he raises both hands in surrender. “Everything is fine, copasetic, you know cool.”

She turns away, covering her eyes, “Can’t you just leave? I don’t understand what you want or what he wants. Please just go and leave me alone!”

“Hey now, no drama is needed. I have a great big surprise for you, it’s really super. The Boss has an important job, or maybe assignment is a better word, just for you,” the stranger states.

“I don’t need an assignment and I don’t want an assignment. I just want to forget this ever happened. I feel like I am having a really weird dream.”

“No really, you need to calm down and listen. The Boss wants you to have his baby. He’s already picked out his name. Oh yeah, the baby is going to be a boy. You are going to have a baby boy little missy, the Boss’s son.”

In a total panic she faces him and shouts, “What? No, you are crazy.”

“Yes it’s true, the big Boss’s son, who will inherit all his assets. He will be the heir, the head of it all, and you young lady will be his momma. What do you think about that,” he says with a flourish?

She stares at him bug-eyed, “You have got to be kidding? You picked the wrong house, the wrong girl, I’m too young, and besides I’m no body, a no account.”

He points at her and does a spin on his toes, “You are the one.”

“But, I just can’t be, I’m not experienced, I know nothing about men, much-less how to please the Boss. Plus, I can’t be a mom yet,” she implores. “Couldn’t he find someone better, more suitable to be the mother of his child. Besides how could I have the Bosses child I’ve never seen him, had a date with him much less, well, slept with him.”

He looks up at the ceiling and scratches his head, “Well now, here’s the thing, I know it sounds crazy but the Boss is going to make you pregnant in a special way; no dates, no marriage no honeymoon, no sex even. Bam! It will just happen and you will be pregnant.”

“Really,” she stammers?

“Hey, just to show you I am not messing with your mind, you know your old aunt Elizabeth, married to that old preacher dude?”

“Yes, of course I know my aunt,” Maria states with confusion. “She is my mom’s older sister.”

“They’ve got no kids, right?”

“No, they never had any kids,” she agrees.

“Well, news flash, old Liz is six months pregnant and counting. The Boss made it happen, He gave old Zach some get up and go and what do you know? She’s pregnant,” the tall stranger announces, crossing his arm.

“How could she be,” Maria shouts, “she’s too old?”

“Well in case no one has told you, nothing is impossible for the Boss.”

“All of this makes no sense. It is kind of creepy.” She looks down, “I mean, I know about the Boss, I’ve heard about him since I was just little. I remember even trying to talk to him when I was by myself,” she pauses. “I just never though he cared about me, noticed me.”

He smiles, “You were wrong.”

“Yeah, I guess I was,” she looks up at the intruder. “I know it’s supposed to be an honor to have his child. I’ve heard he would have a son one of these days. I mean, I know lots of girls are really into it. They look up their family on those genealogy sites and what not; to see if they have the right blood lines to have the Boss’s son.” She takes a deep breath, “Honestly, it just never occurred to me that it would happen, much less that I’d be picked to be that girl.”

“Hmm,” he hums.

She continues, “I guess I’m a little scared. I’m not married yet and if I get pregnant what will people say, how will they treat me? Oh, yikes what about Joe? I mean, we are supposed to get married eventually. Will the boss let me get married? Is Joe going to buy me being pregnant with the boss’s baby,” she exclaims out of breath?

The stranger shrugs, then smiles, “It’ll all work out sweetie, I promise.”

“I guess the Boss never does things the way people expect. He kind of has his own way of doing things, huh? He isn’t predictable is he,” she says?

“Not since I’ve known him,’ says the stranger with a shake of his head.

“Well, I sure don’t know how this is all going to work out but I’m willing to do whatever he wants me to do. Oh, and tell the Boss I am really honored, scared but honored” she smiles bowing her head.

“Oh, don’t worry, he already knows,” he smirks.

She looks up, “Oh by the way, what is your name again, or did you even tell me?

“Gabe, sweetheart, just call me Gabe,” he says, turning to go. “Hey, speaking of names, I forgot to tell you, the baby, his name is Jesus, baby Jesus.”


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