Jan 08, 2021

Horror Friendship Romance

(Continues from Taken)

(Small gap in the story because the gap was too graphic for the site)

It was about five hours later when she woke up, typical for the huntress when she did get some sleep. There was no window so she could not even see outside to determine the time of day. Still with the bit of pain she felt in her lower body, she wondered when it would subside and if he would take her again at some point. The lady pulled herself off the bed into a sitting up position when a maid came in to check on her.

“Are you alright my queen?” The girl was a maid that served the house and the facility. She wore a light blue colored dress and looked to be Creole in descent with her tanned looking skin and dark hair.

“Queen”, Selena questioned.

“It is what we will refer to you now as you are the claimed mate to the Lion King of the Shifters. Is there anything I can do to help? You look to be a little in pain.”

Selena sighed, “I am betting the removing of this leash and collar is a no go.” Her hand slid over the upper half of her left breast and the burning feeling in the bite mark.

“No, only the King has the key to the lock and he isn’t home yet. I know”, she snapped her fingers; “He did say you were a virgin until he took you the first time. The chain should reach the bathroom, how about a hot bath? It could help with the pain.”

Selena nodded, “OK.”

The young human woman walked into the bathroom area and suddenly Selena heard water running. She made herself get out of bed and walked that way, though bow legged. It was true; the chain still had a little slack on it at the tub. The girl drew a bubble bath and then offered to assist her in the tub.

With help, Selena sank herself into the tub and sighed. 

The maid pulled out a loofah for her as well as some scented body wash that smelled of fresh rain fall. She also lit a few aroma therapy candles and then left her there to tend the bed.

The room smelled of opium and Selena began to relax in the hot bubble bath. Being queen does have some advantages I guess. She found herself purring once again. I purr?

The tub was a whirl pool tub but the jets were turned down to gently massage without being too bubbly. It was a new experience for her. The vanity was all porcelain but edged in gold. Even the mirror that was above it was trimmed in gold. The tiles that were around the room appeared to be marble and had quarts broke up in it to give a light purple color. This bathroom was large enough to even have its own shower as well as the bath tub. 

Right after the maid changed out the bed clothes from the ones the queen bled on to the new set that was ice blue, she also brought in some food for the lady and sat it on a small table in the room. It was under a couple of platters. One was meant for the queen and the other was meant for someone due back in moments. A couple of shot glasses were added and some Johnny Walker Whiskey. Once she was done, she turned back to the King walking in.

“My king”, she bowed.

He twitched his nose a moment. “Opium scented candles? Have you done everything else I wanted you to in here?”

“Oh yes”, she smiled, “and the queen is relaxing in a hot bath. I was about to ask her if she needed anything else.”

“No, you may go.” He waved her off.

The maid bowed and left.

Lucian locked the door back and changed out of the Armani suit that he was wearing into simply a pair of black lounge pants. This was his room after all and he might have been annoyed with the maid for even coming in here if she wasn’t making an appoint to help Selena as well as her duties he told Hayden to have her to do. He opened a drawer in a dresser that he hardly used that he had stuff reserved for Selena and pulled out a black knee length satin chemise that she could slip into after her bath. He had clothing made up in her size before she was even caught. The dresser had three drawers dedicated to simple things for her and his walk in closet had a section just for her. Interesting how the Order has the size of the Theta females on file.

From there he stepped into the bathroom and Selena’s eyes cut his direction with fear. The Lion figured she would be fearful after the claiming the night before but it was time to calm things just a bit. “Drop that deer in the head lights look, it really isn’t you”, he had a seat beside the tub, caught hold of the collar, and slid something into it and it fell open into his hand. “There. I can see you wearing that when I am not here, but since I am staying in tonight with you it is unnecessary.” He tossed the collar and chain into the corner of the bathroom. “I was taking care of a few loose ends since last night and let you rest. I think the Enforcers can handle things without me.” He brought his fingers to her neck for a few moments of a massage to ease the weight that the collar had there. It did leave a mark as well.

His fingers felt good on her neck and it did calm the tender feeling there. Selena was a little confused by his actions, but she also saw no reason to hide from him. After all he did see everything last night. “The maid called me queen and said that I am your mate now.” The purr resurfaced in her.

Lucian noticed with a small smile. “That would be an accurate title. I am King of the Shifters as well as the Lions and my mate would hold the title of queen.” He slid the loofah off the side of the tub and proceeded to wash her back and neck for her. “Though note, it doesn’t mean that you have that much authority among the Shifters or the staff. The staff will see to your needs, but they have no interest in helping you do anything foolish…such as running from me.”

Selena thought a moment, “After what happened last night and the fact that I bare your mark, running from you would actually be an eventual fatality. Because of the way the Order would handle things I don’t think running from you is an option. Granted you would punish me, but they would kill me the moment they saw your mark. Either that or hand me over to someone else in isolation.” She turned toward him. “I don’t even give a damn that you killed Bruce.”

Lucian noticed her eyes as she looked to him. There was a sense of longing there that he noticed an inkling of at the club. He nuzzled her lightly with a small purr of his own, “Kitten, last night was about ceremony. I don’t want it to be like that between us. I want you to trust in me and let me take care of you. Tell me, what did they do to you that makes you sway so easily?”

She welcomed the affection as she was starved from this. “Last year about this time, Bruce broke three ribs for me being mouthy and not wanting to kill a demon that the Order sent me after. Only the Omegas have Handlers because they don’t trust us to stick with doctrine out of their sight. The Beta and Alphas have check in operatives and back up. We were to follow strict guidelines every second of every day, eventually marry our Handlers when we turn thirty and be beaten into submission and forced to have off spring by them.

“I hated Bruce, so you killing him saved me from having to marry him one day. I don’t ever want to go back to living like that and the runner up in the tournament that decided that for me, that guy is scum. I hated living like I had to wait until spoken to me by any member of that Order and having their doctrine crammed down my throat twenty-four seven.”

Lucian smiled and purred to her, “So I am your hero?”

She nodded, “I know you have rules no doubt that will make things smoother.”

He nodded, “They are minor at best. Such as you are mine first and foremost, no others before me ever. I want your loyalty to me. I don’t care if you talk to anyone, provided you are safe when you do; which of course means if you leave the house, it is with me or enforcers for protection.” He sat the loofah down.

Selena smiled, “I can live with that. But make me one promise?”

“Name it.”

“Never take my cubs away before they are able to fend for themselves. That happens to the Theta in every generation. Boys are take away around age twelve, girls can be snatched away at a random age because of the powers we possess. I was three when I was taken away. The other Omega Kaitlin Santiago was taken away from her mom when she was six. Let me be mother to my children and let them grow up with me in their lives. I will do my best to follow EVERY rule you have, just make me that one promise.”

Lucian kissed her and smiled himself, “Darling, the cubs in the Shifter world start training about the age of twelve to be able to defend themselves and such, but they do so from the comforts of home. I would never take our cubs away from you before they are able to stand on their own and in this war, they will be closer to home anyway as Lions. I promise you that, my queen and mate.”

Selena whispered, “My heart is yours, my king and mate.”

They shared a passionate kiss. 

The bath ended and he helped Selena out of the tub. He wrapped a thick black bath sheet around her and used a lesser black towel to dry her legs and feet for her before taking her back into the room. 

Lucian slid the chemise over Selena’s head and slid it down her body as she allowed the towel to fall. He smoothed it over her body, enjoying the feel of satin on her skin. “Black suits you I think.”

“We match.”

He drew her by the hand with him over to the table and seated her. As he lifted the two platters, her eyes widened slightly at a meal for two. The meal consisted of thick cut rib eye steak, venison sausage, and bacon. He poured the whiskey into her glass and his before having a seat across from her. 

Selena looked at it and placed a hand on the bite mark, “This bite is changing me? Even if I wanted to lie to you, I can't.”

Lucian tilted his head slightly, “When I bit you, it introduced my DNA into your blood. That base lion DNA is currently filling in gaps in your DNA to complete the Shifter side of who you are. Being that I bit you, of course you cannot lie to me. Essentially by the full moon, you might even transform for the first time to your own lioness form. In the meantime, things will change including your tastes and you would desire different things from the norm”, he gestured to the plates before them, “I can tell that my choice in dinner appeals to you.”

Selena smiled, “Then I am not imagining the urge to clean my plate right now.”

“No, you see meat. It will be a central part of your diet as your body changes further.”

She began to eat without a second thought. Each bite of the meat was amazing in taste and flavor. Every bite seemed heavenly to her as she paused only briefly to take a small drink of the whiskey.

It actually made Lucian smile as he ate as well.

After dinner, he activated a wall that moved to expose a big sixty inch TV and punched up a movie. They moved to the bed to watch it and Lucian brought the whisky bottle with him. Selena lay on the side of the bed farthest from the door. He kicked back on the opposite side of the bed.

The movie was an old western. 

Lucian drank a swig from the bottle and lay on his side as she lay on her back. “Do you have a favorite color?”

Selena looked to her left toward him, “I would say it is a toss-up between red and black. I seem to like the two colors equally. I could never see myself in white. It is too innocent a color for me.”

“I could see you in a full on crimson red dress. It would look beautiful on you.” He smiled and offered her the bottle.

Selena sat up and took it, downing a drink of it herself. “I think I know a color that you like, black that is.” She tugged lightly on the chemise she wore.

“It is among a few colors that I prefer. I also like royal blue and crimson red. I also am one of these weird types that prefer platinum and silver over gold. Gold is just too generic.” He took the bottle back and sat it on a bedside table on his side. “I love your eyes and can look into them all day long. They have a certain amount of mystic to them. I hope children of ours have your eyes.”

She blushed lightly, “You are quite the flirt.”

He chuckled and slid a fingertip along the satin. “You are just so beautiful to me.” He pulled her to him and his lips found hers. The movie was quickly forgotten. 

A couple hours later, Selena was in Lucian’s arms as they slept for the night.

To Be Continued

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Kay (:
07:50 Jan 17, 2021

“Queen”, Selena questioned I don't see how this is a question as there is no question mark. This sentence doesn't make any sense at all, “No, only the King has the key to the lock and he isn’t home yet. I know”, she snapped her fingers; “He did say you were a virgin until he took you the first time. The chain should reach the bathroom, how about a hot bath? It could help with the pain.” You don't need to capitalize both the o and the k, it's actually correct if you say Okay. Selena nodded, “OK.” The young human woman, why couldn't she have s...


13:15 Jan 17, 2021

For starters, you probably did not read the others in regards to the story line or you might have understood. This is a shifter romance story. Once she had his bite, she can't lie to him even if she wanted to because she became subservient to him. So in that respect, it did fit the prompt and I doubt the judges would have put it through if it didn't. FYI: Shifter story, Selena is not human and never was...if you read the earlier stories this is connected to, you would have seen that. I do accept that you found typos, but there is not a ...


Kay (:
18:26 Jan 17, 2021

Wow uh harsh. Would even want to look at mine? I liked the story just found some errors it's what I do. And as a fellow writer you should understand that I would want to get feedback on mine.


18:41 Jan 17, 2021

Read your original words again. I woke up this morning to your comments and they came across as overly harsh and insulting. You even accuse me of not following the prompts. I just have a different interruption then you do on it apparently. If you rip someone's story apart and not like it at all then you pretty much bashed it completely. Being that it is submitted and accepted under the prompt, it did fit. Granted I accept the typos you mentioned, but in your critic, you trashed the story completely. Harsh, you started that. I just an...


Kay (:
20:18 Jan 17, 2021

Well, then you should have taken it better, I mean critisim is a part of life and if you don't handle it well, and I don't see how it came across harsh as I was just pointing out key factors. And I said you could give feedback on my story, didn't say you had to.


22:18 Jan 17, 2021

The arts of being a critic especially some place like here where all you have is words on a screen, you do throw something in there you like too, you don't tear it up from the word go. Others have better skills then you do in the area by far. Step one which usually goes to coming across better: Mention something you like. Step two: You do the negative side of things. Step three: Don't accuse someone of not following the prompt if the judges obviously pushed it through. You didn't say at least one nice thing in there and you accused me ...


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✰ jennie ✰
18:38 Jan 08, 2021

Woah! I just want to say... it been 1 hour since these prompts have been posted and you've already produced 2 AMAZING pieces of work!!!


20:20 Jan 08, 2021

I am always writing so I have more still just not the prompts for some of it.


✰ jennie ✰
20:20 Jan 08, 2021

woowowwow are you an author? like any books of yours I can get on kindle or something?


20:41 Jan 08, 2021

No not quite yet with books. I do have several under development and once I get one how I want it, I will be submitting it for that to possibly happen. This story is still under development so it isn't actually complete, but I also have to edit out some sections of my stories because they would not be for young viewers.


✰ jennie ✰
20:54 Jan 08, 2021

Is is related to the Theta series?


20:55 Jan 08, 2021

Yes, the "The War of the Theta" is the running title. I have it listed on my bio which stories are out now and the order.


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